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ABC’s of KidloLand app

ABC’s of KidloLand app. ABC’s of KidloLand app contains an A to Z review of what you need to know and can find in the KidloLand app. This post is in conjunction with KidloLand.

KidloLand app has Nursery Rhymes, Learning Songs, activities, educational games, phonics, coloring, songs, music, puzzles, illustrations, skills, worksheets and creativity ideal for ages 1 to 8.

KidloLand Nursery Rhymes

are interactive which means that surprises come alive simply by tapping on screen. KidloLand app won Mom’s Choice Gold Award, Tillywig Brain Child Award amongst other awards.

A is for the ABC’s category, Ages 1 to 8 and Animal Kingdom.

B is for Bedtime, baby songs, Birds and blog (

C is for Colors, Christmas and Chomping Monsters.

D is for Dinos, Downloads and Days of the week.

E is for Early Learning and educational app. ABC’s of KidloLand app.

F is for Flowers, Fruits and Flashcards.

G is grouped by ages.

H is for help (in app help).

I is for Insects.

J is for Jelly Surprise vehicles.

K is for KidloLand app and Kids.

L is for logging in, Life Skills and Languages (The app comes in English, Spanish and Portuguese).

M is for Musical Games, Magic Words, Months of the Year, My Downloads, monthly subscriptions and My First Rhymes.

N is for Nursery Rhymes, no ads and Numbers and Counting.

O is for Occupations and Places, Old Macdonald songs and Offline.

P is for Playlist, Parental Control and Popping Time plus Potty Time in the Life Skills category.

Q is for quality, quality songs and pictures.

R is for responsive app and Row your boat.

S is for Sports, Surprises, Settings, Stories and Shapes.

T is for timed Playlists.

U is for Underwater.

V is for Vehicles, volume control in settings and Vegetables. ABC’s of KidloLand app.

W is for Weather and Seasons and Wheels of the Bus.

W is also for WINNERS:

Congratulations to our 3 lucky winners of the 1 month subscription from KidloLand. Drum roll ?? please: (you will be contacted by a representative from KidloLand) :





X is for Xtra (extra) fun app.

Y is for Yak in the Animal Songs category.

Z is for Zola tries to sleep Bedtime Story.

Be sure to follow @mrschettylife or @MrsChettyLife across social media for more #momhacks. More from MrsChettyLife:

In conclusion: ABC’s of KidloLand app, if you need a complete educational program for kids aged 1 to 8, KidloLand app is the app for you. You may download on your Apple or Android device. They are on Instagram and across social media too @kidloland.

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My son I love educational things for my son. I have been looking for ways to begin teaching him even though he will not be home schooled. 

I feel I should set the path for him now so that things will be easier for him later on. We color together and I only let him watch educational cartoons.

He is curious and loves to play phone games with his daddy.

I stumbled upon They provide educational resources including guided lessons, printable worksheets from the learning library, and teaching tools for parents and teachers. is great and resourceful to that stay at home mom, the parents who choose to home school, parents who would love to be more involved in their child’s school life and teachers looking to enhance their school work.

has an entire themed and fun library for you to choose from filled with learning resources of comprehensive Math Skills and Reading & Writing Skills lists developed by expert educators.

Other things they provide are song videos, online games, guided lessons, activities, stories, lesson plans, exercises, science projects and more for different age groups.

Subjects include Fine arts, Foreign languages, Math, Reading and writing, Science and Social studies.

Some worksheet types to choose from are:
• Maze
• Word search
• Word search with images
• Crossword puzzle
• Word scramble
• Addition
• Subtraction
• Division
• Multiplication
• Spelling Test
• Matching words to images
• Word Tracer

The themes to choose from include their seasonal themes such as autumn leaves, Halloween, school days, cute crawlies, dinosaurs, outer space, and much more.

I was sent this wonderful Outer Space Themed Addition worksheet.

Learning is out of this world in this space themed addition worksheet! For more math activities, visit

You may also download the app from the Apple store and Google play for more educational resources.

They are on social media as @education_com on Pinterest and Twitter.

I sure hope you enjoy as much as I and my son did. More from MrsChettyLife:

Cheers, happy mothering, MrsChettyLife.

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How to calm a fussy baby

When a baby is crying and fussy. It’s their language and way of reaching out to you that something is amiss. Until you attend to that need they will not be ok. Many times my son has had a restless sleep simply because he is hungry. Another time he was fussy for like an hour simply because his shoes were too tight. How to calm a fussy baby.

How to calm a fussy baby

Why is baby fussy?

  • hunger or thirsty (I bet you are not the happiest person when hungry too)
  • fatigue (tired muscles)
  • growth sprout
  • overwhelmed
  • Needs attention
  • uncomfortable (clothes too tight, something is poking them, cold, too hot, itchy, diaper full)
  • scared
  • because they are human
  • needs a break or breather
  • doesn’t like a person
  • teething
  • Sick or unwell
  • Missing someone
  • Change in routine
  • Bored
  • Unfamiliar environment

Read for these cues and meet them to avoid the tears:

  • Rubbing face. Holding ears may mean baby is tired or teething.
  • Clenching hands may mean baby is hungry.
  • Smacking lips. And shaking head (rooting). When your baby shakes their head towards your boobs, along with smacking lips or feeding sounds and facial expressions may also mean baby is hungry.
  • Turning head away or losing eye contact may mean baby is overwhelmed.
  • Arched back may mean baby is uncomfortable.

Fussy baby

How to stay calm as a mom: (especially during tantrums)

-Count 1-20
-Look at the need and beyond the tears, tantrum.
-Understand a baby is human and is entitled to have bad moments and bad days, this does not mean that the child is bad.
-be patient.
-go to the bathroom.
-if your child is throwing a tantrum walk away to a safe distance and watch, they will probably get up and follow you. A distraction works well and change of hands to your partner or another person helps.
-Get a few minutes to yourself to calm down
-Hydrate, it’s important to stay hydrated.
-Self-care: self-care helps you to stay calm. It keeps you in a better mood to handle your days situations.

What to do as a parent.

How to calm a fussy baby.

Firstly find the trigger by trying different solutions. Since a baby won’t be able to tell you what’s wrong try these ways.

