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Pregnancy Cravings

Pregnancy Cravings

Oh the joys of pregnancy. My first pregnancy craving was avocados. I hate avocados by the way. I craved Fournos Bakery chocolate crossaints, mild Nandos chicken, bream fish, watermelons, mangoes, peaches, granadilla, meat, salty staff, fruit smoothie, cow legs, maize, shawarmas, sour sweets, ice lollies, cinnamon rolls from Cinnabon and pineapples.

I hated cheese and burgers. I also hated the smell of burning incense sticks. I couldn’t stomach fish and hated the smell afterwards.

I cried because I got the wrong flavoured icecream.

I know a friend who craved ate boiled cabbage her whole pregnancy. Here is a complied list of pregnancy cravings (some are weird) from real moms in my mom groups.

Disclaimer just because you crave something doesn’t mean you can have it. Please eat healthy and safe for your little ones.

Apples and milkshake
artificial strawberry. 😂
Baby formula
Bagels and Cream Cheese!
Baking soda
banana milk
BBQ sauce on Mac n Cheese
Bean & cheese burritos
Beef pies and lemon
Bleach, ice, orange scented everything
Blocks of cheese and baby pickles.
breakfast sandwiches, citrus fruits and orange juice
Bubble gum ice cream and coke icees
Captain crunch…and now I can’t even stand the smell of it
caramels with sweet chilli sauce
Cereal and grapes
cheerios with vanilla ice cream and my wierdest yet, but still hella good, Peanutbutter Bologna and mayo sandwhich on seeded rye bread. 😍😍😍👌👌
Cheese balls and turkey subs
cheese dip. And Berry colossal crunch. Use that cheese as your milk 😂😂 oops
Cheeseburgers from McDonalds 🤤 
Cheesy potatoes or loaded potatoes
Cheetos dipped in mustard
Chicken, coffee, spaghetti
Chilli cheese chips & chocolate milk
Chocolate. 2nd pregnancy…..Chocolate. 4th pregnancy…..anything healthy. 5th pregnancy……sweets.
Cocktail sauce 
corn bread lol.
Corn chips! Ice! M&m w peanuts
corn starch and noodles
Cornflakes with custard
cottage cheese and strawberries – still love it 🙂
Cottage cheese mixed with bran cereal and cinnamon
Dirt, and spray paint lmao. 
Disha Mack Raspberry flavored stuff (which I normally hate)
Egg rolls!!!!
feta stuffed olives
fish sticks and French fries.
Freeze pops, ate thousands of those
French toast 
Frozen berry pops, ice, fruit, fully loaded french fries, cereal
Fruit and ice water with my son
Fruit, McDonald parfait, Big Macs, pickles
Fruity flavored stuff such as cherries or strawberry milk
glazed Krispy kremes
Grapefruit! I ate 2-3 a day for a while.
Greek olives
Greek salad wrap with extra pepperoncini
Green beans with bacon
Gum!! 😍😍
Gummy worms and orange soda
himalayan salt and chocolate milk 🤤
Hot dogs and bacon (I was vegetarian!)
Hot sauce soy sauce vinegar
I craved the smell of new crocs, Never wanted to eat it but was obsessed with the smell.
Ice and chewing on towels😂
Ice Cream sandwiches
ice, chewy sweets and anything spicy 
Ice, milk, oranges and queso
Jalapeño Cheetos with peanut butter
Jalapeno chips with spinach dip
Jalapeños especially pickled or stuffed with cream cheese
Kale. I ate kale every meal for months
Ketchup chips and snickers for my daughter
krispy kreme donuts
Lemon wedges
Lemons! I would peel them like an orange lol and chocolate milk with ice! If it didn’t have ice I didn’t want it
Lime popsicles 🤷🏻‍♀️
M&M mcflurries
Macaroni and cheese. Had to be Kraft singles in the cup, not boxed.
Mashed potatoes with gravy and chocolate pudding….together🤭
Mc donalds fries dipped in ice cream
McDonald’s hash browns and spaghetti were my favorites.
popcorn and orange juice had to have it together. My second was mint chocolate chip milkshake. My third was those red and blue slushys . My fourth was anything fruity and my fruit had to be cold .
Milk and cottage cheese
Milk, gummy bears, berries, beef
Miso soup and Belgian waffles (not together)
Mustard and onions🤪
My daughter was fruit, especially raspberries!! All that I could use!
