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Natural household cleaners

Natural household cleaners: Household cleaning hacks: Unconventional household uses of baking soda, white vinegar, lemon, orange and lemon peels for green cleaning.

Lemons have antioxidant properties. Orange peels are anti-inflammatory. Vinegar is antimicrobial. All these ingredients are cheap, versatile, nontoxic, biodegradable and eco-friendly.

Household cleaning hacks


Lemon clarifies and cleanses skin and hair. Reduce dandruff with orange peels and lemon. Save your cracked heels by making a foot scrub with lemon, baking soda and lemon peels. Bath salts made from baking soda and essential oils. Replace your deodorant with all natural baking soda and removes build up of smelly sweat. Exfoliate your body with baking soda. Vitamin C in lemon and orange peels encourage skin lightening properties.

Clean nails naturally with lemon. Whiten teeth and freshen your breath with a natural toothpaste made from baking soda, lemons, lemon and orange peels as well. Awaken your dull puffy eyes with potatoes. Reduces the appearance of acne scars with potatoes. Soothing salt and body scrubs made from lemons, lemon peels, orange peels and baking soda. Wonderfully scented lip balms with lemons, oranges and orange peel powder. You may add coconut oil (any carrier oil) and beeswax.

Uses of vinegar

Household Cleaning hacks:

Sanitize your tooth brushes, dish sponges, hair brushes and vacuum cleaner with baking soda. Lemon and orange peels are natural bleach. Leather furniture can be wiped down with vinegar. Substitute your toilet cleaner with baking soda and lemon juice or with vinegar scented lemon or orange.

Household cleaning hacks

Kill odours around the house naturally with orange and lemon peels. Can also be placed in shoes and wardrobes. Scrub sinks with baking soda, lemon and orange peels. Clean walls with baking soda. Polish copper, brass and stainless steel that include pots, pans. As well as bathroom fixtures with potatoes or lemon and baking soda. Make cleaning vinegar with orange and lemon peels.

More cleaning hacks:

Shine glass cutlery, windows and shower doors with vinegar and lemons or potatoes and baking soda. Cleanse and clean carpets with baking soda. Vinegar removes crayon and pen marks on walls with a magic eraser. Reusable Dusting cloths with vinegar, orange peels, lemon and lemon peels.

Orange peels serve as natural sponges. Tile cleaners made from baking soda and lemons. I soak my bathtub in water and vinegar when I can’t get rid of scum and smells. (we don’t use it often). Your showerhead can be soaked in a bag filled with vinegar overnight to open those clogged holes.

Uses of baking soda


Awesome smelling potpourri with lemon, lemon peels, orange and orange peels. Refreshen your garbage disposal and bins with lemon peels, baking soda, orange peels and lemon juice. Deodorize your appliances such as microwave, humidifier, fridge, dishwasher and oven. Not forgetting the washing machine with baking soda, lemons and orange peels. For smelly mattresses and pet beds clean with baking soda. Cutting boards can also be refreshed with vinegar.


Lemon may help reduce nausea. Help soothe flu’s and colds with lemon. Make wonderful orange tea. Hand sanitizer with Aloe Vera gel, castile soap and lemon.

Insect repellant:

Lemon juice and peels deter insects such as ants, slugs, cockroaches. Relieve Insect bites with potatoes. Rub orange peels on your skin to repel mosquitoes. Baking soda neutralizes bee stings as it is alkaline and bee stings are acidic. Wasp stings neutralize with vinegar. Vinegar is acidic and wasp stings are alkaline.

Household cleaning hacks: kitchen:

Refreshing cutting boards with potatoes, lemons, orange peels and baking soda. Get rid of rust with potatoes and baking soda. Keep fruit flies at bay with vinegar. Give silver and stainless steel a shine with baking soda, lemons and left over water from boiling potatoes. Scourer with baking soda and sea salt for sinks and stove. Adding Vinegar to dish washing liquid gives your liquid a boost. Unclog drains with baking soda and vinegar.

Household cleaning hacks:

Great flavoring agents are lemon and orange. Clean your grater with potatoes. All natural degreaser with lemons and baking soda. Multi purpose cleaner: orange peels, potatoes, lemon, baking soda (for scrubs) or vinegar (for sprays). Scrub your sinks with baking soda, salt, lemon and orange peels.


Remove stains on clothes with lemons. Soak white socks in vinegar to make them white again. Give laundry soap a boost with baking soda and lemon. Vinegar is a natural fabric softener especially for towels. Clean shoes with baking soda. Suede shoes cleaned in vinegar look as good as new. Another natural whitener is vinegar.


Add potatoes and orange peels to your compost pile. Keep garden pests away with orange and lemon peels. Kill weeds with baking soda or vinegar.

Other uses around the house:

Of course for use in cooking and baking, potatoes, lemons, oranges and peels. Starchy stamps with potatoes for your kids next DIY project. DIY Fire starters with orange peels. Air and car freshners made from lemon juice, vinegar or baking soda (don’t mix vinegar and baking soda) and orange peels. Whole Cloves stuck into oranges are also a great freshner. Yummy treats with orange candy peels.

As well as: Household cleaning hacks

Scented playdough with orange peels powder and baking soda. Get rid of stale garage oil by throwing baking soda over it. Baking soda is believed to help soothe nappy rash. Braai stand: clean with baking soda. Run a lemon with salt or baking soda on the braai stand. Vinegar is believed to remove rust, mold and mildew. Waken and keep fresh for long fresh cut flowers with vinegar.

Household cleaning hacks

When you mix vinegar and baking soda together as a household cleaning hack, you are creating a fizz that breaks it into a salt. That defeats the whole purpose we are looking for. Remember a little goes a long way. Store away from children and pets. Better safe than sorry. Do a spot test on your wonderful furniture and equipment before using these substances.

To make a Christmas Citrus Potpourri:

Add lemon peels from 3 medium lemons Orange peels from 3 medium oranges Grapefruit peels from 1 Grapefruit

1 whole cinnamon stick

4 to 5 whole cloves

A small pot should be half filled

1 tsp vanilla A tbsp of sea salt.

Boil on your stove then lower the heat to simmer.

Lemons, oranges, baking soda, vinegar

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All wonderful goodies found in lemons:

Lemons for health:

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