-distracting them. Sing a song, give them a bootle or milk, do an exaggerated dance, find a toy they love, play music. Be louder, attention catching and creative.
-let your partner take the reigns while you cool off.
-get on your knees, give hugs and speak in a calm way.
-remove the child from the situation. Change scenery.
-find a quite spot to relax both of you
-baby wearing.
-you may use essential oils to calm you. Such as bergamot essential oil, chamomile essential oil and lavender essential oil. Add these to your wrists using a roller bottle. Sniff straight out of the bottle or diffuse using your nebulizer.
I am an introvert and I get overwhelmed with too many people. My son is extroverted but there are times he gets overwhelmed. I then find a quiet familiar spot to calm him down. I do that for me as well.

-remove and dust clothes before putting them back. Put diaper nicely.

How to help baby calm down:

-take a walk
-baby wearing
-feed them
-change diaper
-undress if too hot, cover up if cold
-hug them
-distract them
-keep your cool ?
-speak in your happy voice
-let them cry it out (ever had such a bad day and just needed a good cry, sometimes that helps feel better but hold them while they cry, cry with them too)
-help them rest (? sleep)
-play their Favourite game
-give them your gown for a Familiar smell or hold them close to you.

How to calm a fussy baby

How to calm a fussy baby by baby massage:

Baby massage is a sure way to calm a fussy baby. Just like our bodies get tired a babies body gets weiry too and needs a massage.

What you will need.

  • ¼ cup Sunflower oil
  • 3 drops Lavender essential oil for calming
  • 3 drops Chamomile essential oil for relaxation
  • 2 drops Tea tree essential oil for its antibacterial purposes.
  • Double boiler (place a jar in hot boiling water, add essential oils into the jar to warm them while avoiding direct heat).
  • Towel
Set up the scene:
  • Close the windows.
  • Lay a towel on the bed or wherever you will give the massage.
  • Warm up the sunflower oil in a double boiler. Till it is lukewarm to warm.
  • Remove from the stove and let it cool a little.
  • Add Lavender, Tea tree, Chamomile to the sunflower oil.
  • Check the temperature of the oils using your inner wrist.
  • Play soothing music.
  • Wash your hands.
To massage:
  • Remove all clothes on the baby.
  • Rub the oils into your babies hair, gently massaging into scalp and slightly onto the top of the temples of the forehead.
  • Lay your baby on the towel. Or hold your baby if too young.
  • Remember to rub the oils in your hands first before applying onto baby.
  • Rub the oil onto the soles of your babies feet pressing with your palm.
  • Run your way up to the shoulders with slight pressure, adding a little more oil.
  • When you reach the baby’s chest and belly, spread your hands out towards the sides of the baby.
  • Put pressure in your fingertips as you spread as if you are flattening the pages of a book.
  • Use your thumbs to make small circles.
  • Spend a little more time on the back.

Therefore, After you are satisfied with the massage run the bath. Using your elbow to check the temperature. Don’t forget to use baby soap and shampoo. Rinse thoroughly.

Baby massage

Caution ⚠:

  • Keep the oils out of babies reach.
  • Avoid putting oils on the ears, eyes, mouth and private areas.
  • Remember to do a patch test first if you have never used the oils on baby.
  • Rub the oils into your hands first to make them the right temperature for baby.
  • Ensure that the room is warm and cosy during the massage.
  • If you don’t want to use essential oils, baby oil or pure sunflower oil works as well for a plain massage without essential oil properties.
  • Always exercise caution when using essential oils. A little goes a long way.

A few notes:

A baby cannot speak well at least not in a language we understand. So their best way to communicate with you is through tears. As they grow older tantrums too.

They give out cues other times they do not know how to express themselves or what’s bothering them. To parents this is translated as being fussy. Sometimes we miss these cues and only see the result (tears).

Your baby and you are people who speak different languages and we need to find a common ground where we can communicate. Mom and child both learn each other till they both understand what works.

If a child notices you only respond to tantrums, that will be their first way of communicating. Try and solve the problem before it reaches that stage.

Overall we all need love, care and attention. If your child senses you are not giving them the attention they need in the moment, they find a way to get your attention.

We as moms need to also cut ourselves some slack. We are learning too. And through trail, error and mommy instinct we will get there.
Trust that mommy instinct.

A baby is not doing things to spite you. You are their whole world and their comfort spot. They are comfortable with you and they know and trust that you will meet their needs. You are their whole world and comfort spot.


And patience: be patient with your child while keeping your cool and being patient with yourself. Knowing that this will last only a while. Your child will eventually learn to speak and grow up.

That child is yours so they will pick up on your habits. When you are stressed or uncomfortable what do you do? They may sometimes reflect you and it’s quite difficult to control what you see in them when you struggle to control it in yourself. You may use similar steps for tantrums. How to calm a fussy baby.

Disclaimer: I am no doctor, simply a mother sharing her findings. These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration (FDA). These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Read here for more:

Baby growth sprout/

Simple ways to show love to your baby/

Wise words from motherly:

‘Yet it is so important. That moment when your baby was placed in your arms, you became an expert: an expert on how to parent your particular child. Whether or not you were academically trained—your body, mind, and soul became intimately, mysteriously, beautifully connected to your baby.

Maternal intuition gave you an ability to know things, and while it’s not objective or qualitative or will be written about in a peer-review journal, her voice is incredibly valid. Because you are biologically and spiritually programmed to care for your child in a way no one else can.’

you are not failing

In conclusion:

How to calm a fussy baby. When calming a fussy baby make sure that their diaper is clean, they have been fed, their clothes are comfortable, they are a good temperature and that they are not ill. Be sure to stay calm as a child feeds off your positive vibes. As a result your baby will be less fussy and much happier.

If your baby is not getting better. Please visit your doctor. Download your how to baby massage:


Thank you for reading, MrsChettyLife.

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Mom Hacks Series

Mom Hacks Series.

I began a trend on Instagram called Mom Hacks Series. I post about surviving motherhood.
Let’s learn together on easy, tried and true tips, hacks, tricks and everything you will need for survival in this battlefield called Motherhood.

Mom tips

With a side dash on green living with essential oils, marriage, motivation, all things baby and toddler.