My first baby : ice cream, pot stickers, captain crunch, milk, cantaloupe. 
My second one: ice, pickles and chocolate.
My weirdest one was orange juice with BBQ chips. Usually just fruit and veggies and diet Coke were my major ones.
nacho cheese Doritos dipped in whipped cream cheese 🙌
nacho Doritos dipped in cottage cheese
noodle bowls. Haven’t had one since giving birth 😂
Nutella and Pretzel sticks
Olives and jalapeño chips
Onion rings with honey mustard
oranges each time lol. Anything orange lol. Mind u with my 1st i did have a salmon and mushypea sarnie was soo lush 🤣 went off meat but fish was a hit everytime x
Oranges in my first trimester with my son. Literally crate fulls!! Couldn’t get enough 🤤🍊
Peanut butter and banana sandwiches, jalapeño wetzel pretzel 🥨, I loved all sorts of fruit and ate a whole bag of oranges in one sitting.
peanut butter and salt & vinegar crisps 
Perogies & Black Licorice
Pickled beetroot 🤦🏻‍♀️ can’t stand the thought of it now 😖
Pineapple I dreamed Wal-Mart had a huge box full of pineapples already sliced and I jumped in it and pretty much bathed in it as well as eating it too lol
Pink Grapefruit! Don’t fancy them when not pregnant but with pregnancy could get enough of them. It was a mouth watering craving
Plain rice with soy sauce 🤷
Polynesian sauce from Chick-Fil-A on everythiiiiing
potato skins and McChickens and McDonald’s fries 
POTATOES and steamed broccoli lol
Pringles dipped in ice cream.
pure orange juice
Raisin Bran
Raw hamburger meat (no I did not indulge 😝)
Reese CAke an salsa both pregnancies
Refried beans with lots of cheese and redhot
rice crispy treats.
Rice Krispy treats & salsa (yes, together) 
salt and vinegar chips dipped in chicken broth, with my second it was frozen Coca-Cola and the ramen noodle flavor packets, and with my third and final it was chocolate and fresh green beans
Salt and vinegar chips, chocolate ice cream, cucumbers with vinegar oil and salt
salty meat
Sausage egg and cheese McMuffin from McDonald’s and pineapple mango smoothies lol not weird I guess but it was serious. Peanut butter and butter on toast was everything too
Savoy cabbage & mayo
Scrambled eggs with lots of catchup
Smoke oysters in a can with crackers and hot sauce
Sonic ocean water
Soup!!! Hot, salty soup!! Any kind for my son😂😂😂 
sour candy
Sour cream and onion chips dipped in vanilla ice cream
Sour cream(right out the tub with a spoon), French fries, spicy Cheetos/cheese its in dipped in sour cream, chocolate. Lol I was kinda all over
sour punch straws and cereal. 
spicy and any meat dipped in maple syrup
Spicy Doritos 🤷‍♀️
Spicy foods
Steak! Lots and Lots!
Steamed shrimp and veggies
Strangest combo would be Apples dipped in Balsamic vinegar with my son. I didn’t really crave weird things just things I never eat! I was basically vegetarian but craved Meat with my first pregnancy and I craved spicy food with my second which was super odd as I’ve always had a low tolerance to spice I don’t really eat it
Strawberries and watermelon
Strawberry fluff with sunflower seeds and dill pickles together
sunny D and kit-kat chunkys
Taco Bell and slushees
Tacos, cereal, and Texas Roadhouse rolls
This pregnancy I ate so many gyros 
Tomatoes .. in every way! Spaghetti, cherry tomatoes, tomato sandwiches (bread, mayo tomato, salt), etc.🍅
tomatoes and peanut butter
Tomatoes with vinegar and blueberry pancakes ( separately though loool )
Tuna sandwich with saracha sauce
Washing powder, snow/ice and cucumbers
Wendy’s sweet n sour sauce
Whoppers from BK
Windham Hunter Wood 😛
With my first I craved fruity alcohol drinks, didnt have them obviously. Second was ice, ate ice alllllll day everyday. With both, I ate a lot of Taco Bell but i just love it so not sure if it was a craving or just used pregnancy as an excuse to eat it all the time lol

What is your pregnancy craving?

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Random smiles

Random Smiles.

Gratitude thread.

