Gods’ voice: Life Purpose part 3

hearing God

When discovering our purpose to live a life fulfilled, we need guidance from the one who created us to direct us in the right path. For us to know Gods guidance we should know and learn His voice. Brittany from breaks it down for us.

How to know Gods Voice.

Brittanys’ input:

“God does not talk to me the way He talks to you.” I clearly remember these words from my best friend. The thought had never occurred to me. In my mind, God directed everyone the way He directed me. In my mind, He “spoke” to everyone the way He spoke to me. My mind was wrong.  

In writing this, I tried to remember the first time I knew, really knew, God was speaking to me. And by speaking, I do not mean an audible, out loud voice straight from heaven. I mean the still, small voice that talks directly to the innermost part of myself.

How did I know His Voice?

When did I know? What did He say? Truth is, I do not remember. Perhaps, I have always recognized His voice, even as a child. Maybe I did not start hearing Him until I was fully grown and out on my own.

Gods voice

Whatever the case, I now have full on conversations in the stillness. We talk in the space after prayer but before I continue with my day. Talking in long commutes to work. We talk as I “pray continually.” (1 Thessalonians 5:17)

I ask Him to prioritize my day, my time, and my to-do list. I ask Him to help me make space for my husband and my children so I do not get lost in the details. Then I hit Him with the hard stuff. Asking Him to help me grow, grow my platform, grow my ministry, grow my faith.

I ask Him to save my children, my husband, my sisters, and my parents.

And ask Him if perhaps today the day is, He wishes to shift my career to something that takes a little less than all of me every day. I pray He takes away doubt, discouragement, and bitterness that layer my heart – scars that result from days when life was not so kind.

Sometimes He interrupts while I am still speaking. Sometimes He waits for me to finish, and then sends His words of wisdom. Other times, He says nothing until much later.  It may be hours, or days. It could be months or years…

…which brings me to how…How can you hear God? Will you know He is speaking? How can you recognize His voice to follow His direction?

1.  He speaks through others: (Gods’ voice)

how God speaks

I dragged myself to work this past week.  I kicked myself for giving up my summer for teacher training. It was one week of my life that I could never get back. On Monday morning, I prayed. I asked God if maybe He could find a way for me to do something else, something less stressful, something less demanding. I asked God if He could find a way for me to stay home. 

He said nothing. On the last day of training, the “big boss” at work said a few words. She said that each person in the room was handpicked and hand selected by a higher power. She said that we were all missionaries called to serve. I work at a public school. I know God when I hear Him. He uses pastor, preachers, and teachers. He uses the extraordinary and the ordinary.

2.  He speaks the way you will understand:​ (Gods’ voice)

He speaks to people in a way that they can hear Him. For some, He uses your gut feelings and intuition. For others, He reveals Himself to you in Bible study and devotion. He is the conversation you have with yourself. The thought that comes out of nowhere, the “peace that surpasses all understanding” (Philippians 4:7) that comes out of the blue, right as you were beginning to obsess.

He is the voice that whispers “get up” when you want to stay down. And tells you to “keep going” when you would like nothing more than to give up. He knows how to sound a lot like you when you are talking to yourself. But it is NOT you. It is Him.

hearing God

My best friend was right. God does not speak to her the way He speaks to me. God is perfect at getting His message through especially for those of you who “seek Him with all your hearts.” He ensures that you find Him. (Jeremiah 29:13)

You were handpicked and hand selected.

Some days that purpose-filled life He picks is full of laughter and fun. Other days, it is filled with sadness and tears. Lean into Him either way. Follow His direction either way. Learn the sound of His voice because it is instrumental to you carrying out all that He has for you.

Want to hear God? Want to discern His “good and perfect will?” (Romans 12:2) Ask Him to speak to you. Then watch and wait. He comes through every time.

What are some ways you hear from God?

Natasha’s input on hearing Gods’ voice:

I learnt Gods voice the hard way. He usually speaks to me like I am having a conversation with myself. Other times its through others, through dreams and signs. And through his word or a sermon I listened to and intuition.

Gods voice

Other times Gods’ voice is through a song, a quote and through nature. Just a simple walk in the park, and I would feel a calming breeze. God taught me his voice. Many times, He would tell me something that is going to happen.

I never listened and when it did happen, He would say I told you so. Other times I would feel what another person is going through. If its intense sadness. My heart would race and pound so hard until I approached and spoke to that person then I understood God was speaking.

One time my aunt in Zambia was going through a rough time, I had no idea. I went to my mother and spoke about this Aunt; I began crying without a reason. We called her and I prayed for her. My mother asked me how I knew because this aunt was going through a rough patch. I did not even know why.

But that sadness went away after I spoke to her.

This was how I met my best friend. We were at a youth meeting. She rolled in (she is in a wheelchair). I noticed her come in. We worshipped and the whole time my mind was on her.

I went to her after, I was dancing and singing. She saw me and laughed. And I told her God says everything will be ok. We clicked and since then we have been friends.

My friend commented that God will use her and me and our friendship will benefit both of us. (I never told this friend about my new friend; it was a comment in passing). And yes, her life changed for the better.

She is now married, and she just gave birth to a healthy baby. It has been almost 4 years of friendship now. It was my voice, but a calmer, quieter and an assuring voice. During times I was worried or struggling, when I heard this voice, I would feel much better. God speaks to people in different ways. Ask Him to teach you.

About Brittany:

“I am a born and raised Texas girl living a Louisiana life. As a wife and mom of three, I feel like the world judges us by unrealistic standards. Teaching, coaching and just living through everyday hustle and bustle remind me that standards are subjective.”

“Therefore, I have dedicated this myself to challenging standards for myself and encouraging others to do the same. Instead, we should embrace ourselves for who we are – ordinarily extraordinary.” Find me on the Website, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram.

hearing God

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