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Diaper bag essentials for a 10 month old.

Diaper bag essentials for a 10 month old.

What you need for a 10-month-old when leaving the house.

I must warn you before going any further that I might overpack a little. I am one who believes better have it and not use it than not have it and need it. You need a diaper bag of course, along with the other necessities: diapers, wipes, bum cream, changing mat and bibs.

Other things you will need are:

Baby blanket:

The weather is unpredictable here in South Africa. I always carry a baby blanket just in case its needed.

Feeding equipment:

Your baby is probably baby led weaning or weaned at this age. You will need everything for this. I always remember to carry his bowl, baby spoons and bottle or sippy cup for meal time. When baby needs to eat, he must eat.

I also like these pouches for feeding. I know there is a lot of diversity on store bought food, but I am comfortable with my baby using them. I have done enough research. If need be and we are not at home, these pouches are so convenient and less messy.

Speaking of baby food, its good to carry some healthy snacks for your baby to chew on. Snacks like fruits and cookies are good and less messy.

baby food pouch

Extra clothes:

If its warm outside and my baby is dressed cooly, I usually carry an extra pair of warm clothes, just incase the weather changes. These include a vest, warm pants, some shorts and a jacket. I also always carry extra soaks.

Swaddle blankets and burp clothes:

The diversity of a swaddle blanket is huge. I use my swxaddle blanket for a lot of things. Do you need to put your child down on a dirty surface for a minute? Use a swaddle blanket. Is the weather windy outside? Use a swaddle blanket. Will you need a cover for your portable car seat? You guessed it.

The blow over is massive, where will you store all these messy clothes? Wrap a swaddle blanket around it. Are you antigerm and are not comfortable laying your baby straight on the changing table? Use the swaddle blanket. Maybe your baby is unwell and needs to throw up, you need something to catch that? TMI but use your swaddle blanket.

I feel bibs are tiny and only protect such a small area. I use swaddle blankets as the grown-up version of a bib. I also wrap around myself because spills don’t have a dimensional area. They mess everyone and everywhere. Re-useable nappies are the cheaper than swaddle blankets and work just as well.  


Teething powder and Calpol:

Or whatever you use for teething. Most likely at this age your baby is teething. Oh, the glories of teething! I also carry a teething toy for him. I carry teething powder and some Calpol just in case teething gets out of hand. I also carry a syringe or a spoon to give him this. I only give him Calpol if its way out of hand and if the teething powder doesn’t work on its own. I use Ashton and Parsons teething powder by the way.

Extra shoes with a grip on the bottom:

My son is already walking, and he wants to explore the world on his cute, tiny feet. I always carry extra shoes with a grip on the bottom just incase of anything like a blowout.


Comfort toys, teething toys and that specific toy your baby is loving now. My baby loves balls, cars and anything he can bite. He is beginning to learn to close and open bottles. I also carry something that he can easily close and open. That keeps him busy for some minutes. My son thinks a pacifier is a teething toy for some reason unknown to me.

Sunhat and sunscreen:

Your baby has delicate skin that needs to be protected. Please use baby specific sunscreen.

Any sort of identification:

I keep Nathaniel’s (my son) immunization card in his diaper bag so that I never forget it. It works as some sort of identification for my son.


Whether its patience while waiting for your babies’ little feet to catch up with you. Or whether its patience during a tantrum. Yes! babies through tantrums sometimes too. My son has figured out how to throw himself back or cry when he wants something, and we tell him no. You will need a lot of patience, so pack lots of that in your diaper bag.  

In conclusion: Diaper bag essentials for your 10 month old are: baby blanket, teething powder, extra shoes, feeding equipment, extra clothes, swaddle blankets, toys, sunhat, identification and patience.

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Fresh smelling house

How to keep your house smelling fresh

Carpets: carpets easily build up dirt and start to smell. Vacuum carpets 4 times a week, lightly brush them with soapy water if you don’t have time for a deep scrub. Open the windows and doors for air, clean spills immediately.

You can use vinegar and baking soda to get rid of smells.

  • Pour some vinegar, baking soda and warm water to a spray bottle.
  • Spray the solution onto the carpet, aerate the room for it to dry.
  • Vacuum the carpet when dry.
spray bottle

Diffuse oils: You can diffuse these in your diffuser for smell or can add a few drops to your cleaning water. These help the room smell great. A few drops at the foot of your bed also helps.