I was scrolling through my Facebook when I stumbled upon this piece where a lady began a thread where people could tell her something random about a person they love that makes them smile every time they think about it. I thought I would do something similar and write down the random things about the people and places I love that makes me smile.

My husband always kisses me goodbye. He leaves the house at 5am and makes it a point to always kiss me goodbye. I am always fast asleep. On some days he lets me know that he stares at me for a bit before he leaves. He sends evidence of pictures of me asleep on his phone.

The smile on my sons face whenever he sees me. If I go and take a bath without him, when I come out he flashes me this divine smile like I have been gone for days.

The look on my strict mother in-laws face the first time she saw her grandson. That just melted my heart.

My husband likes to randomly hug and kiss me. We can be in the middle of a big argument and he will just draw me close and hold me tight. It melts all the anger away.

My best friend Clarissa has blue eyes.

Her eyes change color according to her mood. Darker when she is angry, sparkly when she is happy or eats ice cream etc. I love that about her.

My husband has this genuine cute laughter, you don’t hear it often.

My husband again, always comes home with this huge smile on his face no matter what day he has had, happy to see me and his son.

I love puppies and they always make me smile.

I am a nature person and I look out for the sunset and beautiful natural areas like trees, water, animals, flowers, natural sculptures. Those make me at ease.


Book store and the library are my most favourite places in the world. My husband knows this and I tend to zone out when I go to one. My husband tends to distract me if he sees a book store.

My husband likes to take pictures of me when I am not concentrating. I always find a bulk of pictures that I don’t remember him taking.

I have a video of the first time my husband met my son. Watching it always makes me smile.

My mother loves her grandson and is so proud of him.

She always takes him away immediately I arrive. When asked she has this proud look on her face and says “This is my grandson.”

My brother looks like a strict I-Don’t-care type of person but when it comes to babies, they love him. He gets big smiles from babies in the bus.

When I have a bad day and my husband is aware of it. We always speak lot during the day. He comes home with roses, chocolate and juice because those are my favourite things.

My son is amazed by the ceiling fan. It’s the first thing he looks at when he wakes up.

The pure look of content bliss on my sons face when he feeds. Its like the most wondrous thing he has ever had.

My son finds it funny when I sneeze. He looks up at me and laughs his head off.

What are the things that other people do that make you smile?

What places do you love?


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random things about the people and places I love that makes me smile.
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Things I want my son to know.

Things I want my son to Know.

To my dearest son,

A letter to my son, 8 months later. 

Dear Nathaniel,

I can’t believe it has been 8 months since you were born. So much has happened.

God have seen us through the first few months of being a newborn baby and mom. Those months were tough, I was getting to know you, you were getting to know me. I was healing through a c-section. I had to figure out myself as a mother. The house was a mess.

I was riding on very little sleep. I didn’t ‘follow the sleep when he sleeps’ phase. And dad was also getting used to having a little one around. I had to carry you 24 7 because you refused to be put down. You were born with straight hair and would curl up when wet. 

I learnt to be lenient on myself during those months. 

We went through the 3 to 6 month phase, you at least began to ease up on me.

You became more dependent. You learnt to sit up and play. You became more aware of your surrounding. It is during this time that I started my blog. I learnt what each of your cries meant. Especially you laugh cry meaning its feeding time.

The 6 to 8 month phase is a better joy.

You smile and react to my voice and presence. You are talking baby talk. You stand, walk supported and still breastfeeding while eating solids. You say hi, say and wave bye-bye and daddy. You met your grandma in Durban for the first time. You sing and dance. You are crawling, your knees don’t touch the floor though. You laugh and are ticklish. You are smart and intelligent. Your first tooth is cutting through.

Nathaniel, you have taught me so many things about myself and I have greatly matured.

I have learnt to be persistent.

I watch you stand and crawl and fall down so many times but you never give up. You get up and try again. Even when you are having a bad day you still smile. You hair is now permanently curly at the bottom. I love it. You love to watch barney and listen to Listener Kids and Baby Shark on YouTube.

You like to play with balls, colorful toys, musical instruments, noisy toys, crunchy plastic-like noisy toys, chewable toys, cables. You love soft cars, and to play with my phone and laptop.

You don’t like strangers. Mom must be within your eye range. You know your name, and respond when you are called. You love to eat fruits. Everyday you do something new. Now you make funny sounds with your throat. You love taking a bath but not dressing up. You want to eat whats on mom and dads plate, but you should take it on your own.

