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Cultivate that relationship with yourself.


Cultivate that relationship with yourself. The most important relationship you can ever have is a relationship with yourself. I lay in bed at 12 to 1 am and I think. My mind is racing, jumping from topic to topic as I self reflect. I have not done this in a while. Life has been too busy.

I have been too busy being a good mom and a good wife I forgot about being me. Being Natasha. Yes, a mom and wife are part of my description but they are not only who I am.  It is only a part of this gigantic puzzle called Natasha. Nowadays if you ask me who I am. I will simply tell you I am a mom and a wife.

Picture this, a SAHM dedicated to her being a SAHM perfected to excellence.

Her kids are all grown now. Does she continue to be a SAHM? What does she do now? All those years were dedicated to the children and the home. What’s her self worth? Another instance could be you gave yourself and everything to a man in a relationship or marriage.

Your life was perfect. Till he up and leaves you for another, how dare he! or less fortunately he dies. Where does that leave you? Today, my mind ponders on relationships.

relationship with you

My mother is moving overseas. Sister is already living overseas. Father is moving to another town. My brother is moving on his own. I feel like a perfect puzzle piece being broken and strung across the world. Or parts of a body being cut off and joined to another and shipped off.

My family has always been close-knit. But with time differences, no personal interaction, new puzzle pieces, will we stand the test of time? We will video call and keep in communication. But sometimes you just crave for humanly interaction. Where you meet face to face and talk. Memories are made that way.

Why should you cultivate that relationship with yourself?

One thing relationships have taught me is that everything can change with the flip of a coin. Priorities, virtue, time, space and people change. I’m afraid to admit I lost one too many friends because she decided her boyfriend was better than me or because she decided I no longer belonged in her circle, or she could not use me for her own selfishness.

All the times and efforts we spent building and cultivating were useless because she now had a ‘Bae’ and ‘besty’ to fill her most precious time and needs. People change with a flip of the coin. Do not find your self-worth in other people. Cultivate that relationship with yourself.

self worth

You are enough. You and you make the perfect couple. When all else is gone or they are all grown for whatever reason, you have yourself to account to. You were there since your birth, in good health and bad health, good times, average and bad times. There were times when you were lonely and through your mistakes.

You had you and you will still have you till death do part. Cultivate that relationship with yourself. It is the most important relationship. Give yourself a break and enjoy your time.

Cultivate that relationship with yourself.

cultivate that relationship with you 4

Hey, you won’t have it forever. Give parts of you to other people but not your whole self to a point where you don’t recognize who you are. Don’t find value in other people. Cherish and take exceptionally good care of you.

When you do this everything else falls into place. When that one up and leaves you know your value and self-worth. They won’t stop you from flourishing and growing. You are worth more than rubies. Rubies are one of the most fragile yet strong, delicate, rare and most expensive jewels.

Enjoy your relationships and give. But don’t lose yourself. Enjoy the most precious relationship with you and everything to do with you. Make yourself a better person. Cultivate that relationship with yourself. The best and only rewarding thing you can do is take care of you. Taking care of someone else is exhausting and most times go unnoticed and unappreciated.

Celebrate who you are today.

You know who you are and what you have done. How far you have come, the obstacles that you have faced and mountains you failed and climbed, only you know you best. So do you right. Put this to an end now. That person was not with you in your mother’s womb. That person was not with you every single step of your life, especially during your down times.

Put them to an end.

Stop putting your self-worth in someone else’s hands apart from you and your God, no one else deserves it. Yet don’t put your needs above all else that others suffer. Cultivate the relationship with you. Build who you are so you can better build others. That is our purpose in life. Boom, I just hit a light bulb. Your purpose in life is you.

cultivate that relationship
In conclusion, cultivate that relationship with you. A person cultivates a relationship with themselves by cutting people that suck the life out of you from your life and putting your self first. Just as every relationship takes time and patience, do that with yourself.

By grooming, cherishing and loving who you are. Feed yourself, drink plenty of water, cloth yourself, take necessary medication for healing, by practicing self-care you are cultivating yourself. You will know your worth.

When the arrows come and try to destroy your self relationship, they will be your cupid to make to fall more in love with yourself. When this happens your perspective changes. Your world is better, happier, self rewarding and much stronger. Give yourself credit, you stayed even in your darkest hour. That’s what matters the most.

Don’t procrastinate. Start now. By accepting and celebrating your wins and fails. You may begin with this post:  

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June 8, 2019 at 12:25 am

Self-love is so important. It shows us who we are. We have to be whole with just God and us – no one else. Love this!

June 13, 2019 at 10:44 am

So true. Self care is essential!

June 13, 2019 at 10:52 am

I love how beautifully written this is. And I could not agree more with this sentence: “Stop putting your self-worth in someone else’s hands”. Once I realised that no one else knows me as good as I do and thus, that their opinion of me doesn’t matter as much as my own, I stopped being so dependant on other people’s approval of my choices. It’s so much easier to be happy when you’re in charge of your happiness, too!

June 13, 2019 at 11:07 am

Really beautiful AND important message you share here. Thank you for the reminder. We must take care and see the beauty in ourselves before we can see it in others.

June 13, 2019 at 12:25 pm

So, true. For me, this came with maturity and life experiences. Some good, some bad, but all a part of personal growth and understanding. It helps when the kids a little older and more self sufficient, it gives more personal time to reflect.

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