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Journey to EcoMom

Natural Living: Journey to EcoMom

Why I have decided on this new Journey to EcoMom.

Minimalism: is all about a lifestyle with less things. The main principle is to put the focus on contentedness and living a life not based on material things.


Zero Waste Living: is a mindset and lifestyle of principles that are guided around producing less to zero waste and preventing waste through reusing, reducing and recycling the amount of products consumed. There as, reducing the amount of waste going to the landfills.

zero waste: journey to ecomom

Plastic Free living:

Is the principle around living with no added plastic. Rather than reusing the current plastic one has. Plastic free living entails that you don’t buy more plastic, items with plastic in them nor items wrapped in plastic. Plastic free living is a section in zero waste living were as, you are reducing the amount of plastic, reusing the plastic you already have and recycling it.

plastic free

Eco-Living: (sustainability) is the philosophy that whatever you do and use will protect the environment and its species, providing a better future for human life. It involves using less of the earths natural resources and reducing your carbon footprint.

Resources include giving back to the earth and not spoiling natural resources with toxins in our day to day endeavors. Clean air, natural resources, organic living all benefit us because the toxins cause disease. Zero waste is an example of Eco-living.

Natural Living:

entails being the closet to the way nature intended as possible. It is organic, chemical free and nontoxic living. Being eco-friendly and conscious of the environment we live in. Holistic living, Health conscious and taking better care of our bodies.

natural Living; journey to ecomom

Inspiration behind natural living: Journey to EcoMom

When my son began to crawl, all my insecurities kicked in, afraid of what toxins he was exposed to. My dog and son are very close to the floors. They touch the floors more often with hands and feet. My concern and inspiration grew when I began to google and Pinterest about the bad toxins in the products I used in my home. Discovering that simple things we don’t pay attention to such as cleaning products, beauty products, baby products, cutlery, kitchen products etc, were loaded with bad toxins.

Naturally, I do not like layers and layers of makeup (not that I am against anyone who is a makeup fan), my husband met me without any makeup and prefers me this way. I don’t twizz my eyebrows either. Nature is my best friend.

I love flowers, sunsets, rainbows and open parks. When I am stressed, I take a walk in nature and feel a lot better. I use essential oils and their added natural benefits. Growing up with natural hair (I still have natural hair), my parents instilled a natural living lifestyle when I was young. I believe I am a natural beauty.

My approach: Journey to EcoMom

sustainability: journey to ecomom

My approach is and will be striving to be plastic free and natural living the eco-friendly way. Being a mother, I have always thought of ways to make my life easier and make it better for the future of my son. My first step is using eco products in my cleaning routine. I feel cleaning products have the most impact on the environment simultaneously on us in the home.

This inspired also making my own natural products and ultimately a company called ‘ECONEST’. I also began to review companies who strive to be and produce natural products. And I strive to clean the air in my home with natural products in my diffuser and my Himalayan salt lamp.

It was not long ago when documentaries about global warming surfaced. Many people believed it to be a theory till that theory has come to pass. I believe that making a difference on the home will ultimately affect environment and all the negatives. I would love to make a difference and reduce my carbon footprint. This is where my Journey to EcoMom begins. My quest for a better eco-friendly and natural lifestyle.

journey to ecomom
In Conclusion: Journey to EcoMom

In the end these philosophies tie together. Some people choose to specialize in one area such as plastic free living. Ultimately, we strive for a better future and a better tomorrow by using strategies in our day to day lives. Remember every small thing we do adds up and makes a difference. Journey to EcoMom.

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