These are the things I want you to know:

God loves you. He has been providing for you before you were born.

I love you.

Dad loves you.

Your Nana and Papa, aunts and uncles, Gran in Durban love you too.

If you need to talk, mama is here for you, I will always be open and listen to you. Dad is there too. We have an open relationship, don’t feel the need to hide things from us.

Be careful who you trust. Not every Jim and Nancy is your friend. Dad and I learnt this the hard way. Keep your very close circle small.

Save money, as little as possible, it always comes in handy.


You are handsome. Fearfully and wonderfully made.

Don’t listen to the limitations from other people, they will try to bring you down.

You are more than what people say you are. You are much more than what you think you are and you can do more. The sky is the limit. Your future is bright. Today isn’t the end.

Start your own business while you have your 8 to 5. Dont rely on one salary.

No matter what happens I will always be there for you. Come rain, come the sun.

When making a decision think of tomorrows consequences, think of the future and how that decision will affect your future.

Ask for advice but filter out the limitaions

No one likes a liar.

Be wise. Don’t be fooled by anyone.

Life’s a journey full of ups and down. Nothing stays permanent. During your ups, enjoy and save. During your downs, keep striving.

Don’t undermine anyone. Don’t judge a book by its cover.

Give when someone is in dire need, it always comes back to you.

It’s more blessed to give.

Reminds me of the song by Miley Cyrus Its a climb!

Miley Cyrus It's a climb.

I can almost see it
That dream I’m dreaming but
There’s a voice inside my head saying
You’ll never reach it,
Every step I’m taking,
Every move I make feels
Lost with no direction
My faith is shaking but I
Gotta keep trying
Gotta keep my head held high
There’s always gonna be another mountain
I’m always gonna wanna make it move
Always gonna be an uphill battle
Sometimes I’m gonna have to lose
Ain’t about how fast I get there
Ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side
It’s the climb
The struggles I’m facing
The chances I’m taking
Sometimes might knock me down but
No I’m not breaking
I may not know it
But these are the moments that
I’m going to remember most yeah
Just got to keep going
And I
I gotta be strong
Just keep pushing on, ’cause
There’s always gonna be another mountain
I’m always gonna wanna make it move
Always gonna be an uphill battle
Sometimes I’m gonna have to lose
Ain’t about how fast I get there
Ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side
It’s the climb (yeah)
There’s always gonna be another mountain
I’m always gonna wanna make it move
Always gonna be an uphill battle
Sometimes you gonna have to lose
Ain’t about how fast I get there
Ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side
It’s the climb (yeah yeah ea)
Keep on moving
Keep climbing
Keep the faith baby
It’s all about
It’s all about
The climb
Keep the faith
Keep your faith
Whoa oh
In conclusion These are the things I want my son to know. A letter from a mother to her son.
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Teaching yourself positive affirmations.

Teaching yourself positive affirmation.

Growing up I had teachers, friends, parents, family praising me whenever I did something right. Sometimes we let it go to our heads and we put our identity in these words. When we grow older there is no one to praise us and we begin to look for ways to please people. This includes joining the wrong clan. Here are ways on teaching yourself positive affirmations.

Believing in yourself is what matters. Pleasing people wears old and people disappoint you, move away, or move forward without you. If you found your identity in them this all falls apart. But you will have yourself to please. I lost my identity after my parents divorced. My identity was in them and I felt lost when they divorced. It took a long time to build and rediscover myself. I am still doing that. But at least I have an idea that identity is in myself and who I am.

Believe in yourself, no one else will if you don’t.

Life will throw all sorts of twists turns at you. If you don’t know who you are you will go with the flow and become someone you are not meant to be. This will throw in bad decisions and meet the wrong people on the way. It will cause a lot of heartache.

If you know who you are, you are less likely to take the wrong turns. We learn something about ourselves every day. Be flexible to rediscover you will learn lots of things about yourself that you didn’t expect. You grow, change and so does who you are. I used to be obsessed with the color pink. If you ask me now not so much. I prefer black and royal blue. Our experiences also change who we are.

They expose our strengths or weaknesses. The birth of my son helped and teaches me things about myself everyday. That I am stronger than I think I am. I also discovered cooking, I am currently running 4 Facebook pages. I built 3 websites. I wrote our portfolio. What will you do about the things you learnt from your experiences?

experience is the best teacher

Work on the workable weaknesses. Build on your strengths. Accept the unworkable weaknesses.

