7 Things I learned from my marriage.

7 Things I learned from my


Communication is key:

You are two different people and sometimes things you say or do or react come out in a wrong sense to your partner. If you communicate clearly and help your partner understand your point of view it helps clear out many unnecessary arguments. My husband and I constantly call and text during the day even if it is just to say hi. This helps fuel our passion and love for each other.

It’s in the small things:

Being a SAHM, some days are rough. One day my son was going through a growth spurt and I was physically exhausted till he finally went to bed late in the evening. My husband works long hours. He knew we both had a rough day. He came home that evening with flowers and cupcakes for me. I smiled instantly. That little gesture meant a lot for me. It was a pat on the back. An assurance that I did good. And that he appreciates me.

You learn your partners likes and dislikes the hard way:

In marriage and every relationship, There are two forms of communication that is verbal and non verbal. My husband sometimes says things in passing that I would think he is joking but turns out he is actually serious. You learn by observation and listening not just hearing. My husband doesn’t like spaghetti. He says they look like worms ?. I love spaghetti. So once in a while I cook it. Since my husband is Indian he absolutely loves chilly . So I found out a way to add chilly when cooking the spaghetti and it turns out he likes it well at least he finishes his bowl of food.

Sacrifice, compromise and putting your partners needs before yours (selflessness) :

This doesn’t mean that you let your partner walk over you. If you consider his needs first and he considers your needs first both needs will be met at the end of the day. When it comes to bread, I love a specific type, my husband likes another. So when we go shopping we mix it up by taking turns buying the bread one likes. With a baby it’s hard to go out to eat. He is too small to sit on his own. So my husband usually let’s me eat first while he holds the baby and I hold the baby when I’m done.
Don’t quit the romance:


In marriage, we usually forget the romance part. I stay home every day and sometimes would stay in pyjamas. My husband would come home and find me in them. This is a major put off. Even though I don’t go out much. I take a bath, dress up, comb my hair for my husband like I did when we were dating. I still must look good for him. Display your affection, Hold hands, kiss, hug, remember when you couldn’t keep your hands off each other? Don’t stop. I talked about non verbal communication, this is very important.

Have date nights:

Last week I learned something unique. I quickly called my husband and told him we will go for date night today. We have date nights on Fridays. We had R100 each to buy something for each other. It was fun looking around for something cheap but considerate to get him. We had to think about what we would both like, wrap it up and give each other at home. My husband was impressed with this and said it was fun. Spice up your date nights.

Most importantly Spoil your partner:

One evening my husband had come home completely drained. He is a hard worker. And each movement made his body squeak. I run a hot bath for him, threw in my bath booms and some essential oils. I took him to the bath and made him soak for a while. I could literally see his body relax. He was much happier and stronger afterwards. It’s now a note for him to soak in my bath booms when he is tired. Every weekend I make us an all out lovely breakfast. Bacon, toast, eggs, sausages, muffins, polony, hot chocolate for me and coffee for him. Sometimes he makes it. Instead of us spending bucks at a fancy restaurant for the same food. Hey whatever your partner likes make it a point to do.

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