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Sustainable Ecofriendly holiday: travel and festive season celebrations. 

We begin by Eco planning: start early so you are not too overwhelmed by Christmas shopping. Plan, prepare, create, and buy. Plan digitally. I use PlanPad and or Trello for planning. As you shop eco-friendly remember to explain to your children why and involve them.


This way you will be nurturing them sustainably too. The key is out of the box clever thinking, gifting, and celebrations while saving the planet. Plastic and waste are a lot common during holidays and festive seasons. Every little step counts. 


Shop local, (bonus if the local shop is striving to reduce their carbon footprint), buy bulk, online, second hand, plastic-free, or DIY sustainably. 

Deco: popcorn garland, dried citrus rings, paper strings, cinnamon sticks, wooden ornaments, cranberry garlands, pinecones, baked or clay garlands, these also count as great Christmas table glands and deco. 

Plastic-free celebrations: cups, plates, cutlery, led lights for trees, use wooden or reused ornaments, reusable napkins, non-plastic straws (silicone, glass, or recycled paper). These also include office parties. 

Carry reusable containers for leftovers at dinners and parties you attend.

Ethical and plastic-free clothing, if you are buying costumes avoid plastic ones, buy sustainable ones that you can use over and over. Or buy neutral ones like a red shirt that you may use again. Practise creativity by using leaves and other sustainable products.

Upcycling what you have at home. Sew your clothing or buy eco-materials (fibers) in bulk. (You may turn this into your side hustle too 😉😉). As well as eco toiletries and shoes.


Sustainable gifting:

Eco crayons, books on sustainability and eco environments, wooden toys, eco-friendly furniture or ornaments made from natural fibers such as pine or bamboo, eco appliances or appliances that have an eco option, eco and natural body, beauty, cleaning, and home products, re-gifting unwanted gifts, organic and healthy snacks in glass or mason jars (Pinterest has lots of ideas). 

Plan celebrations outside in nature with a lovely breeze and natural light as well as fun activities that teach us about nature. Go site seeing in sustainable places.

Consider giving experience over gifts. You may also request the cash from people who want to give gifts. Give your hand to someone in need. And if you must give a quality gift rather than quantity.

Something meaningful to the person you are giving to, down to the last detail of the packaging. If you are always buying large extravagant gifts do something different this year, give your presence and undivided one on one attention. 

Ecofriendly cleaning:

With visitors coming to our homes, there are lots of cleaning to be done. Green clean your house and use natural products. 

Eco Home Scents: Scent your home naturally to make it inviting and welcoming.

Light up the room with natural soy candles, or decorate the Christmas tree with led and or solar lights.


Reuse, recycle as much as you can. If possible buy or use reusable products rather than single-use.

Fill your days with Eco activities and games: beach clean-ups, nature play, and walks, etc

Visit and dine in sustainable restaurants. 

Meal plan and budget to avoid food waste. Donate leftovers or can or freeze them. Be sure to use them later again.

Invest in and use cloth napkins. 

Mention your eco-themed party in your invites and prizes for the best eco or sustainable person. 

You may host a “bring your dish party” where everyone brings a dish that you may enjoy together. 

Slow down, put your gadgets away, and enjoy the moment.


Book Eco-friendly holiday accommodation or travel to a sustainable country. You may also google and visit farmers’ markets close to your vacay stay. 

Opt for Plastic-free packaging and travel kit such as kraft boxes, Kraft paper wrap or bags, twine, wood wool, shredded paper, newsprint, stamps, gummed tape, twigs, washi tape, reusable bags for wrapping gifts, woven baskets, stainless steel, glass, etc.

Unplug appliances before you travel toasters, microwaves, etc.

Go paperless. Use e-tickets. Avoid littering. Send ecards for invitations, well wishes, and seasons’ greetings. 

Ecofriendly holiday food and snacks, sweets, chocolate, organic foods, and fruits. The Refillery offers loads of options. 

Find Eco teachable moments in random places or activities. 

Sustainable self-care: holidays are times when we can celebrate, relax, and treat ourselves after working hard all year. The stress of 2020 has been massive. Take the time to spoil yourself sustainably. 

Most importantly, don’t forget your reusable bags and eco bottles.

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