Home wreckers

Home wreckers.

This one goes out to the home wreckers. Yes, the ladies who feel entitled to another woman’s man. The hip flaunting, smile daunting, hair tossing flirt. High class but not high enough to find your own. Yet alone keep your own. Feel you are better than his own. Like the world should be under your feet. He must be yours no matter the cost. You want to break up a home to make it your house? You even have the audacity to flirt right in front of his own.

Home wrecker, he is a married man. The ring on his finger is not a decoration. The smile on his face, the strive in his step, the smell of rich perfume, his odor of love and taken care of. That is not an invitation for you. You want that, don’t you? You see how he gets gifts for his own and you are envious. Here’s a newsflash, home wrecker:

What’s not yours will never be yours.

He is with his own for a reason and he married her for a reason. Her heart is his. His heart is hers. Your flashy eyes, fake flirtatious smile, hair tossing moves will only attract users. Users who can smell your desperation a mile away and will use it for their own advantage.

Home wrecker, you think you are smarter than her, prettier than her, hotter than her, at the end of the day he goes home to her bed. That home maker you put down has what you don’t have and you will never have as long as you are home wrecker.

True Happiness.


What has she got that you don’t, you ask? Well a heart for one. She thinks she is better than you. Yes she is. Because she has something you don’t. And you want to destroy it because of this. It gives you less value and you will be disrespected. All you are is a home wrecker and that will never bring you peace or the happiness you so desperately seek.

A man can never be stolen unless he was never there, unless he wants to be stolen. That says much of a married man who has no audacity. That you want for you. What makes you sure he will be there for you too?

What goes around comes around.

what goes around

And yes, you are only there for the moment. For a good time. Till the next home wrecker comes along then he up and leaves you too.

Karma sticks twice.

Home is where the heart is. Home wrecker, his heart is home where her heart is. If you used to date him, you broke up. If you were meant for him he would not have married someone else. Just because you are not happy and have not moved on, doesn’t mean he isn’t. Learn your boundaries. Grow up! Leave the man in peace, he is not coming back to you.

Don’t stir the pot while it’s still hotly boiling, you will end up scared for life.

Don’t underestimate the power his own has. Note: home wrecker that I have used ‘his own’ in my article to point it out to you that she is his and his hers. I am not shooting bullets at you, I am stating facts and until you open your eyes will you be happy.

home wreckers

Reckless home wrecker, your deeds are openly seen and known. Don’t think you are too clever or playing your cards right. Everyone can smell that burning smell of that cheap perfume you spray called home wrecker. Believe me, the prayers hit right at you will soak you to the ground. You won’t come in between a bond. A ring is a circle, it has no ending. The curses you receive bury you in debt. The curse and debt of a broken heart in a broken home.

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