Come join me over on Instagram

using the hashtags:

You may add your own #momhacks or comment, like and share on mine. Remember motherhood shouldn’t be lonely.
Join us as a tribe: Mom Hacks Series.

Whether it’s googling for ideas or Pinterest, Instagram or asking fellow moms. A shoulder to cry on and share those quirky mom events. Let’s connect.

Here are some #momhacks that will interest you. (A sneak peak on #momhacksseries)

Mom hacks

Tips on how to get your wriggly toddler to sit still during diaper changes:

A detailed how to clean your carpets:

An easy way to hand wash your beddings without taking them to dry cleaners:

Best ways to clean your microwave:

This wonderful smelling and effective multipurpose and multi-surface green cleaner:

What you need in your life saving diaper caddy:

And how to keep your baby wet wipes wet:

I’d love to add in a personal note to the mommy who let us go first into the changing room at Monte casino because she noticed we were in desperate need. ? We had a major blow out and she was ahead of us. Thank you and I salute you.

A few Instamoms who I follow for inspiration, support, ideas and insta-friendship:

Mom hacks series

#allthingsbaby | #stayathomemom | #greenliving |#essentialoils | #Marriage | #allthingsmomlife

In conclusion: Thank you for reading and I hope to see you for these Mom Hacks Series over on Instagram:

More from MrsChettyLife:

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Live in the moment

live in the moment as a mother when:

Chores are piling up!

Tasks are waiting on your to-do list!

Errands are haunting your door!

Children are beckoning your call!

live in the moment2

Let’s face it. Being a mother is tough. There are too many hats to wear: Nurse, teacher, punisher, chauffeur, chef, cleaner, mediator, lost things finder, motivational speaker, cheer leader, strong one, mind reader, referee, playmate, wife, friend, mood booster, lawyer, sports coach, super hero, fastest runner, sleepwalker, party planner, adventure planner and executioner, wise guru, patient one, boredom killer, ATM, bath giver, counsellor, automatic reflex(or), machine moving never get tired mom.


But yet, when it’s time to relax

and enjoy the moment our minds won’t let us. SIGH!

It’s a never-ending cycle. I amaze myself at how I am still functioning and going forward. It is hard at the end of it all to be present. When was the last time you just lived and breathed in the moment? When nothing but the moment mattered.

No plans for the future, no regrets of the past, no worries of today just celebrate the now. What am I talking about? What moment? Yes, it seems far-fetched, I don’t remember a time when that occurred. It has probably been years, like years. We forget and tend to live in overdrive but like a car we will eventually burn out and overheat faster when we live this way. We tend to become angry, shout a lot and irritable mommy and wife. A happy mommy and wife is a happy home.

I am not talking about self-care, I already spoke about that here: and here: I am speaking of living. Real living, celebrating every moment in your life as it comes, living in the now, enjoying the present, relishing in the hugs, kisses, smiles, laughter, joy and the deep emotions that come with them. Not remembering them and missing them.

Why is it important to live in the moment?

Its simply because every second in everyday counts. We can’t turn back the clock and do it again. The moments fly by never to come back again. Yes, soak in all the good and all the bad, because its better living than not, better good and constructive arguing than burning inside in silence, (silence shows and reflects giving up and not caring). Life is an operation room, every second and every stitch counts. It’s a life or death situation.

Once done, it cannot be undone. Once spoken, words cannot be unspoken. Words ring in our heads over and over. Once 2nd August 2019 is gone there will never be another 2nd August 2019. Even though something similar may happen, it will not be exactly the same. Like identical twins, they may look strikingly similar but are not the same person even though somethings they do may be similar.

How do we live in the moment as a mother?

Switch off social media and electronics for a few minutes especially when something wonderful is happening. The brain never forgets.

Plan your day making sure to add a few minutes to do nothing.

Make deliberate effort to listen, to play, to relax, to switch off and enjoy the present.

Relax, take a deep breath, close your eyes and feel the wonderful feelings around you. Sometimes feeling is better and gives deeper meaning than anything else. We may forget the smell or the sound or what it looked like but its harder to forget how we felt in such a profound moment.

As your child needs your attention, give them attention whole heartedly. Your child will be young once.  

Practice self-care to reduce your impatience and irritability.

Overwhelm life when life gets overwhelming.

Look at the positive and practice positive affirmations.

Have faith, hope for the best.

Celebrate your wins, small, big, loud or silent, be your own cheerleader and celebrate how far you have come.

When the stress and worries of tomorrow try to suck you in, stop them. Distract yourself with music, or yoga, meditation, prayer, fitness whatever rocks your boat. Everyday has enough stress of its own.

I write things down in my journal, my mind becomes at ease and I can tackle the most important things first. It also helps me not to forget them.

Cut yourself some slack, set realistic goals and be patient with yourself. Most times we overbear ourselves and beat ourselves down when we can’t achieve them. Start small and work your way up. It takes commitment to change.

Begin your day with difficult tasks and work your way to easy tasks.
live in the moment1

Love and live.

Pray in the moment, a short prayer makes a huge difference.

Count to ten when your patience is running low, and your anger meter is running on high. Step away from the temptation for a few minutes so that you can recollect yourself.

Choose a different strategy when the strategy you have been trying is clearly not working.

Make deliberate effort to relax when its time to relax. Sleep when they sleep, they say, it means that make time for you to relax and that time is usually when the children sleep.

Don’t compare yourself to others. Embrace and be content with what you have. You have no idea what wolves are hiding beneath other peoples sheep clothing.

live in the moment

In Conclusion: remember that when you live in the moment benefits you because then you realize that your life messed up as it is, is actually ok and worth living. You will begin to see and appreciate everything you have and pass through. Appreciation of every moment comes easy and the persons in your life that make the moment. Treasure these moments and this life we live. And lastly do your very best all the time.

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Playmobil movie review

Playmobil movie review feedback from the Movie Premiere at Movies@Monte.

Fun Facts about the movie:

Playmobil movie review

The Director Lino DiSalvo was the Head of Animation for movie ‘Frozen’. He is a Disney veteran who spent 17 years at Walt Disney Animation Studios.

The voices of Anya Taylor-Joy, Gabriel Bateman, Daniel Radcliffe, Jim Gaffigan, Meghan Trainor and Adam Lambert are the films stars.

