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Insignificant. This is a personal experience and as I write I realize. Do you sometimes feel as though you are insignificant? You ask yourself where do you fit in? There are so many others, you don’t matter. I have news for you. Read on:

I don’t know how a whole month has gone by so soon. The last thing I remember and am still dreaming about is the impromptu surprise Durban trip my husband gave us during the December holidays. I looked up and month end is here. I have been quiet, off social media, off the blog and just relaxing. More like pondering and doubting myself.

I kind of had a writer’s block and my son had ‘jetlag’ from the holiday. It could have been change of environment, both our immune systems were down. So, first week of January baby was ill and teething, next mom was ill, next was hubby. I just felt tired and drained out.

My grandfather passed on unexpectedly in December and it got me thinking how short life is. And I felt as though I was wasting valuable time, money and resources in life.

Insignificance: What is my purpose in life?


I have been searching myself on who I am as a mommy blogger and questioning what I represent. Am I valuable or useful? Its hard to do things sometimes and get no response. I have been feeling left out or insignificant. I have these wonderful ideas, but I don’t know what to do with them. Nor do I know how to make them work (an action plan).

My word for the year is faith. Faith was placed on my heart and has been ringing in my mind. Faith. What about it? It is believing or trusting in the things that you can not see and knowing they will work out. When you plan the appropriate measures and putting appropriate things in place for what you are hoping for to succeed. It is planning out a house that has not been built. A pregnant mother buying clothes for the unborn baby. Faith is hoping and trusting that things will go well.  

Insignificant: My Blog

My blog seems to be taking a wild unexpected turn. I guess it is taking direction into the place I never thought it would go to. It’s am growing, changing and developing. I have this thing on my heart that I really want to do. I would love to make a difference. No matter how small or invaluable, if only I could touch and persuade one heart. I guess I was also comparing myself with others and feeling a lot “INSIGNIFICANT”.

Having said that I needed a plan of action. But had none. Yesterday I was passing by CUM books and the shop was calling my name. I went closer to see and have a look and I stumbled upon this devotional by Amanda Cowles; Break Time.  On the back of the book it says it is just what I need. So, I grabbed it and took it home. The first words I read are “BE STILL”.

break time

I have been wrecking my head and having sleepless nights thinking and pondering on what I should do, which direction should I turn. And the first words that speak to my soul are BE STILL. Stop stressing, pondering, wondering, STOP and be calm and still because God has it and He brings peace, sustains and creates.

Be You

Todays’ reading reminded me that I should “BE YOU”. I asked WHO AM I? and read on to remind me that I am unique, special and God has put me here for a reason. That I fill a need and only I can. You do too. We are so masterpiece-ly, uniquely, handmade to be ourselves and fit in in our own way with all of them. Everyone has a specific purpose to serve.  God’s purpose. I belong and I must not hide in my shell. Which I tend to do a lot. So, this plan I have, and this pressing need I want to fulfill is a purpose.


Tomorrows’ reading is “God wants me to Bloom” and I can’t wait to read more.

I am here today to remind you, all of us who are feeling devalued and insignificant that you matter. You are unique. Not forgetting a masterpiece. People need you. Yes! you have been placed to touch someone’s heart and bring about a small change in their lives. But it starts with you. Your conception and idealism. A change of heart and mind. A whole new visualization on who you are, whose you are and why you are. Whether you notice it or not.

Therefore, my vision for this year is going more eco-friendly. I have begun practicing by using more eco-friendly and natural products. I began this slowly last year using essential oils and creating a company Econest. But I realize I need to expose myself more to eco-friendly products. I have thus reached out to some companies and will be moving forward in my eco journey.

You matter.

We learn every day and one never stops learning. I will be doing more learning, more research and blog posts on this as I go. I am not the best, but I will strive to get closer to my dream every day. Niche-ing down or closer to surviving motherhood as an Eco Mom (Econest) so that my son will have a better tomorrow and the environment will be better. Every small action to making better counts. It begins with one home at a time. I will still be sharing tips, hacks and others to survive motherhood. As well as motivational reads.

econest logo

In conclusion: Insignificant: Be you because you have a place you fill. The seat is empty without you. You matter. I have been enlightened. It will take time. I know someone somewhere listens. Let us support each other as we plan and move to a better tomorrow. Always remember you are of significance in all areas of your life, whether you see it or not. Have faith.

Here is a list of eco-friendly resources, companies and tools to help you get started on your eco-friendly journey:

Cheers, live fulfilled,



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