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Self-care routines for moms.

Important routines for self-care as a mom. I received an overwhelming response from my post on self-care here: This inspired the following round up post on self-care routines for moms. Here are the very best tips for self-care routines for moms. I have learned a lot from these mom bloggers and put self-care as my …

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Self-care as a SAHM

When I became a mom, especially as a Stay At Home Mom, I quickly learned that I have no time for myself. Self-care as a SAHM did not exist. Its either I was too busy taking care of baby, cleaning the house, cooking or taking care of my husband that self was pushed to the …

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stages of walking

Stages of walking

Stages of walking A baby begins walking anytime between 9 months and 16 months. Some take longer than that. Tummy time Walking begins with tummy time as it strengthens the ligaments in the neck for head coordination, arms for upper strength which assist in crawling and sitting up. My baby hated tummy time, by the …

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marriage as a body

Marriage as a body.

How a marriage works as a body. A marriage is considered as a body of Christ which is the church. Here are scriptures on how a marriage works as a body. 1 Corinth 12: “21 The eye cannot say to the hand, “I don’t need you!” And the head cannot say to the feet, “I …

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The truth about momming

The truth about momming What momming is all about Hey mom, tired and worn out but still staying awake till 11 o’clock just to get some me-time, I see you. I am one of them right now. Its 10:22pm right now, I’m sniffing, my head is spinning, my eyes are barely open, but I had …

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Guide to Baby led weaning

Baby led weaning means letting your baby feed themselves. Baby led weaning is advised to start after 6 months. Begin with organic pureed foods. Please note that your baby still relies heavily on breastmilk or formula. Start in small bits and see your baby’s reaction to the food. And gradually increase the dosage as your …

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top 30 new year resolutions

Realistic New year resolutions for the SAHM.

Realistic New year resolutions TOP 30 REALISTIC NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS. It’s almost 2019. Happy almost New Year! We all go through this phase of wanting something new and putting up these ridiculous expectations that we should meet. Half way through the year we are disappointed that yet another year is going by but the same …

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Reasons To Become A SAHM

Reasons To Become A SAHM Reasons to become a SAHM: When my son was born I knew from the start that I wanted to be a SAHM. I fell in love with him so deeply and this decision was an easy one. My husband told me to think through it during the months I was …

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The best Work At Home Companies

The best Work At Home Companies and Jobs Titles These are the job titles you can have as a work at home person. Working from home brings in the flexibility of time. You are your own boss. You can self motivate. Working from home allows you to have time to spend with your family and …

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