DIY Birthday Party

DIY Birthday Party

It was my sons second birthday on 2nd May. We did a DIY birthday Party at home. We are under lockdown therefore friends and family could not come. Here is what we did to make his day special. This party as not ecofriendly because we used what we already have. These ideas are also good for a park birthday or any space you want to use for a DIY Birthday Party).

What is needed for a DIY Birthday Party?

diy birthday

Cupcakes to make the birthday number sign.

Happy birthday sign: how to create the happy birthday sign at the bottom of the post.

Different colored snacks, munchies, fruits and sweets.


Space to host the party. In your backyard or the lounge or sitting area. Whatever works for you. We made space in the patio. Blocked it out with some building sheets and the drape.  

diy birthday

Chair for birthday person to sit on. I decorated it and put balloons.

Party hats: My son loved the hats. In the evening, he brought his party hats and made us wear them and sing for him again. 😊 lol


Presents or gifts. I wrapped them up secretly and he helped put sellotape around them.

Outfit: Birthday person and your outfit. Choose them in advance. We used a white onesie for Nathaniel because of his smash cake. He later changed into his other birthday outfit. I forgot to take pictures of.

Candles for the cake.

Table deco: we also put balloons around the table, you may add sequence on the tablecloth or sprinkles.

Theme: Our theme was a Thoughtful Hands on Colorful Smash Cake DIY 2nd Birthday.

2nd birthday


Camera: Make sure the battery is charged. We used a tripod to hold the phone and take a video. Selfie sticks came in handy too. Set up tripod before party begins with the phone or camera in place.

Drapes We used a long white sheet or duvet cover.

Crafts: scissors, glue, different colored paper, glitter, sequence, string/ribbons/wool.

Frame: I crafted a number 2, stuck it on a piece of cardboard and placed it in the frame.


Cupcakes and icing: We baked cupcakes and made colorful icing. We drew playful things on the cupcakes and wrote number 2 on a few   

Birthday Cake

Shapes and letters: I randomly placed letter “N” for Nathaniel from his first birthday.


Thread and needles/pins

Prep ideas for a DIY Birthday Party:

Lists: Make lists of what you want to do. Have an idea of themes. Make lists of what you need to buy and what you already have. Plan and know what you want. I am a list mom.  

Work together: get the kids involved and get extra hands from your partner spouse to help set up.

Make munchies. We made munchies with polony, cucumber and smoked Vienna’s on a toothpick. Some use cheese, cherry tomatoes, baby onions etc. You can make with what you have and like. These munchies finished quickly so make lots. We made them early in the morning on his birthday. They can also be made the evening before.


More Prep ideas:

Get birthday person involved. We made the happy birthday sign and my son colored in. He was excited and enjoyed it. He helped carry the balloons to the patio.

Set the mood: Laughter, excitement, fun. The mood should be set for the birthday person to enjoy. Even though he is young, he had an idea that something fun and nice was going on. He kept saying to you or happy birthday.

Patience: Be patient to get everything done. This should not be stressful or argumentative. Be patient with everyone and yourself too. Take your time. I planned his birthday three days before at 2am 😊. And we created most of the things the day before his birthday. Do not leave everything to last minute.

happy birthday

I also had family and close friends write personal notes for him. And prepared a blog post with all notes. He will read someday when he is older.

We began setting up 2 hours before the time we set for the birthday party. He was born at 2pm. And we set the party for 2pm. We have family in Germany and Durban. We set up a video call with them for 2pm. So that they could be there with us too.  

How to’s:

Happy Birthday Sign:

We used white paper. We wrote on Happy Birthday with a pencil. Then we cut out the letters using the scissors. My son colored in each paper. We used a highlighter to mark the edges of each letter. We then stuck them onto black paper because the background drapes we were using were white. We used thread and needles to thread the letters onto the drapes.

mom and baby

How to make number 2 sign:

Using an old frame with no glass.

I cut out the shape of the frame on cardboard.

We used black paper and cut out a number 2.

I stuck the number 2 onto the cardboard.

Adding glitter, sequence and markers around the number two.

I added felt vegetable cut outs.

You may decorate however you please.

With time I may add a glass and keep it for him in his time capsule. (Time Capsule Blog Post coming soon).

In conclusion: Remember to have fun. My son did not see any mishaps, but he saw the love, fun and loved his gifts. Getting him involved made it special. I feel the birthday turned out good. My son was happy and that was my goal. Use what already you have. Get creative.

dad and son

We did not need to go extravagant because my son is at a small age. And I feel the more involved we were rather than buying things off the counter made it more sentimental and meaningful for us. Plus, it kept us busy for a while. Killing quarantine blues. We got dressed up and set a time like a real party.

I enjoyed it. The smile on my sons face during the DIY Birthday Party made everything worth it. #proudmom #wedidgood #2ndbirthday #diybirthdayparty

Download your DIY Birthday Party List essentials.

happy 2nd birthday

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