Ways to discover who you are.

  • by trying new things: go bowling, bungee jumping, park run or try knitting.
  • by accepting yourself, both your flaws and strengths.
  • by moving out of your babble and taking the risk. Some risks are worth taking.
  • by using your negative experiences to build other people and yourself.
  • by looking at the positive.
  • start a business.
  • joining support groups.
  • by speaking out
  • by letting go, forgiving and moving on.
  • by avoiding compromising situations
  • by giving
  • by building new memories
  • by seeking help from professionals, medically or physically.
  • by moving out of the place that broke you
  • by cutting ties with the people who broke you
  • not putting unnecessary pressure on your children

Speak positive statements about yourself daily. Believe in yourself.

In conclusion, finding yourself does not mean putting other people below you. Each person is unique and special in their own ways. Teach and practise everyday on self positive affirmations. Dear mom, invest in you to become better in all you do.

Cheers Happy Holidays


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Baby First Christmas Ultimate guide

Baby First Christmas


Gift buying guide for your

Baby First Christmas

  1. Something they need that will last for a while.
  2. Something they want.
  3. One thing to read.
  4. Another to wear.
  5. An educational toy.

Pinterest inspired unisex baby Christmas outfits

You can find these clothes on wish, Ebay or Amazon or your local clothing store. You might as well make your own if you are that DIY mom.

christmas red and white jammies my first christmas red and white reindeer tshirt body vest and pants reindeer red and white body vest christmas red and white body vest and hat reindeer red and white body vest and pants checked christmas red and white body vest and hat my first christmas red and white body vest and hat n pants christmas green, red and white body vest santas helper red, green and grey body vest and pants red overalls red bow body vest full christmas outfit checkered red pants, body vest and hat santa fit christmas tree red and white body vest croc christmas jammies hat, cookie doll, and pants polkadot pants and shirt little santa one piece red and white and booties christmas

Ideas of Stocking fillers

  • bath toys
  • my babys first Christmas ornament
  • sippy cups
  • spoons and forks
  • hair accessories
  • touch and feel books
  • hats
  • socks
  • stroller toys
  • teething rings
  • grooming kit
  • medical kit
  • pyjamas
  • rattles
  • balls
  • building blocks
  • bibs
  • pacifier
  • Oball
  • musical instruments
  • a playlist of educational songs that your baby is loving at the moment
  • puzzle playmat
  • a photo of baby in a Christmas outfit
Christmas movies 


Shrek the Halls

Jack Frost

Arthur Christmas

A Christmas Song

How the Grinch stole Christmas

Jingle all the way


A Muppet Family Christmas

Frosty the snowman

Mickey’s Magical Christmas

Home Alone 1,2 and 3

The Santa Clause 1, 2

Mickey’s Christmas Carol

Barbie: A Perfect Christmas

Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Twice Upon a Christmas

The Muppet Christmas Carol

Die Hard

The Polar Express

Holiday Inn

The Unholy Three

Winnie the Pooh and Christmas Too

The Swan Princess Christmas

Alvin and the Chipmunks

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Realistic New year resolutions for the SAHM.

Realistic New year resolutions for the SAHM


It’s almost 2019. Happy almost New Year!

We all go through this phase of wanting something new and putting up these ridiculous expectations that we should meet. Half way through the year we are disappointed that yet another year is going by but the same thing is happening and your new year resolutions are still incomplete. Here are simple, realistic and achievable new year resolutions.

New year resolutions

  1. Smile often.

  2. Get some help.
  3. Cook at least one meal per day.
  4. Open a savings account. Put in a R20 or R50 every month and save for a rainy day.
  5. Start a work from home business from your skills.
  6. Make time for yourself.
  7. Try a new hobby.
  8. Make time for your significant other.
  9. Blog more often.
  10. Eat healthy, drink plenty water.
  11. Live in the present, embrace and enjoy every moment.
  12. Cry it out when you have those rough days and you just cant handle it.
  13. Make mom friends with your parenting style.
  14. Budget. Budget. Budget.

