Introducing EcoHome. At MrsChettyLife, we are all about sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint. In my last post, I spoke about nurturing sustainability in children. I stumbled upon this creative initiative of building your own econest (home) for children to have fun with whilst learning about sustainablity.


What is EcoHome? It is a collectable series of eco-friendly and sustainable items that are placed into a home frame, showing how children can build a home using earth-saving materials.

Where can we purchase EcoHome? Selected SPAR retail stores. And Pricing: R 129.95

What is the initiative behind it?

Raise awareness and improve education around environmental sustainability through innovative products and solutions that create real change in the behavior of the everyday South African consumer.

What is your vision and mission?


To educate and inspire South Africans about clean living by creating awareness, understanding and giving them usable tools to live a sustainable lifestyle which they will then promote themselves within their communities.

Who is the founder of EcoHome? Jacqueline McCarroll

What things can children learn from this?

EcoHome brings the principles of sustainable living into the home by making these concepts tangible to children and their families. It inspires and educates by showing that eco-concepts can be explored in fun and enjoyable ways which helps to maximize engagement. They start to shift their perception on how crucial it is to look after our planet, Land, Air and Sea.

What is the age range? 7 – 12 years old

Why is sustainability important?  

It’s important as our planet is suffering with climate change. Pollution in the air, plastic in our sea so as mentioned above.

Range of collectables? EcoHome House – 16 collectables – 17 information cards. 3 Recycling bins – Solar panels – Acacia tree – Thermal insulation – Water tank – Lounge suit – Bee hive – Toilet – Shower – Gas stove – LED light stand – Fridge – Frog – Bed

What plans do you have for the future? To reach all the retail outlets – raise awareness among the schools as most schools are bringing sustainability into their curriculum.

Contact details:


Phone: +27 82 577 2471

Social Media handles:

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