Essential Oils to use for disinfecting and cleaning are

  • Lemon oil
  • Lavender oil
  • Orange oil
  • Peppermint
  • Eucalyptus oil
  • Rosemary oil
  • Tea tree oil
  • Clove oil
  • Cinnamon oil
  • Thyme oil
  • Oregano oil
  • Pine oil
  • Vanilla
  • Lime

Use tile cleaners: fresh cleaned tiles make the house look and smell good. Tile cleaners help get rid of grim that builds up in between tiles, keeps them polished and clean.

How to use vinegar and baking soda to clean tiles

  1. Mix baking soda and water to make a paste
  2. Apply the baking soda to the grout of tiles, leave to soak in
  3. Mix vinegar and warm water in a spray bottle
  4. Spray this mixture over the tiles, leave for 5 minutes
  5. Scrub and wipe clean.

Use baby powder: I secretly spray baby powder at the foot of my bed on the mattress and on the bedsheet to help the beddings smell fresh and clean so you can have a good night’s sleep. Change your beddings and pillow cases often. Dust and turn the mattress. I also spray some baby powder on the window sill.

Vacuum small corners: Dirt loves to hide in small hard-to-reach corners. These areas should be concentrated on when cleaning. The smallest drop of food can stink up the whole house and they have tendencies of hiding in corners.

Nice smelling detergents: Use long lasting fresh smelling detergents when doing your laundry and cleaning the house. It helps the house smell like clean laundry. Put some in a clean cloth and wipe down the areas where you cleaned to lock the smell in. You can keep a special detergent that you may use just for the smell.

Bake and cook: Baking and cooking makes the house inviting and smell nice. You know what is more inviting at a restaurant or a bakery? Freshly baked food play with your nostrils and invite you in. Just like the smell of popcorn, you may be at the end of a room and you follow your nose to the smell of popcorn.

Laundry: dirty laundry has a smell on its own, sweat, dirt and grim accumulate and stink up the joint. Try and keep your house smelling fresh by doing your laundry. You may add baking soda and coarse sea salt to your washing powder to help get rid of smells such as armpit smell.


Dishes: Keeping unwashed dishes is another smell holder. Wash dishes at least once a day. These keep unwanted pests at bay and unwanted smells.

Clean your fridge and pantry: throw away stale food and keep your fridge and pantry clean. Stale food has a horrible smell. You also notice food that is about to go stale while cleaning up your pantry use it before it does. I usually put newly bought food at the back of the pantry so that I should not waste them. Chances are the old food that has been laying in the pantry will expire sooner than the new one. I also make it a point to check expiry dates when purchasing food.

Hang towels and bath mats to dry outside: As well as wet towels and bath mats. We wash our bodies often and use towels to dry. But we forget to wash the towels that dry our clean bodies. These mats and towels smell bad when dirty. Water splashes and we dry our dripping bodies on the bath mats. These should be air dried preferably outside where there is enough air. Buy more towels and bath mats to use. Wash them 3 to 4 times a week as well.

How to wash towels the right way:

  • Wash towels on their own
  • Sprinkle half cup of baking soda to your towels when washing them
  • You may also add Lavender oil or lemon oil to your wash
  • Dry fully

Wipe down your headboard: I noticed my headboard accumulates much dirt and dust. You can wipe these down with a good smelling detergent or with diffuser oils.

Diffuser oils that help with a goodnight sleep

  • Lavender oil
  • Chamomile oil
  • Cedarwood
  • Frankincense
  • Vanilla
  • Jasmine
  • Rose

Declutter: I personally feel that the more clutter you have, the more likely your house will smell. This is simply because clutter allows for less air to circulate in the room. Get rid of clutter to have a better smelling house.

Don’t forget to open your windows every day. Let some air in.   

Most importantly a way to keep your house smelling fresh and clean is by keeping your house clean. Picking and folding laundry. Cleaning up after yourself, doing dishes, sweeping and mopping, vacuuming the house. Everything you do when cleaning. Download your simple house cleaning checklist here:

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Choosing a house to rent

I guess there comes a time when we all have to pack up our bags and move to a new place to stay.

