Diaper bag essentials for a 10 month old.

Diaper bag essentials for a 10 month old.

What you need for a 10-month-old when leaving the house.

I must warn you before going any further that I might overpack a little. I am one who believes better have it and not use it than not have it and need it. You need a diaper bag of course, along with the other necessities: diapers, wipes, bum cream, changing mat and bibs.

Other things you will need are:

Baby blanket:

The weather is unpredictable here in South Africa. I always carry a baby blanket just in case its needed.

Feeding equipment:

Your baby is probably baby led weaning or weaned at this age. You will need everything for this. I always remember to carry his bowl, baby spoons and bottle or sippy cup for meal time. When baby needs to eat, he must eat.

I also like these pouches for feeding. I know there is a lot of diversity on store bought food, but I am comfortable with my baby using them. I have done enough research. If need be and we are not at home, these pouches are so convenient and less messy.

Speaking of baby food, its good to carry some healthy snacks for your baby to chew on. Snacks like fruits and cookies are good and less messy.

baby food pouch

Extra clothes:

If its warm outside and my baby is dressed cooly, I usually carry an extra pair of warm clothes, just incase the weather changes. These include a vest, warm pants, some shorts and a jacket. I also always carry extra soaks.

Swaddle blankets and burp clothes:

The diversity of a swaddle blanket is huge. I use my swxaddle blanket for a lot of things. Do you need to put your child down on a dirty surface for a minute? Use a swaddle blanket. Is the weather windy outside? Use a swaddle blanket. Will you need a cover for your portable car seat? You guessed it.

The blow over is massive, where will you store all these messy clothes? Wrap a swaddle blanket around it. Are you antigerm and are not comfortable laying your baby straight on the changing table? Use the swaddle blanket. Maybe your baby is unwell and needs to throw up, you need something to catch that? TMI but use your swaddle blanket.

I feel bibs are tiny and only protect such a small area. I use swaddle blankets as the grown-up version of a bib. I also wrap around myself because spills don’t have a dimensional area. They mess everyone and everywhere. Re-useable nappies are the cheaper than swaddle blankets and work just as well.


Teething powder and Calpol:

Or whatever you use for teething. Most likely at this age your baby is teething. Oh, the glories of teething! I also carry a teething toy for him. I carry teething powder and some Calpol just in case teething gets out of hand. I also carry a syringe or a spoon to give him this. I only give him Calpol if its way out of hand and if the teething powder doesn’t work on its own. I use Ashton and Parsons teething powder by the way.

Extra shoes with a grip on the bottom:

My son is already walking, and he wants to explore the world on his cute, tiny feet. I always carry extra shoes with a grip on the bottom just incase of anything like a blowout.


Comfort toys, teething toys and that specific toy your baby is loving now. My baby loves balls, cars and anything he can bite. He is beginning to learn to close and open bottles. I also carry something that he can easily close and open. That keeps him busy for some minutes. My son thinks a pacifier is a teething toy for some reason unknown to me.

Sunhat and sunscreen:

Your baby has delicate skin that needs to be protected. Please use baby specific sunscreen.

Any sort of identification:

I keep Nathaniel’s (my son) immunization card in his diaper bag so that I never forget it. It works as some sort of identification for my son.


Whether its patience while waiting for your babies’ little feet to catch up with you. Or whether its patience during a tantrum. Yes! babies through tantrums sometimes too. My son has figured out how to throw himself back or cry when he wants something, and we tell him no. You will need a lot of patience, so pack lots of that in your diaper bag.

In conclusion: Diaper bag essentials for your 10 month old are: baby blanket, teething powder, extra shoes, feeding equipment, extra clothes, swaddle blankets, toys, sunhat, identification and patience.


April 10, 2019 at 6:59 pm

These are great tips! I remember I used to always forget the extra ‘binky’ or passifier… but we always survived! I am in agreement that over packing is better than not having what you need!

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