Choosing a house to rent

I guess there comes a time when we all have to pack up our bags and move to a new place to stay.

Things to consider when choosing a house to rent as a mother.

We moved houses recently. We are renting. It was such a hustle to move being a FTM. There were different factors we had to consider that we didn’t need to consider pre-baby. To make things simplier for you, here is a list of things to consider when moving houses.



First things first, how much money are you willing to give out of your account every month? Those coins going cling out of your account can be such a pain. Look at your finances. Is this money always readily available? It will be almost non-negotiable. How much are you willing to spend to pay someone else for a roof over your head?



Next thing to consider is the location of the house. Is it in a drivable distance to necessary facilities such as hospitals in case of emergencies, shopping malls, friends, neighbours and family, schools etc. If you are like me who likes her own space, it takes a community to raise a child.

In a sense that incase of any emergencies, someone doesn’t have to drive a thousand kilometers to come and help save the day. You won’t want to drive a distance during an emergency to arrive at a hospital either. Your child will also need to make some friends.

It takes a community to raise a child.


Another thing to consider is the size of the house. I don’t like to feel clustered and closed up. Like I said earlier I like my space. Plus find something convienient for you and your family. What is the size of your family? Is the house you are considering big enough to cater for you all?


One thing to look at is the safety of the area you are moving to. What access do you have to emergency services? Also look at the crime factor online before moving. Does the house you are considering have proper safety features installed in them? We have access to security, panic buttons and burglar bars at the house we moved to. The police station is also 5 minutes away. We prefer living in an estate due to security reasons. Plus we have the comfort of our own yard. My husband doesn’t have to worry much when he needs to work away for the night, or travel that we won’t be safe.

Pet friendly/ Child friendly/ wheelchair friendly

If you consider your furry friends as family, you might want to look at that when moving to a new place. Some places have strict no pet policies which will be quiet sad for you. My son is ten months old and a place that was not on the ground floor sounded inconviencing for me. I imaged going through 10 stairs carrying my baby and that was not ideal for me.

I also freaked out on the possibility of him falling off the stairs, ouch! If you have someone with a disability leaving with you, you might also consider that. My best friend in a wheel chair could not go into the house she was living in because the house did not have a rump for her to roll in. She decided to move into another place.


House state (small or big fixes)

Consider the state of the house when moving. One lady in my mom groups posted about moving into a house that needed renovations. She paid the deposit and put a notice in her current house. She has overstayed 5 days as the house she meant to move into is still under renovations.

Perhaps the renovations are small like a cracked window. Walk around with the landlord, write down all small dents and scratches. You will thank me when moving out for doing this. ;). We didn’t do this at our previous house and the landlord has refused to pay the deposit back, apparently its our fault.

Garage space

Girl, you will need a safe space to park your car/s. What if there’s a severe storm and your car gets damaged? That is less likely to happen if you park your car in a safe parking space. It’s an important factor to consider.


Speaking of which you must also consider your landlord. If you pick up certain bad trends while communicating with them, trust your gut and don’t go through with it. Aint nothing worse than a terrible landlord. You will feel like you are walking on eggs in your own house.

Personalized Small itsy bitsy (specific to you things)

These will vary from person to person, but these are the things that were on my must-have list.

Kitchen size

The kitchen mattered a lot for me. I was so demotivated when I had to cook and clean in my previous house. The kitchen was so tiny that my microwave sat on top of my fridge. It got cluttered easily and dirty fast. I love the space in this new kitchen and it is a joy to cook and clean. Plus it doesn’t look so untidy even when tidy because I have more space.

Double sink

I love the double sink. It makes washing dirty dishes much quicker and more organized.

Bathroom size

This one may be a bit weird but I like my space when I take a relaxing bath, It got a seperate closed up shower and bath. It doesn’t look too cluttered. My baby can sit and wait for me while I quickly shower.

Running area/ park

If you are into keeping fit, you may wanna consider a running area or park. Even if it means staying near a park. It is unsafe to run on the roads. I also prefer a park area for my baby to play and have a break from these four walls in the house. A park is also a good place to go chill and relax when I am having a stressful day.

Cupboard space

Now this one is a MarieKondo inspired one. She uses cupboard space and boxes as organization tools. Heck everything we owned has its own cupboard and drawer space. Makes my house look neater.

Laundry area

You gotta have space to do your laundry. Else everything piles up in one corner and it looks terrible. Even if it is a small space in the kitchen like mine, a space is a space. And it is designated for laundry.

Outdoor garden

Like the park, I love a little garden where my boy can play. I can plant a few flowers. We can have a braai. We can relax and chill. I can also lay out my sons indoor baby pool when the heat burns. We can set up camp cars and have a picnic in the comfort of my own home.

In conclusion, These few tips are what you should consider when choosing a house to rent as a mother. What other tips would you give? Hit reply in the comments below. Congratulations on your new home. I hope it is a joy to stay in.

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8 thoughts on “Choosing a house to rent”

  1. Yikes, I’m surprised a landlord would even allow someone in a wheelchair to rent a place that has no wheelchair access, unless she became wheelchair-bound after already living there. Still, over here I believe landlords have a legal requirement to make “reasonable modifications” for disabled tenants and can get assistance to do so.

    Another thing I’d add to the list though, would be employment opportunities in the area. It sort of comes under location but it also warrants some specific research if you (or your partner) don’t have something permanent or long term lined up before moving. The type and amount of work available will vary a lot between areas.
    Also, proximity to a school is one thing, the quality of that school is quite another, and also highly variable. I’d also consider the quality of neighbors and the neighborhood generally extremely important. A bad neighbor can make your life a living hell. Speaking from experience here.

    Other than that, all great points. Take care.

    1. I’m not sure about the laws here in South Africa. Yes that’s an important thing to consider. Employment opportunities. Tell me about neighbour’s!! Thanks for stopping by

  2. These are really good pointers! We were living happily in Thailand when I started expecting twins. I didn’t want to stay there with a high-risk pregnancy and decided it was time to move back to Finland for a while. It was supposed to be a temporary move, just so long until the twins would be about 6months, and then we would return. Well, life had other plans. The original rental apartments that I was considering were small, cramped, expensive, not at all that tempting, and worst of all, far from my own family. By chance, I came across a wonderful and affordable house minutes away from my parents and sister. It’s been four years now, we’re still renting the house which is now home and I never returned permanently back to Thailand because I couldn’t bare the thought of leaving our home, our neighborhood, our surroundings, everything that came with finding the perfect rental home. In the long-run it would be more financially savvy to buy our own house, but for now, we’re staying put in our home.

  3. Great post – I think these are all excellent things to keep in mind when looking for a place to rent! As I will be graduating from my masters program next year, I will need to find an actual apartment soon… I will definitely be saving this post for later! Thanks for sharing!
    -Jenna ♥
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