Things to consider when choosing a house to rent as a mother.

We moved houses recently. We are renting. It was such a hustle to move being a FTM. There were different factors we had to consider that we didn’t need to consider pre-baby. To make things simplier for you, here is a list of things to consider when moving houses.



First things first, how much money are you willing to give out of your account every month? Those coins going cling out of your account can be such a pain. Look at your finances. Is this money always readily available? It will be almost non-negotiable. How much are you willing to spend to pay someone else for a roof over your head?



Next thing to consider is the location of the house. Is it in a drivable distance to necessary facilities such as hospitals in case of emergencies, shopping malls, friends, neighbours and family, schools etc. If you are like me who likes her own space, it takes a community to raise a child.

In a sense that incase of any emergencies, someone doesn’t have to drive a thousand kilometers to come and help save the day. You won’t want to drive a distance during an emergency to arrive at a hospital either. Your child will also need to make some friends.

It takes a community to raise a child.


Another thing to consider is the size of the house. I don’t like to feel clustered and closed up. Like I said earlier I like my space. Plus find something convienient for you and your family. What is the size of your family? Is the house you are considering big enough to cater for you all?


One thing to look at is the safety of the area you are moving to. What access do you have to emergency services? Also look at the crime factor online before moving. Does the house you are considering have proper safety features installed in them? We have access to security, panic buttons and burglar bars at the house we moved to. The police station is also 5 minutes away. We prefer living in an estate due to security reasons. Plus we have the comfort of our own yard. My husband doesn’t have to worry much when he needs to work away for the night, or travel that we won’t be safe.

Pet friendly/ Child friendly/ wheelchair friendly

If you consider your furry friends as family, you might want to look at that when moving to a new place. Some places have strict no pet policies which will be quiet sad for you. My son is ten months old and a place that was not on the ground floor sounded inconviencing for me. I imaged going through 10 stairs carrying my baby and that was not ideal for me.

I also freaked out on the possibility of him falling off the stairs, ouch! If you have someone with a disability leaving with you, you might also consider that. My best friend in a wheel chair could not go into the house she was living in because the house did not have a rump for her to roll in. She decided to move into another place.


House state (small or big fixes)

Consider the state of the house when moving. One lady in my mom groups posted about moving into a house that needed renovations. She paid the deposit and put a notice in her current house. She has overstayed 5 days as the house she meant to move into is still under renovations.

Perhaps the renovations are small like a cracked window. Walk around with the landlord, write down all small dents and scratches. You will thank me when moving out for doing this. ;). We didn’t do this at our previous house and the landlord has refused to pay the deposit back, apparently its our fault.

Garage space

Girl, you will need a safe space to park your car/s. What if there’s a severe storm and your car gets damaged? That is less likely to happen if you park your car in a safe parking space. It’s an important factor to consider.


Speaking of which you must also consider your landlord. If you pick up certain bad trends while communicating with them, trust your gut and don’t go through with it. Aint nothing worse than a terrible landlord. You will feel like you are walking on eggs in your own house.

Personalized Small itsy bitsy (specific to you things)

These will vary from person to person, but these are the things that were on my must-have list.

Kitchen size

The kitchen mattered a lot for me. I was so demotivated when I had to cook and clean in my previous house. The kitchen was so tiny that my microwave sat on top of my fridge. It got cluttered easily and dirty fast. I love the space in this new kitchen and it is a joy to cook and clean. Plus it doesn’t look so untidy even when tidy because I have more space.

Double sink

I love the double sink. It makes washing dirty dishes much quicker and more organized.

Bathroom size

This one may be a bit weird but I like my space when I take a relaxing bath, It got a seperate closed up shower and bath. It doesn’t look too cluttered. My baby can sit and wait for me while I quickly shower.

Running area/ park

If you are into keeping fit, you may wanna consider a running area or park. Even if it means staying near a park. It is unsafe to run on the roads. I also prefer a park area for my baby to play and have a break from these four walls in the house. A park is also a good place to go chill and relax when I am having a stressful day.

Cupboard space

Now this one is a MarieKondo inspired one. She uses cupboard space and boxes as organization tools. Heck everything we owned has its own cupboard and drawer space. Makes my house look neater.