Anya Taylor-Joy as Marla
Gabriel Bateman as Charlie
Ryan S. Hill as 6-year-old Charlie
Jim Gaffigan as Del, the food truck driver.
Daniel Radcliffe as Rex Dasher, the secret agent and Marla’s love interest.
Meghan Trainor as the fairy-godmother
Adam Lambert as the Emperor Maximus
Kenan Thompson as the Bloodbones
Wendi McLendon-Covey
Lino DiSalvo as Robotitron
Spike Spencer

Music is by Heitor Pereira.

playmobil movie review4

The movie will be in cinemas on the 16th August, 2019.

There are a number of Playmobil amusement parks in certain countries that feature play areas and events. They are called FunParks and are Playmobil toys themed.

There is a CGI animated TV series inspired by Playmobil figures entitled Super 4.

Accoridng to Wikipedia: The signature Playmobil toy is a 7.5 cm (approximately 3 inches) tall (1:24 scale) human figure with a particular cherub-like smiling face, known as a “klicky”. A wide range of accessories, buildings and vehicles, as well as many sorts of animals, are also part of the Playmobil line.

Movie plot:


When her younger brother Charlie suddenly disappears into the magical, animated universe of PLAYMOBIL®, Marla embarks on the adventure of a lifetime to bring him home. Setting off on an incredible journey through new and exciting themed worlds, Marla teams up with various strange and heroic companions, including: Del, a crazed food truck driver; Rex Dasher, a suave and fearless secret agent; a loyal and endearing robot; a hilarious fairy-godmother, and many others!

My son and I’s experience of the premiere:

my son and i
My son and I

We were invited by SHANÈY and team at MomSays. We went to Movies@Monte and were greeted by friendly staff who gave us Playmobil hand tags and Playmobil toys. They had a curated list of invitees. We then walked into a room full of children and parents. A blue carpet lead to a photo booth where we took lovely pictures with an immediate Playmobil photo print.

We walked to a snack table, filled with delicious goodies. At 11:30am, we queued into the massive cinema. We were offered popcorn and cold drinks on the way.

At 12, the movie began with only 2 adverts, we watched the movie. There was singing and dancing. The movie is intriguing and fun.

Our take from the movie:

Celebrating the bond between sisterly and brotherly love. How responsibilities come in play and looking out for one another.

We also learnt that one should believe in themselves. Dream and never stop dreaming. Always have time for fun, imagination and play.

We are all heroes and can be heroes in our day to day lives by helping other people.

We also learnt the importance of working together. Every person is strong in their own might but stronger when we work together.

This was the first time my son was at the cinema for the movies and he fared pretty well. Much better than I expected. He loves TV and the gigantic screen intrigued him. He is 15 months now and followed through the movie. My son enjoyed the singing and dancing most.

I enjoyed mother and son time out of the house and we are extremely grateful to have been part of the experience.

blue carpet

You can watch the official trailer here:

Kind regards MrsChettyLife. Read more here: MomSays/

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Show love to your baby.

A baby experiences love differently because a baby does not really understand words from the beginning. Have you ever seen an uncontrollable baby who just melts in the arms of a parent? My son does this too many times. The question is how do we show love to our baby in a language they understand?

red heart

Show love to your baby by:

  1. Hugs and kisses: touch is a sole language for a baby. Touch sends signals to the brain that make them feel calm and feel good. That is a big way to show love to your baby. So hold them close to you. Trust me, the bigger they get the more independent they become and you will miss these profound memories and opportunities. My son now reprociates hugs and kisses. He will be in the middle of play and randomly come and give me a hug and kiss. My heart melts. The morning cuddles are also the best, special and sweet. Practice baby massage on them. It’s easy, relaxing and calming.
  2. Listening and attending to their cues and cries: Have you ever interacted with someone who doesn’t speak your language? But you notice this person is hurt by their cries. This person reaches out and give you a hug or picks what fell on the floor and hands it to you. Better yet gives a helping hand when your hands are overflowing. Doesn’t it feel good to know that even though you don’t speak the same language. Responding to your babies cries and cues tells them that you care enough to soothe them. This builds trust. They begin to trust you, when something is wrong, they trust you will make it ok. Sometimes my son just cries and I must automatically know what he wants. Even though he is 14 months and can now communicate without crying. Babies giggles are so sweet, real and cute.
  3. Play with them. Make them ? laugh. Laughter is the best medicine. I make a conscious decision to give my son a few minutes of undivided attention and play with them. Play peekaboo. Kick the ball. Drive his toy cars. He appreciates the attention and he smiles. Sing and dance with them. Take them outside and enjoy a walk and few minutes of fresh air. We like to lay down out in the yard on the grass.
  4. Take care of them by catering for their basic needs: a humans basic needs are food, water, sleep and shelter. As long as these basic needs are met then you will have a happy chappy. I was informed in my prenatal classes that if a baby cries check if they are hungry or if the nappy is wet or if they are not uncomfortable (something is poking them). Of course a baby doesn’t need water till after a 8 months to a year old. Water is provided in breast milk.

Show them by

  1. Speak kind words to them: a baby picks up on the tone of your voice. They know when you speak kindly and when you speak harshly to them. Set the standard. Your baby will one day immitate what you do. They will speak harshly to you because it is what you taught them. I saw this memo on Facebook, raise them kind. And remember one day they will have relationships too, whatever you tea h them now will affect them for many years to come. They are human beings too. I guess you wouldn’t like to be yelled at all the time. It matters to them too. Children are never too young to know who is nice and who is mean. That’s why they agree for some people to hold them and others not. A baby senses who you are by your ♥ heart. It will also be easier for them to learn to speak by you speaking to them.
  2. Pay attention to them: my son doesn’t like it when I am on the phone too long( he steals my phone and runs away or he sits and picks his fingers on my phone) , or when I cook or do dishes, he doesn’t like it when I read or when my husband and I cuddle. He knows that when I do all these unnecessary things my attention is not on him. And he sure loves my attention. This is why I make an intentional undivided play specifically for him. My son will not always be this young. And these moments will never come again. Plus paying attention to your baby helps to avoid some unnecessary injuries. Parents develop a reflex that helps keeps children safe. Or to put it in way man’s terms mommy instinct.
  3. Bath them. My son has always loved his baths. It is a direct way to calm and relax him. When he is fussy or has a sore tummy, a bath is the answer. He now looks forward to a bath because he knows it’s an opportunity to splash ? and play.
  4. Discernment: I mentioned earlier that mommy instinct plays along. Before I had my son, when we were pregnant, I would always worry how I will take care of this little person. But mommy instinct came after I gave birth to him. It is also discernment. Mom can fortel the future. Picture this, you tell your baby so many times not to do that you will hurt yourself. Few minutes later that happens. I call that discernment.any times you just know that something is not right with your baby and you rush them to the hospital, only to find out you were right. Even if you aren’t better be safe than sorry.