  15. Learn something new.
  16. Be a bit more patient.
  17. Go on a me-holiday.
  18. Spoil yourself once in a while. DIY pampering really helps when I feel overwhelmed.
  19. Discover something new about yourself.
  20. Close your ears to unsolicited advice.
  21. Make a habit of self positive affirmations.
  22. Dont spend lots of time with that negative person who always puts you down.
  23. Cut yourself some slack.
  24. Save and buy for yourself the one thing you have always wanted.
  25. Show yourself, your children and your significant other a little more love.
  26. Revamp your house if you have the funding.
  27. Develop a DIY mentality and get things done.
  28. Learn to drive. I am ashamed to say that at 24 years old, this is definitely on my list.

  29. Try before you say you can’t. If you fail big ups to you for trying.
  30. Enjoy some relaxing music.


Lastly and most importantly, your new year resolution should be that its time for a fresh start. Let go of the failures and mistakes of last year. Move forward with a skip in your step and a smile on your face. You got this, mom. You are doing good.


Happy New Year


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Beginners guide to laundry day.

Beginners guide to laundry day.


Laundry day tips and tricks

Sort clothes by colour.

Keep your washing machine and dryer clean.

I usually hang by type of clothing, shirts together, pants together.

Put soaks, mittens and small items in a mesh bag. Hang them in the pairs.

Put socks together facing the same side. Hold the bottom of the soaks together and roll them into a ball.

Hang everything upside down.

Try using a paste-type pretreatment for stains.

Soak stained clothes in some detergent and lukewarm water before washing.

Wash or soak stained clothes as soon as possible.

Hang and pack as soon as the clothes are dry.

Separate clothes that don’t fit or need mending.

Keep all washing ingredients in one room or the laundry room.

Don’t forget to empty out the pockets. I always find loose change in my husbands bottoms.

Don’t forget to turn the tap off when you are done with your laundry.

stain removers

The best stain removers

Stains, stains, stains, welcome to motherhood. I have quickly learned that as a mother and wife, I will encounter all sorts of stubborn tough stains. Since I do the laundry, I have to make sure these stains come off. My husband works in construction so he comes home real nice and clean filthy sometimes. Baby food and baby poop are a major stain. Another culprit of strains are pets, pet pee etc. Or maybe you love an occasional glass of wine from time to time. A spill on the carpet from those babies are a hustle to clean.

Here is a list of the best stain removers for your benefit.



Hydrogen peroxide

enzyme-packed Era detergent

Biokleen Laundry Liquid, Free & Clear


Melaleuca Ecosense PreSpot Stain Remover

Fels Naptha Laundry Bar and Stain Remover

Sunlight bar soap

Charlies soap

tide stain remover

Puracy Natural Stain Remover

Chem-Dry Stain Removal

Lestoil Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Dawn dish washing liquid

Omo washing powder


Folex stain remover

Pink solutions

Bicarb (sodium bicarbonate also known as baking soda)

Lemon juice



Spray n wash

Washing soda (sodium carbonate decahydrate)

Where to buy these stain removers



Your local grocery store


For baby

Be careful not to use just any detergent for baby clothes. But it is ok to use the family laundry detergent as long as s/he doesn’t react when you hold her or him against your clothes.

Check out this detailed post on types of stains and how to treat them. cleaning removal tips

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Soothe your teething baby.

Soothe your teething baby

From what I have read, teething begins from the age of about 3 months and above till about 2 years in most babies. I assumed that the tooth will just pop up on its own. Like in the movies where the baby woke up one shiny day with a brand new sparkling white tooth. I was far from right.

Disclaimer I’m no doctor. But I’m sharing what I have experienced in my son. If you have concerns please contact your pediatrician. And every baby is different and has different growth structure.

We had finally got into some kinda routine that my baby was sleeping through the night. Waking up 2 to 3 times to feed and went back to bed. For a week his timetable suddenly changed. He was blowing bubbles with his mouth which I read from my mummy app that it’s a good thing. But none of them warned me about teething.

He was restless fighting sleep and pulling on his ears. He wanted to be carried all the time and was comfort feeding. My happy baby became a cranky baby.

One evening my husband came back from work. He had heard me complain and had seen Nathan’s change. He suggested that Nathaniel might be teething. Of course again being a First Time Mother (FTM) I had no idea. I quickly googled and read about teething.

Then the drooling started. And he was throwing up a little more than he should. Nathaniel had a white rash in his mouth too. As he discovered his hands, he tried to put both hands into his mouth. He ended up putting two fingers from each hand at the same time into his mouth. I could tell he was uncomfortable. Nathaniel was about 11 and a half weeks so he wasn’t 3 months old yet but the signs showed it. I was given a teething gel from my Dischem mommy bag and I tried it. It helped a little.