Laundry area

You gotta have space to do your laundry. Else everything piles up in one corner and it looks terrible. Even if it is a small space in the kitchen like mine, a space is a space. And it is designated for laundry.

Outdoor garden

Like the park, I love a little garden where my boy can play. I can plant a few flowers. We can have a braai. We can relax and chill. I can also lay out my sons indoor baby pool when the heat burns. We can set up camp cars and have a picnic in the comfort of my own home.

In conclusion, These few tips are what you should consider when choosing a house to rent as a mother. What other tips would you give? Hit reply in the comments below. Congratulations on your new home. I hope it is a joy to stay in.

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Regards Natasha @ MrsChettyLife

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Reasons to download pregnancy apps today!

Reasons to download pregnancy apps today!

Must-Have pregnancy and baby apps to download today.

A pregnancy app was a lifesaver when I was pregnant. There were so many apps to choose from. I had to download and delete many of them to find the right one for me. It became confusing, because I lost some important data through downloading and deleting apps. I have narrowed down my list to the best pregnancy and baby apps for you.

Disclaimer: Pregnancy apps should never take the place of your doctor. If you are unsure of something, contact your doctor. Better to be safe than sorry.

Why should you download a pregnancy app?

The reasons to download a pregnancy app vary according to your needs. These are the reasons why you should download one today.

I kept forgetting how far due I was and I kept mixing dates. It is important to know how far due you are when pregnant. Pregnancy apps helped me keep up to scratch.

The pregnancy apps act as a bump picture saver. I would take monthly pictures and save them on the app.

The apps warn you of what to expect as you go through each stage of pregnancy. Pregnancy has its ups and downs. I felt out of control of my body. These apps helped me put my mind at ease and gain a fair understanding of what is going on in my body.

They advise you on good foods to eat and foods to avoid.

They also act as a to-do list when preparing for baby.

Pregnancy journals come with some apps. I love me some journals. Journals can be used as a to-do list. I used mine to write letters to my son which in turn inspired my bog.

Community and forums are added to these apps and I could connect with moms in a similar situation. And some even offered a meet in person pregnancy group, at your own risk. We had a birthday at a park one day and I saw a pregnancy group meeting. It looked fun, they had snacks, talked, laughed and played different games.

Prepare you for various types of birth, guide on what you should do to prepare for it and what to expect.

Most apps have a checklist or a registry or connected you to one so that your baby shower attendees will know what you need and don’t need.

Pictures of your baby growing in your womb are provided.

Countdowns to your due date are provided on these apps.

You can share private pictures to your friends and family, if you don’t want to use social media.

Milestone trackers are embed in these apps.

Comparison of your babys growth to a fruit or a vegetable or something like that gives ideas of the size of your growing baby.

Mom body changes are also explained in the app.

pregnant woman

Best baby and mom products are recommended on the apps.

A kick and contraction counter are added as well.

Name suggestions tool comes in handy when struggling with a name.

Works as a feeding and sleep app.

The Wonder Weeks app explains each leap my son goes through and what he learns after each leap.

Caution signs are mentioned in the apps to warn you of what to look out for in pregnancy.

Growth charts are also a common feature.  

Tools such as white noise machine, vaccination log and meds log come in handy.

Postpartum information is included in these apps.

Helpful how-to videos are included if you do not like text.

The apps reminded me to eat healthy, stay healthy and drink plenty of fluids during pregnancy.

All these apps are free to download and very handy even after pregnancy. I still refer to these apps even though my son is now 10 months old.

Pregnancy safe exercise are included in these apps. I walked as much as I could to prepare for my birth. I also purchased the birthing ball as advised though I eventually did not give birth naturally. The birthing ball is now my sons play ball.

Pregnancy doctors appointments are saved on the apps. I never missed a doctors appointment. I also set reminders for any other pregnancy related things. #PregnancyBrain is real.

My top 7 pregnancy and baby apps are written below. You may download these from your phone app store or the website.

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Stages of walking

Stages of walking

A baby begins walking anytime between 9 months and 16 months. Some take longer than that.

Tummy time

Walking begins with tummy time as it strengthens the ligaments in the neck for head coordination, arms for upper strength which assist in crawling and sitting up. My baby hated tummy time, by the way. But I kept trying and if he refused to, I did not force him. In his own time, he got the hang of it.

