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What Is FreshBag? FreshBag is a re-useable nylon mesh bag to replace single use plastic bags when buying your fresh fruit and vegetables and all loose produce such as nuts, whole herbs, raisins, legumes, dried fruit, oats, granola, whole food, small toys etc.

This post is in collaboration with FreshBag.

FreshBag started selling a nylon mesh bag in July 2016 for customers to use when buying fresh produce in supermarkets, shops and farmers markets as an alternative to single use plastic. 

In Spring 2017, They launched a larger mesh bag, a natural fabric alternative to the original FreshBag, a range of cotton dry goods bags in various sizes and a bread bag. They come in various sizes for your different needs.

FreshBag Range include:

  • Mesh standard single bag made with a lightweight nylon mesh (24 cm x 26 cm)
  • Standard Mesh pack made with a lightweight nylon mesh (24 cm x 26 cm)
  • Mesh large pack made with a lightweight nylon mesh (28 cm x 33 cm)
  • Cotton standard pack made with 100% cotton muslin (24 cm x 26 cm)
  • Dry Produce pack made with 100% cotton calico (17 cm x 26 cm (0.5 kg capacity) & 23 cm x 33 cm (1 kg capacity))
  • Bread bag made with 100% cotton calico (32 cm x 40 cm)
  • Dry Produce pack & bread bag made from 100% cotton calico (17 cm x 26 cm (0.5 kg capacity), 23 cm x 33 cm (1 kg capacity) & 32 cm x 40 cm (2 kg capacity))

They are committed to:

• being a sustainable and ethical business

• creating jobs within South Africa. They are a local business.

• paying a living wage to everyone involved in FreshBags – it shouldn’t be news that people need to feed themselves.

• building a business model that does not use profit as the only measure of its success – there are other important things too. Even in business!

• empowering people to earn a decent living, work in a respectful environment and having a positive impact in the world

• They love planting fruit trees. Every dime to spare goes into a tree pot until enough is saved for the next tree.

 Comments while using FreshBag:

The bags stretched as I put more fresh groceries in, making room for more.

They are steady and durable. I didn’t feel like my fresh groceries will fall out.

Great for storing and drying fresh whole herbs.

I like the drawstring that allows you to conveniently close and carry the bag. The drawstring is in pretty colors too. They complimented my outfit :).

They are lightweight and fit in my bag without taking much space.

The breathable mesh bags worked well as storage bags in the fridge.

FreshBags folded neatly instead of having a huge plastic of plastics under my sink. 😉

I like the name FreshBags, my guess is it’s because the bags are made for fresh produce and help store your fresh produce for longer.

Usually after buying fruit, herbs and vegetables in plastic packets, I take forever to remove them and place them safely in my fruit basket so that they stay fresh longer.

As the FreshBags are made from mesh, I don’t have to prepack. This saves me time, money (from fruits and vegetables going bad) and energy.

Check out the Eco Atlas status here:

In conclusion: Nylon lasts longer and calls to be reused many times. I like these convenient, lightweight, stretchable mesh FreshBags. Thank you for your wonderful products. The two pack of the standard sized mesh bags that were sent to me retail at R65.00. Order online or look for stockists via on their Facebook page.


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