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Green Worx Cleaning Solutions

Green Worx Bio Cleaning Solutions. The following post is in collaboration with an eco-friendly company named Green Worx. I received some products for a personal review.

Green Worx Bio Cleaning Solutions? Who are they?

“Green Worx Cleaning Solutions designs, manufactures and supplies innovative, environmentally responsible, biotechnology cleaning products to households, businesses and industries across Africa. With the use of natural microbes and enzymes we offer green solutions that clean better, harm the environment less, and keep your family and staff safe.” 

“Green Worx offers cleaning and sanitation solutions for use at home or work.”

They use sophisticated enzymes available in South Africa to produce green cleaning products. 

All Green Worx products are certified by an independent Eco-specifier certification agency called Global GreenTag. Green Worx is also proud producer of the only locally manufactured CE mark – Enzyme based Surgical Instrument Pre-Cleaner in South Africa. 

green worx

Products tested:

These products are from the Home Product Range.

  • Biotech Bathroom Cleaner
  • Odorite Ultra All Surface
  • Odorite Grime Away
  • Odorite Ultra Laundry Powder
  • Odorite Ultra Dishwashing Liquid

Comments whilst using products:

  • Biotech Bathroom Cleaner:
bathroom cleaner

I sprayed onto sink and toilet and left for few minutes. Smelled citrusy. Thereafter, I scrubbed and wiped with microfiber cloth.

Sink is sparkling, shiny clean and new looking. 

Toilet is white, clean and no lines of dirt. 

Removed odours in the bathroom. 

Doesn’t remove rust because it’s not a rust cleaner. 

Wiped bathroom tiles as well. My bathroom looks and smells lovely.

  • Odorite Grime Away: All-purpose cleaner 
Grime away green worx 2

Fast drying after wiping off.

Left the areas sparkly clean.

Light switches, door handles, mirrors were cleaned with no streaks with microfiber cloths.

House smells fresh and citrusy.

Poured a little grime away into the mopping water.

Cleaned tiled floors and tiled bathrooms. Tiles are white and clean with a shine but not slippery.


My husband commented that it cleans well.

A little foamier than the other products. 

We have a puppy who is being potty trained, and she makes an oppsy on the tiles sometimes. The degreaser cleaned all the mess. 

I put the product to test by wiping off crayon marks that were on the wardrobe door. I sprayed and wiped immediately. The crayon marks dissolved right before my eyes. I like this degreaser.

Odorite Ultra Dishwashing Liquid

dish washing

Dishes after wash are original colour (whiter) and clean. The product has a natural lemon fragrance. It is thick, foamy and a little goes a long way. Not harsh and doesn’t dry out my hands. (Gentle on hands). Washes dishes very well. 


Odorite Ultra Laundry Powder: 

washing powder

Works well, washes clean for dirty and freshly soiled clothes. Clothes come out smelling fresh and clean. The laundry detergent whitens (brightens) white clothes slightly. Worked slightly on old stains, worked better with a few more washes. I am impressed with this laundry powder. The only down thing is Green Worx does not have a fabric softener to go with the laundry powder. But it is important to know – most fabric softeners actually harm the fibre of garments and this effects the longevity of the garment.

  • Odorite Ultra All Surface: Kitchen Cleaner
green worx 3 kitchen cleaner

Cleaned microwave, stove, facets and counters with it. I wiped outside the fridge door. I think it is a good kitchen cleaner to be used daily.

Personal Comments:

I like that Green Worx are eco-friendly. They work and clean the house without the harsh chemicals found in other cleaning products. 

My house smelled fresh and clean moments after cleaning.

I spoke with the CEO of Green Worx, John who is friendly, hospitable and knowledgeable. My parcel from Green Worx arrived within two days. 

light switch

I noticed that most eco-friendly products are pricey, and some do not work as well as non-green products. But Green Worx products are affordable and effective. 

Looking at the manufacture date, All Green Worx products received were made the day before dispatch with makes them fresh. 

The products I used did not need an extra rinse there as saving water. 

This is one eco-friendly company I recommend. It is worth spending money on.


green worx 1

Eco-friendly ✅

Cleans ✅

No streaks ✅

Not slippery after cleaning✅

No harsh chemicals ✅

Not drying to the skin (gentle on skin) ✅

Not tested on animals ✅

Green Tag certified ✅

Saves water ✅

All Green Worx products are certified Halal ✅

green worx- crayon marks

Other products by Green Worx include the industrial range (hand wash, toilet drain purges, cleaning wipes, cleaners for parking lots, surgical instruments, outdoor surfaces, grease traps, septic tanks, entertainment areas, offices and workspaces, and disposal areas).

clean crayon marks
after cleaning crayon marks with Grime Away
Achievements, awards and certificates acquired: 

The recent award being November 2019 Green Worx was awarded the

2019 MEA award for Best Green Cleaning Solutions Providers South Africa. 

 As well as:

“Voted for by the industry and awarded by PMR.Africa the 2019 Diamond Arrow South Africa’s 1st overall Environmentally Friendly Cleaning and Hygiene Products company.”


Click here to buy the starter kit I received:

About Global GreenTag: 

Global GreenTag certified products pass the worlds toughest standards for health, eco performance and safety.

Learn about being Global GreenTag certified here:

In conclusion:

Overall, I am happy with the products from Green Worx Bio Cleaning solutions and would be going back when my batch finishes. I feel most eco-friendly products do not work as well as conventional cleaners, Green Worx products have impressed me. I would love to see more products from Green Worx such as stain removers, carpet cleaners, mould and mildew removers, shower cleaners, furniture polish etc. Check out their website here:

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Cheers MrsChettyLife.


January 29, 2020 at 6:39 pm

One of the best qualities of a cleaning product is one that smells good, as in natural, not leaving a chemical smell. This product looks great!

January 30, 2020 at 1:55 am

No harsh chemicals is always a plus! I ditched that stuff years ago because I kept reading about how bad it was.

January 30, 2020 at 4:59 am

Wow! That stuff really works! I haven’t ever heard of this brand before…I need to check it out for myself. 🙂

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