Next phase is Rolling over:

Your baby will be able to roll themselves over while awake. My baby first rolled over when he was crying. He was mad at me and began crying then he rolled over. I don’t think he realized it. Lol. 😊

Sitting up on their own:

Your baby then learns to sit up on his/ her own. I remember the first time my son did, He was so proud of himself. And I had the camera handy.

Sitting up

The next phase is Crawling:

There are several types of crawling. Some of these are:

  • The commando crawling drags his or her belly across the floor
  • The cross crawling: arms and knees
  • The bear crawling: hands and feet, my son crawled this way. His knees never touched the ground. He only cross crawled when he was rushing to get something.
  • The crab crawling: pushing reverse or sideways
  • The bottom scoot: Drag the bum across the room
  • The rolling crawling: rolling down


Pulling her/himself up to stand:

The next phase a baby holds onto something can either be the couch or table or your leg and pulls him/herself up to stand.


A baby then does actual standing without support. I loved watching my son struggle to stand. He would stand halfway through, fall over but keep trying. He also spread out his hands for balance, ready to grab onto something in case he lost balance.



A baby then goes through cruising which is cheat walking. This means walking while holding onto something. His or feet barely touch the floor or can be on tippy toes.


A baby then goes to the walking phase. This is actual walking without holding onto anything. My son still uses his hands for support. When he realized he could walk he threw away crawling. He didn’t like to crawl.


The walking stage strengthens his / her legs. This helps in squatting because all the concentration is in the leg muscles. My son squats every morning to make a poo. I find it quite cute when he squats.

Climbing stairs:

Climbing up the stairs is more like crawling but needs the strength from walking and squatting. I was amazed the first time my son crawled up the stairs. We were visiting at my dads place and there was a couple of stairs. We do not have stairs at home. When Nathaniel saw the stairs, he immediately started climbing up so quickly as though someone was chasing him. When he reached the fourth step, he looked back, screamed and clapped for himself. He was so proud of this achievement and did not want to leave. He tried going down the stairs but that was too difficult. He still loves the stairs.


When your baby is learning to walk, she or he will fall many times. Keep encouraging them to walk. Keep all harmful substances locked up. Your little one is adventurous. Don’t leave your child unattended. The stages of walking mean your child is on the move, anything can happen. The first time my son learned to crawl he fell off the couch. He had a bruise on his nose, but that gone now, and he is ok. You will need to make designated play areas.

Lock areas with access to dangerous places like stairs. You may need to purchase baby gates. Keep cupboard and toilet doors locked. It is not advised to allow your child to use baby walkers. There has been much controversy on this.

Walkers delay your child from walking as they simply push themselves in them, rather than walk. There have also been reports of babies falling over and occurring serious injuries from walkers. Be smart, be wise, be alert. Your baby may not follow all the steps mentioned. And some babies may begin earlier or later than others. Nathaniel started walking at 8 months.

In conclusion:

The stages of walking are tummy time, rolling over, sitting up, crawling, pulling him/herself up to stand, standing, cruising, walking, squatting and climbing up the stairs. Let your baby lead. Don’t force him/her. Be patient with nature to take its course. And don’t forget to always have your camera on hand.

stages of walking

Cheers MrsChettyLife

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WHO AM I? Rebranded

Who are you?

I am Natasha Chetty, the woman behind the blog: MrsChettyLife. I am just a mother like you, winging it in this mom world. I enjoy discovering myself as a mother, woman and wife. After months of blogging, its time to reintroduce myself: MrsChettyLife rebranded. I am here to enrich the livelihood of moms through blogging about motherhood.


What is your name?

Natasha Chetty

What is your blog about?

My blog is about helping young mothers simplify their motherhood journey. It is all about reaching out to mothers, connecting with them and sharing experiences. I would love to be a useful source to mothers in all stages of motherhood from pregnancy.

  • A mother’s lifestyle: organization, stay at home life, work at home life, random posts
  • Self-care and inspirational quotes for moms
  • Essential oils (natural living)
  • All about baby; teething, baby weaning, pregnancy, newborn, toddler life
  • Marriage life

What is your location?