These are other ways as well:

  1. Pray for your baby: I always look up to prayer when I know its something I can’t handle and it’s out of my hands. Prayer gives good vibes and safety on your child for the future and for the present. There is power in prayer. And this is a good way to show love to your baby. If something is meaningful to you and you care about it, you pray for them.
  2. Read with them and show interest in what they do: one thing I would love my son to do and learn from me is to read and write. Because this is something I love to do and I love my son. So combine the two things I love. Even when I’m dead and gone I would love my son to remember me through reading and writing. It’s the purpose of this blog. One day he will read everything I am writing to him here. And that’s what I would love my legacy to be. And reading helps you dream big.
  3. Help them: another way to show love to your baby is helping them through difficult things. Through places, they can’t reach. Help by asking for help through prayer and at the doctors. Life always needs a helping hand. Grown-up people who have strained relationships with their parents complain about this one thing where we’re you when I needed you? So be there for your baby and help them.
  4. Speaking to them and making soothing sounds: you are the first person a child learns to speak from. I tell my son’s stories, we have a conversation. He listens to my voice. There’s a scripture in the Bible that says my sheep know my voice. Speak to them, make soothing noises. When your baby was in your womb one thing that stood out to them is your voice and your heartbeat. Your voice reassuringimg to them. They love your voice and the funny quirks and sounds it makes. Plus you are teaching them to speak and converse. And it makes life so much easier when they can speak.

Show love to your baby by learning how they communicate to you.

How does a baby communicate with you:

Crying is the basic way of them communicating with you. They can’t speak so they cry.

Baby talk as they grow older babies begin what is called baby talk. You will learn the fancy words they use for certain things the more time you spend with them. ?

Body language: reading a babies body language is one way they talk. When my son hurts himself he holds whatever thing he hurt and I know how to soothe him. And make sure he is OK. In my first aid class they said we should watch for warning signs when something is wrong: is your little one bleeding? vomiting? eyes rolling up? If there is rush to the emergency room. That all comes in body language. Some people say it’s also easy to teach a baby sign language, they use it before they can speak.

Lastly learn your baby’s love language. You will know the Perks of what your baby likes and answer to the love language when you do this. This is a way to show love to your baby. You may read from for more info.

Cheers, happy mothering.

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Earn extra income as a SAHM

IncomeTried and sure ways to earn an extra income as a SAHM. One of the big decision makers when considering being a SAHM is income (finance). It usually requires that you have to cut down on lots of things because you will be relying on one income. Another way could be for you to do these things online or with your kids. Use these tips to earn extra income as a SAHM.

How to save when living on one salary:

  • Pay off all debt before hand
  • Budgeting
  • Saving
  • Cutting down on luxuries
  • Cash back apps
  • Buy in bulk
  • Cheaper (shop brand) version
  • Make your own DIY
  • Giving
  • Buy Long lasting clothes
  • Buy from second hand shops (thrifting)
  • Reuse and Recycle
  • Get creative
  • Use less (avoid careless use and spending)
  • Gardening – plant your own garden for veggies and other things you can grow in your back yard.

What can you do to earn extra income as a SAHM:

Freelancing: copywriting, social media management, web developing, writing, editing and proofreading etc

Survey taking: If you have the patience for surveys, you may do this. You may do small tasks, fill in questionnaires, play games for a price or a voucher. I found this a little slow because they required you to do so many tasks for a small price. You could do product testing.

Cash back apps: I am currently using SnapnScan, it is a South African based app. You book groceries that you are going to buy, scan your grocery slip and you get cash back off the items you booked.

Run errands with Uber or taxify or lyft: you may sign up for Uber, taxify or lyft. You may sign up as a delivery driver or errand runner.

Domestic house keeping and house or pet sitting

Piece work: if you are good at gardening, you may offer to clean someone’s yard for a price, take care of the children (baby sitting).

Make your own goods to sell on Shopify: candle making, essential oils, digital products, printables, jewellery making, soap making, anything that you are good at making and sell them online.

Second hand selling: eBay, Gumtree, Facebook marketplace. You may sell used closed or good on these websites. I find more Facebook marketplace to be reliable. We have sold many things on Facebook marketplace.

Pawn: if you really love an item and don’t want to part with it, but is not being used at the moment you may pawn the item. This means the pawn shop gives you money for your item and keep it for a certain period. When you need your item back you pay the money back with interest. This is one way you can earn an extra income as a SAHM.

Online tutor: I found that most online tutor apps need you to have a degree in any field. This allowed you to qualify as a tutor. A few did not require that you have a degree.

Blogging: affiliate marketing, Freelancing, influencer, brand ambassador, selling courses on your blog, selling printables.

Air bnb: you may rent out your home as an air bnb. Don’t forget about the risks of having strangers in your home.

Virtual Assistant: these include random tasks from admin work to social media, depending on the company who hires you.

Offering at home Car wash services to friends, neighbors and family.

Mechanic: if you are good with cars and have an eye for them. You may fix small things or do minor services.

Dog walking: if you are good with dogs, dog walking maybe a good idea.

Online travel agent: you can travel with your kids.

Work at home Business: you may consider offering your own work at home business or working remotely for companies.

Offer other services to earn Extra income as a SAHM.

Apps for online work that allow you to earn an extra income as a SAHM:

  • Hubstaff Talent
  • Perlu
  • LinkedIn jobs
A few tips when dealing with online business:

Be patient with certain jobs. They maybe slower in payment but they are just your side gig. Some grow into a big business and you need to put in a little extra effort. Have a heart (passion) for what you are doing so that you will not be discouraged.