Still he had some discomfort. When he cried too much or was in too much pain I would give him some Panadol syrup. I didn’t want him living on Panadol syrup and I needed a better solution.

A friend of mine suggested calpol. Calpol specifically mentions teething as one of the things it helps with. I got some calpol. Another friend swore by Ashton and Parsons teething powder. My husband went to the chemist and bought some.

I could see a difference in Nathaniel when I tried these two medicines. Of course as a mother I want the best for my child and I read that some teething gels and powders were banned because of their ingredients. So I Googled Ashton and parsons ingredients. It contains chamomile which is safe for babies. You can read the nitty-gritty here:

I rub on half of a sachet on his tongue and gums with clean hands of course and an instant smile plays on his mouth.

Other methods to use for baby’s teething discomfort are:

He loves to chew on his hands or my hands which we substitute for teething toys and dummies.

Freezing a specific face cloth and giving it to baby according to the weather, helps to numb the area which is uncomfortable.

Breast milk or fruit juice popsicle are also one method to use to help ease baby’s discomfort. But this is also dependant on the weather.

Are there any recommendations you have?

Leave a comment below.

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Reasons to be thankful this Thanksgiving.

Reasons to be thankful

this Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving

There are so many reasons to be thankful this Thanksgiving. Here below is a list to be thankful.

Firstly, being thankful opens the door to many opportunities. You see life in its better sense and being thankful makes you happier because you see the good in every situation.

  • ability
  • activities
  • air
  • air conditioning
  • all body parts that function
  • animals
  • anniversaries
  • apps
  • art
  • auto correct
  • automobile
  • baby
  • baby showers
  • baby wearing
  • bag
  • baked food
  • barney
  • beauty
  • bed

  • bedside cabinet
  • beginnings
  • being a sahm
  • beverage
  • birthdays
  • blogging
  • books
  • books
  • brain
  • buildings
  • business
  • care
  • cartoons
  • change
  • charger
  • charity
  • children
  • choice
  • chocolate
  • christmas
  • cleaning equipment
  • clothes
  • coffee
  • colors
  • comb
  • comedy
  • comfort
  • complex body functioning
  • construction
  • counselling
  • creativity
  • cups and plates
  • data
  • date nights
  • decorations
  • design
  • desire
  • desserts
  • distress
  • discounts and sales
  • dish washer
  • diversity
  • DIY
  • doctors
  • education
  • electricity
  • entertainment
  • environment
  • everything you can do
  • everything you can’t do
  • expression
  • eyes
  • Facebook groups
  • fairness
  • faith
  • falls
  • family
  • feet
  • firsts
  • fixers
  • food
  • forgiveness
  • free delivery
  • freebies
  • freedom
  • friends
  • friends turned family
  • fruits
  • fun
  • functions
  • future
  • gadgets
  • gifts
  • good food
  • goodness
  • google
  • government
  • grandchildren
  • grocery stores
  • growth
  • gym
  • half day and leave
  • hands
  • another thing to be thankful for is headphones

  • healing
  • health
  • healthy food
  • hearing
  • hearing aids
  • heart
  • helping hands
  • holidays
  • holy scriptures
  • hope
  • hot sauce
  • house
  • hugs
  • ice cream
  • identity
  • imagination
  • incubators
  • inheritance
  • inspiration
  • journeys
  • joy
  • junk food
  • justice
  • key holder
  • keyfinder
  • kindness
  • kitchen teas
  • knowledge
  • lasts
  • laughter
  • law
  • lessons
  • letters
  • libraries
  • life
  • life experiences


