Eco friendly Sustainable holiday

Sustainable Ecofriendly holiday: travel and festive season celebrations.  We begin by Eco planning: start early so you are not too overwhelmed by Christmas shopping. Plan, prepare, create, and buy. Plan digitally. I use PlanPad and […]

Little Amber Rabbit: Online Toy store

Little Amber Rabbit Our children are the future. Their minds absorb information and skills so quickly like a sponge they soak up information, environmental cues and experiences.  They are always eager to learn, explore and […]

Local South African sustainable businesses

Go the extra mile and support a local sustainable business. Why should you buy local? It reduces the distance your products travel to reach you. There as reducing the amount of emissions that vehicles produce. […]

The Refillery

Introducing The Refillery, an eco-friendly grocery store. A chat with Samantha Moleta, the founder of The Refillery. What is The Refillery? “The Refillery’ is an exciting new planet-friendly grocer supplying single-use plastic-free, responsibly sourced, refillable, […]

Triple Orange

Triple Orange Who is Triple Orange? Lots of recipes call for orange peels in your cleaning products. Triple Orange have gone the extra mile by extracting this orange oil and making great products for your […]


What Is FreshBag? FreshBag is a re-useable nylon mesh bag to replace single use plastic bags when buying your fresh fruit and vegetables and all loose produce such as nuts, whole herbs, raisins, legumes, dried […]

Simply Bee

Who is simply bee? Beeswax products made from naturally sourced West Coast Fynbos honey. This post is in collaboration with Simply Bee. I received products for a review. Simply Bees’ product range now includes: Hand […]