Passion is the one that fires up your engine, keeps you steady and going even when the light is not shining. Understand that all businesses have an up and down. Sometimes you get flowing clients other times not. That is the beauty of an extra income as a SAHM.

Try these above and see what works best for you. Always have an option C when your option B doesn’t work. Don’t give up. Keep your head high and keep striving. Join groups both online and offline and have a solid support team that will understand you, encourage and help you. It helps to have a good support team.

Be patient, be wise, be strong, be watchful. If something feels and looks too good to be true, it probably is. Look for other peoples reviews, the company contact details, years of operation and go to common sites to avoid scams. Do a good Google investigation for each company. Avoid going to secluded places.

If you must meet strangers please don’t go alone, always let someone (family member and close friends) know where you will be, turn on your location services for your close friends or family to know where you are, meet strangers in a busy and open areas like a police station or a shopping mall. The first place I mention is a police station, if the person runs away then you have been saved.

When you arrive at a meeting place check for exist strategies that you can easily duck and hide. If you feel unease about something, don’t do it. Trust your gut. Carry pepper spray if need be. Make a safe and secure check out process on your app.

Make sure to get a large deposit before you do any work for anyone. And please get the job done when you do. As much as you would hate being scammed, be trustworthy and reliable, don’t be a scammer.

Lastly but not the least, don’t forget to pray for your business / side hustle.

Final words: In conclusion: earn an extra income as a SAHM with these methods. Remember to be smart, stay safe and be wise. There are so many ways to earn extra income as a SAHM. You try alot of possibilities till you find what works best for you. Let me know in the comments what works for you as a SAHM.


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Self-care routines for moms.

Important routines for self-care as a mom. I received an overwhelming response from my post on self-care here: This inspired the following round up post on self-care routines for moms. Here are the very best tips for self-care routines for moms.

self-care routines for moms

I have learned a lot from these mom bloggers and put self-care as my priority. Since I incorporated these routines, I feel uplifted and not lazy and slump. One mom commented that self-care for mom’s is like putting a gas mask on a plane, you are advised to put the gas mask on yourself first before you put it on your baby, if mom is not breathing, no one will. Enjoy reading:

39 Self Care Ideas for My 39th Birthday. Do you have a hard time taking care of yourself? Is self care a totally foreign concept for you? I know that I struggle with figuring out the best self care ideas to implement that won’t cost too much money or time. To improve my year I decided to throw myself a bit of a self care party! I’ve come up with a bunch of ideas for self care and I’m excited to share them with you.

But I saw a post the other day on Facebook which turned the traditional tongue-in-cheek saying, “Mama needs a drink” on its head, and I wanted to address it. It leaned heavily on the extreme feminist side as it talked about how mamas really need a pay check, paid healthcare, childcare, etc., etc. It called for the general society to draw a line between wants and needs. My response is basically this: much of what they term as “wants” are generally seen as self-care, and self-care is needed.

8 Quick Self-Care Ideas You Can Do at Home. I have found so many amazing blogs and websites with self-care ideas, but they tend to be kind of crazy like a Spa Day. That requires a lot of planning in advance and sometimes I just need 3-5 minutes for me. Yes, I have hidden in the bathroom to take a couple of deep breaths before, haven’t we all?!

It goes back to our daily routines and schedules. Work, school, day-care, you name it. So what’s a girl to do? How does she take care of herself? Well, these are some of the self-care techniques that I have adopted since becoming a mom.

Hey mama! I see you trying to be all things to all people. Trying to do everything and beating yourself up when you fail. I see you neglecting yourself so you can put everybody else first. I see you telling everybody, “No, really, I’m fine.” I see you because I am you, I was you. But I have to tell you something. You can’t keep going like this. You are only human, and you can only do so much until your mind and body final say they’ve had enough. That nagging feeling, that exhaustion, that irritation, that short temper? That’s mom burnout.

Self-care routines for moms include:

Life is busy, and my list could go on and on of all the ways that I pour out into others. Most days I don’t even give much thought to how what I am doing for others impacts me because I enjoy what I do and it is fulfilling. That is until I find myself running on fumes. Immediately, I start to notice that my conversation and tone are short, and my patience is thin. All of this happens when I fail to take care of me in the process of taking of everyone else. I needed to make taking care of me a priority.

No matter what season of motherhood you’re currently in, we can all agree that mom life is hard work. Its 2am feedings, and then another one at 5am. It’s trying to keep your cool while your toddler has a complete meltdown in the middle of the produce aisle. Motherhood is coming home after a long day of work to cook and clean, when all you really want to do is curl up on the couch with a big glass of wine. It’s juggling doctor appointments, parent-teacher meetings, playdates, piano lessons, and soccer games. It’s resisting the urge to slap someone when they question what you do all day as a stay-at-home mom. We are so busy taking care of our families that we often forget to take care of ourselves. I know I do.

You hear it all the time: being a mom is the most rewarding job there is. You are blessed with the ability to bear children who grow into wonderful creations of us that we love forever. And while that’s all true, no one seems to mention the exhaustion, the overwhelming moments, and the lack of self-care mothers endure daily. Too many times I’ve looked up to the sky and let out a huge sigh of frustration just to get through the rest of the night. I’m almost certain that I’m not alone. Being a mother is demanding, confusing, and stressful at times. It’s time we start carving out moments for ourselves (without feeling selfish about it) to take care of our mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing.

moms practice self-care

3 Ways to Overcome Home School Burnout. Home school burnout is one of those subjects that no one wants to talk about. We avoid talking about it out of embarrassment or shame. After all, a home school mom chose to home educate her children, didn’t she? How could something that a mom carefully discerned, thoughtfully researched and carefully planned cause burnout? She is her own boss and she makes her own choices, doesn’t she? It is not like being a doctor or lawyer or even a school teacher, or is it?

Some people – often people who just have too many words and not enough things to use them on – will tell you that being a stay at home mom is easy. But those of us that are, or have been, stay at home moms know that is simply not the case. Sure, it’s a blessing that I don’t have to get myself and a baby ready for work or day-care every day. And I can do laundry during the day. And don’t get me wrong – at this stage in my life, I love being a stay at home mom. It’s definitely the right choice for our family. BUT BEING AT HOME WITH YOUR LITTLE ONES ALL DAY LONG IS NO JOKE.