I reside in Johannesburg, South Africa.

How old are you?


Coffee or tea?

Rooibos Tea please, does hot chocolate count? and lots of chocolates and cookies.

What do you do?

I am a stay at home mom leaning towards living naturally who blogs and loves photography.

What is your child’s name?

Nathaniel Mapalo

How old is he?

1 year

What is your status?


What is your religion?


What are your Interests?

  • blogging
  • photography
  • music
  • nature
  • DIY
  • Essential oils
  • organization

What makes you different?

I am a stay at home mom. I am a first time mom. I am a millennial mom. I guess my experiences make me different. As well as my background, my interracial marriage, my mixed son and my outlook to life. I believe every mom is unique and different. And every person has a voice that needs to be heard. I believe each person is special.

Where can we find you on Social media?






Are you an Introvert or extrovert?

I am an introvert. I’d rather spend my day curled up indoors with a hot chocolate and reading a book or watching a movie with my son.

What keeps you going?

Hope, faith and love keep me going. I hope for a good and better tomorrow, I have faith that things will work out and I love my son, my husband, my blog, myself and people. These things keep me going. Writing is my outlet.

What is your blog URL?

What is the inspiration behind your blog?

I always loved to write and keep an online diary. With a baby I can’t always write in a book, so I type on my phone or online journal. I began this blog when my son was born to originally write letters to him. It turned out to be a mom lifestyle blog.

“Enriching the livelihood of moms through blogging about motherhood.”

What are the colors and fonts for your blog?

Pink, white, black, blue and green.

What apps do you use for your blog?

  • Canva
  • WordPress
  • Adobe Spark

I will mention more about this in a blog post later.

Who is your Target market / audience?

Moms, stay at home moms (sahm), first time moms (ftm), married couples looking to spice up their marital life, and natural living moms.

What are your goals?

-to write every week

-post on social media every week

-to advertise on social media

-to develop my photography skills

-to eventually monetize my blog

-to get my house in order and develop a good organization routine

-to develop and grow my marriage

-to be there for my baby and husband

-to sell my photos

-to learn all about essential oils and develop a natural living lifestyle.

What are your wants and needs?         

  • money
  • motivation
  • a brand kit
  • a solid blogging system
  • a solid cleaning and home organization system
  • some structure
  • my work desk
  • a helper

What will readers expect from you?

  1. Honesty
  2. simplicity
  3. non-judgments
  4. a friend
  5. a source of information
  6. freebies
  7. a post every week
  8. I won’t overburden you with something I am selling.

Why do you blog?

I blog to keep myself sane. I am an overthinker, with thoughts that keep me busy, they run in my head none stop. I get ideas at 3am in the morning when I can’t sleep. I love to write. I keep a gratitude journal to highlight one thing to be grateful for every day. I blog to keep my hands and head busy. I blog to share my experiences and hopefully help someone who knows less than I do in that certain area. I believe everyone has something valuable to say, why not say it in a blog?

What is important to you?

  • First time moms
  • My son
  • Sahms
  • My marriage
  • My sanity
  • Writing and blogging
  • Organizing my house
  • Nature
  • Birds
  • natural living

What inspires you?

  • Nature
  • Other people’s blogs
  • My son
  • Google
  • Motivational quotes
  • I always look for something good in a situation or someone
  • Positive thinking
  • Downfalls
  • A good photograph
  • The cross tattoo on my wrist
  • Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder
  • My faith
  • Accepting everyone as different and unique

What is your moto?

  1. “It is only for a season.”
  2. “Enjoy today, it will never come back.”
  3. “Don’t give up!”
  4. “You are doing good, mom.”
  5. “Smile.”
  6. “Enriching the livelihood of moms by blogging about motherhood.”

What type of mom are you?

I am a loving, calm, all in, hands-on super mom who forgives herself when I make a mom fail and I cut myself some slack. No mom is perfect. I embrace the good and bad. I don’t know it all and I’m constantly researching and learning.

What are the other blogs you recommend?

PS Download my freebie

In conclusion, follow my blog and social media accounts to get to know more about MrsChettyLife.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Cheers happy mothering, MrsChettyLife.

