6 Strategies To Finding Your Niche.

6 Strategies To Finding Your Niche.

What is a niche?

What is a niche

Finding your niche. From my understanding and research: A niche is something that you identify yourself with, are good at and passionate about that brings you money and is valuable to other people. It is the main purpose and representation of your blog.

What is the Purpose of a niche?

  • It solves a problem other people can relate to.
  • Brings income to your blog.
  • Helps with SEO as search engines will know which organic viewers to send to your blog.
  • Gives you direction on what to blog about.
  • Helps identify your brand.
  • Brings in money as the right people will view your blog and buy your products.

Strategies to finding your niche include:

1. Write down your talents, inspiration, passions, interests and or skills.

2. Write down which ones you are an expert in or know much about. This should be a broad topic that you can write or talk about for a long time. Narrow down your list.

3. Do research on which ones will bring you money or act as a source of income to you. Who will be your target market? What market needs are there regarding your niche?

Which passions have a broad number of interested people. The one that people can pay for their problem to be solved.

4. Research on your competitors. How many more people have the same niche? What would you bring to the table that is special or unique, that make you stand out? Find pictures and resources for your reference and inspiration.

5. Test and evaluate your niche. Find out from your readers if they might be interested in such a topic. Write about it and see if you get any feedback (likes or comments).

Be creative and visual (add images to your post). Find relevant bloggers in your niche to guest blog with.

6. Implement your niche. Find your brand. Stand out and enjoy blogging.

Discover your niche

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