  • lighters
  • loans
  • love
  • consider love letters
  • lungs
  • markets
  • massage
  • medical aid
  • medicine
  • memes
  • milestones
  • mirror
  • money
  • morning
  • mouse and keyboard
  • movies
  • moving on
  • multitasking
  • music
  • musical instruments
  • mute button
  • your thoughts
  • natural remedies
  • nature
  • needs
  • Netflix
  • noise
  • notebook
  • obedience
  • oils
  • one trusted friend
  • online shopping
  • opinion
  • organization
  • pain
  • parks
  • pen
  • people
  • people who believed in us
  • pets
  • phone
  • photography
  • pillows
  • pinterest
  • plants and flowers
  • play
  • pregnancy
  • protective gear
  • quotes
  • race
  • real people
  • recipes
  • religion
  • remote control
  • roll on
  • safety
  • salt
  • sanity
  • savings
  • school
  • seasons
  • second chances
  • service givers
  • shampoo and conditioner
  • sharing
  • shoes
  • significant other
  • silence
  • skin products
  • sleep
  • slush puppy
  • smell
  • smile
  • snacks
  • snow
  • soap
  • social media
  • socks to keep your feet warm
  • software
  • soothers
  • source of income
  • spa
  • speciality
  • sports
  • stores
  • stove
  • strength
  • stretching
  • subscribe button
  • subscribers
  • sun
  • systems
  • talent
  • taste
  • tears
  • technology
  • thanksgiving
  • that one trusted element that has been with you through thick and thin
  • the present
  • therapy
  • tidiness
  • today
  • toothbrush and toothpaste
  • touch
  • toys and games
  • transport
  • trees
  • trust
  • truth
  • unfollow button

  • uniqueness
  • veggies
  • voice
  • wants
  • washing machine
  • water
  • weather
  • weather specific gadgets
  • websites
  • wi-fi / internet
  • willingness
  • wisdom
  • WordPress
  • WordPress plugins
  • words
  • working
  • year
  • your hobby
  • your past
  • lastly YouTube

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In conclusion I hope I have giving you some inspiration to be grateful. Let me know in the comments below of your adventures.

Cheers MrsChettyLife.

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Baby growth spurt

Baby growth spurt

The first time my currently 6 month old baby went through a growth spurt was heartbreaking.

I did not know what it was for one and I had tried everything I could that normally settles him down. On this day nothing worked. I checked his diaper and changed it even though it was not messy. His temperature was fine. Nothing was itchy or holding on to him, no stray hairs either. He refused to eat. I burped him, carried him and rocked him, I patted his back and put him in the bath. We went out for a walk. He would soothe for a few minutes and then he is back to screaming. Fighting sleep with all his might.

That evening it happened again. We sat on the birth ball for a while. He clung to me. The toilets flushing sound helped him a little, so I put on a water soothing app. Needless to say he had a fitful sleep that night. Feeling useless, I broke down and cried.

I posted on my mommy groups on Facebook wondering whats going on. They recommended the Wonder Weeks app. I quickly downloaded the app and soaked all the information. We are currently going through one, but at least I have an idea of what it is.

What is a Growth Spurt? According

to the Wonder Weeks app: It is a

learning phase in a baby, each leap

or change causes a drastic change

in your baby’s mental development

which affects her/his mood, her/his

health, intelligence and sleeping

patterns. Three C’s (Crying,

Clinging and Crankiness).

Even though it’s a good sign and it shows your baby is growing, it does not make it any easier on mother, baby and everyone else involved. Here are some pointers on how to know if your baby is going through a growth spurt.

  1. Your baby is constantly hungry. Baby will feed much more than usual, for me since he is breastfeeding, I was literally sore from his constant sucking.
  2. Your baby’s sleep schedule is interrupted. It varies between him / her sleeping too much for long or having fitful sleep.
  3. Your baby will fuss more than normal: Nothing you do soothes him / her, even your normal go to will not help as much.
  4. Your baby looks bigger than normal. For me it was like his head had grown bigger and he had grown taller overnight.
  5. Your baby has noticeably learnt something new. In this growth spurt my baby is reaching out and holding something without missing it. He could not do this, when he tried to reach out, it took a few tries till he finally held whatever he was reaching for.
  6. Your baby is clingy. S/He cries when you put baby down. And wants to be constantly held.

What to do when baby goes through a growth spurt:

I am no doctor but this is what works for me. Each baby is different. If you have concerns ask your health practitioner.

Patience will see you through. Just hang in there for a little while as this wont last forever. It lasts for a couple of days.

Be there for your baby, that means extra arms for holding him / her a little longer. Giving your baby what s/he needs.

Change of scenery also helps ease those tears. but do not over stimulate your baby.

Baby wearing helps as well. Well at least for my baby. 🙂

My baby loves music and this distracts him for a while.

Take care of yourself too. Eat healthy. Drink water. Rest when baby rests. If you are breastfeeding, slap on a little Lanolin nipple cream.Well done, you are doing a good job!

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