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Earn extra income as a SAHM

IncomeTried and sure ways to earn an extra income as a SAHM. One of the big decision makers when considering being a SAHM is income (finance). It usually requires that you have to cut down on lots of things because you will be relying on one income. Another way could be for you to do these things online or with your kids. Use these tips to earn extra income as a SAHM.

How to save when living on one salary:

  • Pay off all debt before hand
  • Budgeting
  • Saving
  • Cutting down on luxuries
  • Cash back apps
  • Buy in bulk
  • Cheaper (shop brand) version
  • Make your own DIY
  • Giving
  • Buy Long lasting clothes
  • Buy from second hand shops (thrifting)
  • Reuse and Recycle
  • Get creative
  • Use less (avoid careless use and spending)
  • Gardening – plant your own garden for veggies and other things you can grow in your back yard.

What can you do to earn extra income as a SAHM:

Freelancing: copywriting, social media management, web developing, writing, editing and proofreading etc

Survey taking: If you have the patience for surveys, you may do this. You may do small tasks, fill in questionnaires, play games for a price or a voucher. I found this a little slow because they required you to do so many tasks for a small price. You could do product testing.

Cash back apps: I am currently using SnapnScan, it is a South African based app. You book groceries that you are going to buy, scan your grocery slip and you get cash back off the items you booked.

Run errands with Uber or taxify or lyft: you may sign up for Uber, taxify or lyft. You may sign up as a delivery driver or errand runner.

Domestic house keeping and house or pet sitting

Piece work: if you are good at gardening, you may offer to clean someone’s yard for a price, take care of the children (baby sitting).

Make your own goods to sell on Shopify: candle making, essential oils, digital products, printables, jewellery making, soap making, anything that you are good at making and sell them online.

Second hand selling: eBay, Gumtree, Facebook marketplace. You may sell used closed or good on these websites. I find more Facebook marketplace to be reliable. We have sold many things on Facebook marketplace.

Pawn: if you really love an item and don’t want to part with it, but is not being used at the moment you may pawn the item. This means the pawn shop gives you money for your item and keep it for a certain period. When you need your item back you pay the money back with interest. This is one way you can earn an extra income as a SAHM.

Online tutor: I found that most online tutor apps need you to have a degree in any field. This allowed you to qualify as a tutor. A few did not require that you have a degree.

Blogging: affiliate marketing, Freelancing, influencer, brand ambassador, selling courses on your blog, selling printables.

Air bnb: you may rent out your home as an air bnb. Don’t forget about the risks of having strangers in your home.

Virtual Assistant: these include random tasks from admin work to social media, depending on the company who hires you.

Offering at home Car wash services to friends, neighbors and family.

Mechanic: if you are good with cars and have an eye for them. You may fix small things or do minor services.

Dog walking: if you are good with dogs, dog walking maybe a good idea.

Online travel agent: you can travel with your kids.

Work at home Business: you may consider offering your own work at home business or working remotely for companies.

Offer other services to earn Extra income as a SAHM.

Apps for online work that allow you to earn an extra income as a SAHM:

  • Hubstaff Talent
  • Perlu
  • LinkedIn jobs
A few tips when dealing with online business:

Be patient with certain jobs. They maybe slower in payment but they are just your side gig. Some grow into a big business and you need to put in a little extra effort. Have a heart (passion) for what you are doing so that you will not be discouraged.

Passion is the one that fires up your engine, keeps you steady and going even when the light is not shining. Understand that all businesses have an up and down. Sometimes you get flowing clients other times not. That is the beauty of an extra income as a SAHM.

Try these above and see what works best for you. Always have an option C when your option B doesn’t work. Don’t give up. Keep your head high and keep striving. Join groups both online and offline and have a solid support team that will understand you, encourage and help you. It helps to have a good support team.

Be patient, be wise, be strong, be watchful. If something feels and looks too good to be true, it probably is. Look for other peoples reviews, the company contact details, years of operation and go to common sites to avoid scams. Do a good Google investigation for each company. Avoid going to secluded places.

If you must meet strangers please don’t go alone, always let someone (family member and close friends) know where you will be, turn on your location services for your close friends or family to know where you are, meet strangers in a busy and open areas like a police station or a shopping mall. The first place I mention is a police station, if the person runs away then you have been saved.

When you arrive at a meeting place check for exist strategies that you can easily duck and hide. If you feel unease about something, don’t do it. Trust your gut. Carry pepper spray if need be. Make a safe and secure check out process on your app.

Make sure to get a large deposit before you do any work for anyone. And please get the job done when you do. As much as you would hate being scammed, be trustworthy and reliable, don’t be a scammer.

Lastly but not the least, don’t forget to pray for your business / side hustle.

Final words: In conclusion: earn an extra income as a SAHM with these methods. Remember to be smart, stay safe and be wise. There are so many ways to earn extra income as a SAHM. You try alot of possibilities till you find what works best for you. Let me know in the comments what works for you as a SAHM.


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