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Home Deco (DIY and Free)

Home Deco DIY: 5 Free and easy DIY Scandi Boho Inspired Home Deco using natural, free, and repurposed or reused products you may already have. Interior design or deco should not cost you an arm or a leg. With these beautiful deco pieces from nature and pieces you already have, you can come up with great aesthetic pieces for your home.

home deco

I am going for the Boho Scandi Minimalist Natural interior in my house. I love plants especially greenery, natural materials, neutrals, earthy tones, woven textures, glass pieces, Boho lively patterns and DIY’s etc.

Please remember to be kind to nature, do everything in moderation, get only what you need. Nature pieces still need to be in nature.

Home Deco DIY 1: Eucalyptus plant Jar

eucalyptus plant

What is needed?

  • Clear glass Jar
  • Eucalyptus plant
  • 1 cup glycerin
  • 2 cups distilled or boiled water
  • Jute twine string

I got this eucalyptus plant from our local spar for R50. And brought them home and googled how to treat them. I cut off a cm from the branch sideways and placed them in one part glycerin and 2 parts distilled or boiled water. Waiting for 3 weeks for the eucalyptus plant to dry. A clear old jar that I had, which I washed and dried. And wrapped some jute string around the middle.

Home Deco DIY 2: Pampas Grass Plant

You will need:

  1. Pampas grass sticks (as many as you can get)
  2. Potted Flower Vase
  3. Jute Twine string
  4. Clear Lacquer Spray Paint
  5. Matt Black spray paint

My husband and I were driving past and saw these Pampas grass growing on the side of the road. We stopped with a pair of scissors and cut the Pampas grass. I took it home, removed the small bugs on the grass and left them to dry out.

They were not fresh when we got them. After 2 days, I shook out all the small flowers that were on the grass and spray painted them with Clear Lacquer Spray Paint.

I had a brown vase which was chipping off, I spray painted black and left it to dry for an hour. When dry, I decorated the Pampas grass in the vase. Arranging them from tall to short. I placed the taller ones in the back. And filled the front making sure to face the leaves forward. I also braided jute twine and wrapped it around the bottom of the vase.

Home Deco DIY 3: Pinecone in boat tray

You will need:

  • Pinecones
  • Clear Lacquer Spray Paint
  • Eucalyptus leaves
  • Shells (washed)
  • Boat tray

I always love to pick pinecones whenever we go to the park. Picking these up, I washed them and waited for them to dry. I spray painted them with Clear Lacquer Spray Paint to give them a shine. And to keep bugs away.

Whenever I go to the beach, I collect a few seashells. Of course, I collected these before lockdown and had them for a while. I placed these seashells on the bottom of the boat tray. Placed the pinecones and added eucalyptus leaves. 

Home Deco DIY 4: Citronella Candle holder

What is needed?

  • Citronella tealight candle
  • Washed Beach sand
  • Dried flowers
  • Jute Twine
  • Pretty glass jar

At the beginning of lockdown, my son was beach sick, but we were under restrictions and the beach was closed. We brought the beach home and bought washed sea sand from West Pack. I used this sand as a base for my citronella tealight candle and added some dried flowers. Made a bow with some jute string and put in a pretty glass jar I had on hand.

Home Deco DIY 5: Jute Twine Wrapped bottle
jute twine wrapped bottle
  • Clear glass bottle
  • Jute twine
  • Jute Flower

I used 750ml bottle that had olive oil in (removed the sticker, washed, and dried). Wrapped some jute sting around, pulling each strand tightly and neatly around the bottle. If you prefer you may use glue to stick the jute twine onto the bottle. But I found that pulling the string tightly around worked simply fine.  

The last thing you will need is a beautifully weaved tray to host all these pieces. I tied the look down together by wrapping all the pieces in jute twine to give an aesthetic combined look as each bottle or jar was different. Will be adding more pieces especially free, natural and or DIYs to my home and will keep you updated.

The outcome & I also have an interest in:
home deco

Biophilic Interior Design, Botanical Interior Design, Nautical (Coastal, cottage) Interior Design, Industrial Interior Design and Nature-centric Interior Design.

Please expect more DIY’s (free, or inexpensive and easy) to incorporate these interior designs into my home. My next post will be all about this.

Please remember to be kind to nature, do everything in moderation, get only what you need. Nature pieces still need to be in nature. The next home deco post will be all about incorporating nature into your home and which interior design styles incorporate nature.

I only spent R50 for all these home deco pieces (that I used for buying Eucalyptus plants). I already had spray paint, glycerin, jute twine, glass bottles and jars, trays and ceramic or clay pots. A lot of the ornaments were gifts from my mother and the glass bottles and jars are reused from condiments I purchased.

Let’s connect on Instagram for more detailed pictures and daily updates.

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