Guide to saving on Black Friday

 Guide to saving on Back Friday.

Right so we established that it’s No Shave November….Wait that’s not what I’m supposed to talk about. Back on track.

It’s Black Friday y’all. I never got to enjoy it because I was busy working, bummer. But this year I’m home and I can enjoy it.

Here are some points on how to avoid overspending if you are a huge spender like I am. ?

Firstly write down a list of what you don’t have and need. If you are a visual like I am, a hand written list goes far. I am old-fashioned. Or you can write it on your to do list or tablet, whatever rocks your boat.

Next do your normal monthly budget. Urgent things first. I always start with bills first. Needs and then wants.

Next budget to see how much spare money you have for the month.

Start early. Go online and search for places that have the Black Friday special, sign up for deals. Most stores begin advertising early. You can view the list of South African stores that are offering black Friday specials 2018. black-friday-cyber-monday deals

Write down the list of stores offering the specials from your list of needs. Don’t forget to throw in a little Christmas shopping if you haven’t already done it.

When the day comes, be strict on yourself start with your needs list. If possible carry the exact amount you have budgeted for. Or transfer to an account that you won’t have immediate access to. You can leave your other card at home. When you done with your needs list and you have a little extra then you can go wild but don’t go overboard.

If your ‘need’ can wait till next year’s black friday then let it wait.

If the special is a few bucks off or by one and get a few bucks off the second one, don’t get it. It’s highly unlikely that you will need the second one. Unless you will go and resell it. Or you have two houses to put the second one.

Be safe and careful when shopping. If you can get the staff online please do. It’s going to be busy in the stores. And be ready to stand in long queues. Keep an extra eye out for thieves. If you go out with your little ones hold them close to you. They shouldn’t wonder off.

Happy spending,


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