Top 26 pregnancy tips

Top 26 pregnancy tips Disclaimer I’m not a doctor. Please check with your doctor before trying any of these tips. BREAKFAST is the most important meal. Eat foods with fiber. It gives you much-needed energy. […]

Top Lessons motherhood taught me!

Top Lessons motherhood taught me! Becoming a mother has changed me in many ways. I have learned to cook and eat healthy for my son. Because I am breastfeeding I get drained easily. I carry […]

Random Facts About Me

Random Facts About Me Random facts about me: Firstly Name: Natasha Chetty Age: 25 1 Fear: Bees 3 things I love: Red Roses, Black, My family My best friend: Clarissa Sexual Orientation: Straight Name meaning: […]

First Time Mother

Ramblings from a First Time Mother. First time mother: Nathaniel is growing. He is 5+ months, 23 weeks and 5 days to be exact. I can see a bit of his personality.  He doesn’t like […]

Top Music videos

Top Music videos This is my Top Twenty Music Videos I’m listening to right now. Top music videos: Ave Maria – Beyonce This song I have dedicated to my son, Nathaniel. Mom Loves you. […]

Top salty household hacks

TOP HOUSEHOLD SALTY HACKS!! Top salty hacks: Apart from adding flavour to your food. Did you know that salt is actually more useful than most people think. Here is a list of things you can […]


Overwhelmed SAHM The other day, I posted in my Stay At Home Mom group. I just feel so tired, exhausted, drained and finished. I was wondering if this is normal. Overwhelmed sahm.  Is being a […]