More self-care routines for moms:

WHAT SELF CARE REALLY LOOKS LIKE (HINT: IT’S NOT A VACATION OR SPA!) Self-care is a popular buzzword in the mom community, and for good reason! Being a mom is tough and exhausting, and you need to fill your cup in order to be able to take care of your family. But self-care doesn’t have to be big and elaborate; read on to see what self-care really looks like in your day-to-day life!

“There’s too much time in the day,” said no one ever. There’s so much to do with little time to get it done. There’s kids to watch, houses to clean, when to figure out exercising, meal preparation, and work to be done! I know you want to accomplish x,y, and z but instead you end up going to bed wondering how you’ll get everything done with a jam-packed day filled to the brim. Here’s how to make sure you get things done- without the mom guilt!

This episode of the Style Your Mind podcast called, Little Luxuries got me thinking about ways I pamper myself. Some people think luxuries have to be super expensive, but there are some things you can do to pamper yourself that cost very little. For some people, luxuries may be days at the spa, vacations or buying top of the line items. Those things may be great, but not everyone can do that all the time. To me, luxuries are those things you do for yourself that make you feel your best. They are the things that lift you up. These things or rituals don’t even have to take up a lot of time.

Hey Guys, I hope you are well. This post is all about Self-Care. As women, we go through a lot. I mean – A LOT. Self-Care has become such an important topic and I want to share my point of view of the topic. As mothers, we make things look so easy, by almost ‘pretending’ to know exactly what we are doing when we really don’t have a clue. Think about it, we rush through in and out of the shower within 3 seconds, just in case, someone wants something. How mad is that? As well as loving others, it’s also important to love ourselves too.

simple self-care routines

Self-Care ideas don’t come easily and as first-time moms, we all need it. No matter how strong or active you may be, it’s just hard to keep up while you take care of your little one 24/7. Finding time for ourselves is vital to living a happy and fulfilling life. For example, I love going for a massage. But we also need a push for some motivation and find ways when to do it. Motherhood is tough and the struggle is real.

Not forgetting these self-care routines for moms:

Summer isn’t just for kids to relax and take a break from the stresses of life. Moms need to take a breather and enjoy some slow moments too. I know it can be hard when you’re managing a household and juggling little ones who need to be fed and entertained. That’s why I’m sharing this self-care summer bucket list for moms so you don’t pass the whole summer neglecting yourself and end up a stressed out mess.

So what’s a broke time-constrained gal to do? It’s easy, take 5 minutes EVERY DAY. I know what you’re thinking, “WHOA, EVERY DAY? Ain’t nobody got time for that”. I get it. I work, I blog, I have a household and a baby and dogs and husband andandand…” we all have our situations. But if we build relaxing into our daily schedule, we don’t have to worry as much about fitting in large-scale vacations, or over-indulging when opportunities to relax actually come up. Being relaxed actually makes us calmer, more focused for the necessities in our daily schedule and ready for the curve balls that life throws at us.  So here are 12 ways to build relaxation into your daily schedule.

I soaked in the shower for a good fifteen minutes. Listening to the sound of water hitting my back, and feeling a bit guilty. I felt a little relief to have time to myself but couldn’t help but feel a little ashamed. I stood there as the water continued to trickle, and tried to relax.

So, I’ve been thinking, what were some ways I coped with my busy, stressful week?  Also, what were some strategies that I SHOULD have been using to reduce my stress, but didn’t? Since it’s now the weekend, and I’ve been able to take a deep, calming breath, I decided to make a list of 5 sure-fire ways to help you control stress.

self love

Self-care is like the new it thing. Might as well be hot yoga. Or spinning. It’s trendy. Like a top knot or skinny jeans or kale. We are all so obsessed with making sure we are getting our self-care in that it is just one more thing we moms are adding to our never ending to do lists. Well I don’t know about you, but that seems like completely not the point. Here’s the crux of the problem we are failing to define what things are actually self-care and what things are simply treating ourselves.

Foot soaking should be an essential part of self-care! Caring for our neglected feet cares for the rest of the body as well. One way I’ve recently started taking better care of my feet, as well as my entire body, is through the practice of soaking them in Epsom salt and essential oils. Not only does this show my feet some pampering and love, but it is a relaxing, detoxifying evening ritual that decreases stress and grounds my energy.

When you become a mom your priorities change. Suddenly, you don’t go get your nails done like you used to, or your hair. You don’t take long baths anymore because you’re spending more of your time bathing kids. Whenever you get lost in the hustle and bustle of motherhood, we tend to lose ourselves and forget that we had a title before we were “Mom.” This is usually when depression kicks in. Some mom’s feel selfish and bad about wanting to do things for themselves so that’s why they never do. Or maybe it’s a financial thing. Or maybe it’s both. Here’s the thing, in order to take care of your kids, you need to take care of you too, Mom.

Self-Care? hah! More like: Wash dishes. Fold the Laundry. Taxi the kids around. Solve sibling rivalry. Pick up toys. Rush to work. Rush home. Change hats. Wipe noses. Start dinner. Bath the kids. Find clean jammies. Wrestle them onto the kids. Get teeth brushed. Hair brushed. Kids into bed. Bedtime story. Snuggles. One more kiss. One more hug. No you can’t have water. No you can’t have a snack. Your knee will feel better when you fall asleep. Goodnight… I said GOODNIGHT.

mom self-care

The days are long, and they tell me the years are short. Which of course I can already attest to. Even though mine are still so small, I still look back and think the time has flown by. But still. Life is busy, chaotic, and exhausting. Sound familiar? But alas… I must find a way. I need exercise in my life. I need a gallon of water every day, 5 servings of fruits and veggies, protein… yada yada.. I try. But exercise is one of those things that every time I do it, I’m always glad I did. I mean seriously. Not once have I ever regretted working out.

I always feel very busy. Honestly, I’m not that busy, but when you are looking after a 16 month old all day, or work a 13 hour shift when you’re not looking after your child, you just feel busy. I think what I really mean is…my alone time has been far removed from my life. We have all talked about not being able to pee alone, but that doesn’t even bother me. What I want is good, quality alone time. Quiet room, TV off, no music playing, and no interruptions. Alone time.

