Creative ways to DIY empty glass purity bottles.

Creative ways to DIY empty glass purity bottles.

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Got a whole stack of purity bottles and you don’t know what to do with them? I do. I wash and dry them then put them under the sink. Use this creative list to keep your precious items and recycle these gems.

Nails: My husband works in construction. We have nails laying around everywhere. These bottles are good to store nails.

Lotion on the go: Carry lotion in your bag. Are you travelling and you need to carry your special lotion? You are only allowed certain amounts of liquid on the plane. Add some lotion or bum cream in these jars. Seal tightly in a zip lock bag or with clear plastic and off you go. Or maybe you buy things in bulk and need a place to pre pack your lotions? Use these little containers.

lotion on the go

Jewelry: easy jewelry holder. You may store your rings, earrings, necklaces and gold chains.

Salt: Add a few holes on the lid and use as a salt shaker. You can also make DIY salt gifts.

Washing powder: To keep in the bathroom or kitchen for washing.

Popsicle sticks for DIY or as a decoration for your desk.

Spices: If you are into that #mariekondo phase and want to prepack everything. These bottles look good with colorful spices in them. Don’t forget to label the container.

Deco: I used the jars to keep my shells in. I noticed when I left my shells out, they would fall and break. The glass makes it easy to see the shells. And I think they look cute.

Sharpeners: These small things are important for your school going children, but they somehow always get lost. Keep them in these handy jars so you know where to look next time. I also use this to make my desk look tidy.


Coins: Teach your little one the importance of saving using these jars. You may use them as piggy banks if you may.

Buttons and beads: I love beading as a hobby, but these beads are so tiny, once they fall you can’t find them again. It doesn’t help that they are sold in plastics. I keep my beads in these jars, helps keep my mind sane lol. Save yourself some money too. When I am working with beads and buttons, I always place a blanket underneath my working space. When I am done, I pick the blanket carefully and pour the beads and buttons back into the jar.

Erasers: like sharpeners, keep erasers in their place. Make the jars pretty with glass and spray paint. Keep your desk organized this way. ?

Glitter: use and store in a similar way to beads and buttons.

Random bits and pieces: whatever rocks your boat and fits into these jars.

Snacks on the go. You can carry grapes, other fruit, cookies, corn flakes, rice crispies etc.

Gratitude and love notes: Good way to say I love you. Everyday should be valentine’s day. Add gratitude notes to these bottles to read when you are feeling down.  

Pills: Pills and vitamins can be kept in these jars.

Clay: Clay dries up if left out in the air. Pop them in these jars, close them tight and store away.


Slime: Slime is one thing moms hate and kids love. Make an agreement with your child to put their slime back in the jar when they are done playing with them. Otherwise you will find them on your carpet…ehhkkkk

Snow globes: How to make snow globes. Download your freebie at the end of this post.

Balloons: Store your balloons in these jars. So that you won’t have a screaming fit when your little can’t find a balloon to play with.  

Keys: Keep your keys in these jars, next time you are going out you will know where to find them. Saves you 20 minutes of looking for these darn keys.

Dummies: In one of my mom groups a mom posted about how annoying it is that dummies are colorless and always getting lost. Put your babies dummy in this bottle for safe keeping. Plus, it keeps those dummies clean.

Measuring cup of 125ml: A clever way to recycle is to use as a measuring cup, if you are that baking mom.


Seeds: for the green hand mom. Keep your seeds in these bottles. You might as well use the lid to keep seeds that you would like to dry.  

Earbuds: These are one thing I can’t seem to store. I used these jars and I am pleased. They look neat, will stay clean and in one place.

Important receipts: Roll or fold them up. Put them in your little jars, label them and store them in a safe place.

Shoe laces: tie shoe laces together and store them in these bottles. Spray paint the jars gold or silver or whatever color you prefer.

Other creative ways to DIY empty glass purity bottles are:

  • Flash drives
  • Paper clips and pins
  • Staples
  • Batteries
  • Ribbons
  • Puzzle pieces
  • SIM and memory cards
  • Eye and nose drops
  • Marbles
  • Nail clippers
  • Contact lenses
  • Hair clips and pins
  • Doggy (pet) treats
  • Doll accessories for your girls’ doll and teddy
  • Pour your facial toner in these jars with cotton rolls in them.

In conclusion: Recycle your empty purity bottles by using this DIY list above. Let me know in the comments or on Instagram: how you DIY your empty glass bottles. Download your freebies here:

In conclusion: Recycle your empty purity bottles by using this DIY list above. Let me know in the comments or on Instagram: how you DIY your empty glass bottles. Download your freebies here:

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