Canva tools and features

Canva tools and features Reasons to use Canva for your editing needs. As a blogger, you may have heard or come across Canva. Canva is a great content creation and designing tool that helps you […]

Top Blogging Apps

Apps I use for blogging: The following apps help me with my day to day blogging tasks. Most of these apps you may download from your phone store, others you may use online. Apps I […]

WHO AM I? Rebranded

Who am I? Rebranded. MrsChettyLife is (to be) an all resourceful blog especially for the first time mother about surviving motherhood as an EcoMom: Tried and True tips, hacks and tricks from a mother and […]

The ultimate beginners guide to blogging.

The ultimate beginners guide to blogging. This post is all you need to know about blogging. Blogging all starts with a good logo for your website. Your logo should be SMART. Simple: don’t add too […]

Freebies Ideas List

Freebies Ideas List As a blogger, getting your subscriber list is very important. That’s mostly the reason why we blog, to get people to read and subscribe to our blog. There are so many ideas […]

My Top Fourteen bloggers

My Top Fourteen bloggers: Work At Home Mother, Blogging, Business and Motherhood. These are my top bloggers whom I follow for freebies, motivation and information. Suzi Start a Mom Blog Blogging is a very rewarding […]

SEO basics before publishing

SEO basics before publishing. Firstly What is SEO? Some of the tools mentioned are available only to Business plan subscribers, but we’ve also included a few tips for everyone. SEO is the practice of translating content […]