These self-care routines for moms are essential as well:

Today we are going to talk about how to engage in some mental self-care. This post will be a shorter one, but don’t let the length be an indicator of its importance! I see a lot of information about self-care strategies come across my desk as a psychologist turned health coach/fitness instructor. Many of them are physical – meaning they are generally focused on one of our five senses. Some examples include listening to music, taking a bath, lighting0020your favourite candle, painting your nails, etc. I think they are all absolutely incredible acts of self-love. However, what I want to talk about today is mental self-care.

Self-care tips: mind, body and soul. Hey ladies!  Self-care includes taking care of your mind, body and soul.  Last week I did something for my body by having my annual physical exam.  This is the first time that I’ve been to the doctor in YEARS!  Shame on me but I’m just glad that I finally made the appointment and went.  I will be 40 years old next year and I want to make sure that I’m taking the necessary steps to be healthy.  Part of being healthy is one’s ability to practice and sustain self-care.  So I would like to propose five self-care practices that are budget friendly and can be implemented today.

routine for mom self care

Have you ever been standing strong for so long that you slowly forgot how to breathe? Forgot who you were, what you liked, what you needed? Gave yourself up until you were lost? And then one day, you woke up gasping for air, wondering where you’d been for all these years? Do you now look over your shoulder because you don’t recognize the person staring back at you in the mirror? And then you stop looking altogether, because it’s too hard to take in, to digest and to face?

13 Self-Care Tips for Busy Moms. Being a mom is exhausting. But, being a mom is also a lot of fun and the best thing ever. As moms, we tend to overlook ourselves. We’re so busy making sure the little’s are taken care of, working and maintaining a home. I’ve put together a compilation of 13 self-care tips for busy moms. Self-care is so important and it took me a long time to realize it. Once I did, I became a better mother, a better wife and a better person to myself. I hope you find these tips helpful.

Don’t forget to implement these self-care routines for moms

How are you supposed practice self-care when you’re a breastfeeding mom? It might seem impossible at times. Whether you are breastfeeding, combo feeding, or exclusively pumping, it is a serious time commitment. It can be a very draining part of motherhood, no pun intended! Often mothers will let their meal get cold or not shower to be on top of feeds.

In this ever-evolving era, we need to customize ourselves accordingly to live a better life. And in the search of this perfection and flawlessness, we tend to tax and strain ourselves. Which definitely poses harmful effect on our physical and mental health. This unfavourable situation can be prevented with good self-care.

What is Self-Care? In short, self-care consists of taking time for yourself to recharge and take a break from the pressures of life. It may seem selfish to want to make ‘me time’ a priority but as my professor explained to us it will enable you to be a better person for yourself and to those around you.

The Self Care Checklist to be Healthy, Happy, & Impactful. I know myself. I will not slow down unless I have a plan. So, in an effort to put myself first, I created a self-care checklist to be healthy, happy, and impactful. This list is tailored to a mom of small children, but I believe that it can be tweaked for anyone at any stage of life.

Last year on Instagram a common theme was self-care and much of my Instagram feed–and I’m sure yours–was filled with picturesque bubble baths and face masks in every colour of the rainbow. While I am 100% on board with these simple acts of self-care—you don’t have to ask me twice to enjoy a glass of bubbly in a bath of bubbly—I wanted to shift my focus this year to focus on self-care on a deeper level. As mothers, especially in early motherhood, we tend to push all of our ailments and personal struggles to the side and instead focus all of our energy on our babies and our families.

Cut yourself some slack with these tips on self-compassion

moms practice self-care

Refill your tank: 3 ways cultivate self-compassion on hard days. You’re always messing things up.  You’ll never get things right.  You never seem to say the right thing.  You are ugly.  You don’t belong to be here. Most of us would never say these phrases to someone, but how often have these ugly words replayed in your mind or even come out your mouth about yourself? Sadly, I will admit I have been there.

Build Your Own Self-Care Kit for Unapologetic Me Time. If you haven’t already built a self-care kit for yourself, it’s time. Your self-care kit should be built around you and your needs, likes, and happiness. You can use your kit daily, a few times a week, but gosh darn it make sure you use it! You needn’t apologize for taking time to care for yourself. This is the time to let loose, be free, and clear your head. You deserve it.

How to Make Time for Self-Care for Busy Moms. Self-care is so important for moms to feel happy and refreshed. Here are tips on how to find time in your busy day for yourself so you can be a better mother.

And because having a self-care routine is so much important for us moms, let’s spend some “me time” on our skin. No matter what skin quality you have, there are ways how to improve your skin health naturally, at home, and without any harsh cosmetic procedures. Just a few small changes can have a huge impact on the quality of your skin.

At 36, with a 6 year-old, a three-year old, and classrooms full of teenagers, I have forgotten that every day is a new occasion to look my best.  Some days, I look at the beauty of the 20 year-olds and have to shake away twinges of envy.  As I literally mop up the spilled milk, I cannot help think to myself, “Am I even worth the fuss? Who exactly am I here to impress?” And I answer with a resounding, “YES! YES!  You are ABSOLUTELY worth the fuss!!  You are here to impress YOURSELF!  You need a self-care routine! Doll yourself up MAMA!!”

42 moms

IS YOUR TANK RUNNING ON E? News flash ladies (and gents if you’re reading), balance does not mean balancing “doing it all”. No one can do it all without eventually suffering burnout which could be what someone reading this is feeling right now. Having a balanced life means making time for the things you HAVE TO do as well as the things you LIKE TO do. With kids this can seem impossible but, with a little bit of groundwork, moms can get it done.

Self-reflection is a great way to look at the big picture not just what’s going on in the day-to-day. It can help you open your mind and bring attention to areas in your life that you don’t always focus on. Self-reflection gives you a chance to evaluate where you started to where you are now. It can also help you determine what is important to you and what may no longer be important in your life.

Listen to this momma as she reflects on the 3 Questions for a Happy Self-Care Balanced Life as self-care routines for moms.

Download your freebies:

In conclusion: Use these self-care routines for moms to replenish, rejuvenate and energize yourself as a mom so that you can feel brand new and whole again.

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Cheers MrsChettyLife.

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