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The truth about momming

The truth about momming

What momming is all about

Hey mom, tired and worn out but still staying awake till 11 o’clock just to get some me-time, I see you. I am one of them right now. Its 10:22pm right now, I’m sniffing, my head is spinning, my eyes are barely open, but I had to write this down for my sanity. It’s the only time I have. My hair is a mess too.

tired mom

Being alone in the bathroom is an absolute no-no. When I close the bathroom door, I commit a crime. Nathaniel my son, immediately comes banging on the door. He gives me this certain look when I open the door. I cannot take a shower and use the bathroom alone anymore. He sometimes wants to breastfeed when I am busy in the bathroom.

There is no sick-day. As a mommy you can’t take off sick. There’s always too much momming to do. Here I am nursing a flu and a mad headache, but my son needs me. He has flu and cough. That makes him a bit clingy. So sick day for mom moves to the side.

You are a feeding machine as a mom. There are days when he is not well and constantly wants to breastfeed for comfort. This makes me literally sore sometimes.

Momming does not have lazy days. There’s no sleep-ins days for me. Even when I sleep past 11 at night, we wake up at 9am everyday for a new day. When I try to sleep in, he gets bored and starts to cry.

Momming means you get random hugs. And always be ready to be touched.

random hugs

Momming means other people will judge you. Iv had many people tell me to

  • put a hat on my son
  • carry an umbrella it’s too hot
  • don’t let him do that
  • You are doing this and that wrongly
  • Worse off if he cries in public, I look like a bad parent

That one day you didn’t carry extra clothes for him, is the day he will have a blow over and you got nothing to change him.

I have also had people ask me if I am his nanny. Because my son is a mixed race, but he looks more Indian. I get stares everywhere I go when I am with him. And unsolicited advice from people who think they know better. One Indian aunty told me I was carrying my son the wrong way.

Being a mother means you think out of the box. You come up with the strangest things just to keep your little one going and surprisingly it works.

Momming means you are a maid, always cleaning up after them.

Momming means all the gross little things are not gross anymore like poop, throw up and pee. You constantly must deal with these things.

baby and mom

Momming means you can a sudden reflex that you never had. This reflex kicks in when your baby is at the brink of falling or making a mistake and mom is there to catch him. I was a very bad sleeper. I would move to the side of the bed and sleep in any position and a deep sleeper before I became a mom. I was afraid to squash my baby or not hear my baby when I sleep. All that went down the drain. I now sleep as light as a feather and can hear everything concerning my child.

Momming means you forget silly things except anything concerning your child. Pregnancy and Mom brain are real.

Momming means you gain a wisdom called mommy instinct that helps you take care of your child. Moms know best. You will be able to foretell the future, lol.

Momming gives you the strength to go forward even on very little energy.

Motherhood means you become an extra superhero when there is an emergency concerning your child. I remember my mom speeding to the doctor, with my little brother on her lap, almost unconscious, because he had fits from a high temperature. Up to this day I have no idea how we arrived at the hospital safely.

You pick up lots of new skills that you never thought you would have as a mom. I hated cooking. I now enjoy it as a mother. I have also picked up photography, I began my blog when I became a mother. I quit my job and became a SAHM.

You automatically put your child needs first as a mother.

There’s no such a thing as being tired as a mother. Your child simply won’t understand that part. You are a hardworking machine.

Once a mother always a mother. You understand and feel for other moms when you see them struggling in public.

It’s hard to go shopping alone. Yet alone buy something for you as a mother. Mom guilt is real.

You have a heart for only your kids. Many women mature when they become a mother.

You are constantly second guessing yourself as a mother to see if you are doing the right thing. Most times I feel incompetent. But many people have told me I am doing a good job. My mother has pointed out to me many times that motherhood looks good on me. I guess if Nathaniel is growing well and still alive that’s a good thing.

In conclusion and most of all motherhood is life changing, challenging, single most wonderful thing in the world. No one really understands what motherhood entails till they become one. How much love I feel for my son foregoes every woe of being a mother. Plus being a mother is a blessing. I am grateful for it.

Cheers to motherhood! Let’s drink to that.

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Your baby loves you

Things your baby loves about you.


Your smile. Your baby is always starring at your beautiful smile. It warms his / her soul.

Your eyes. Your baby is always looking deeply into your eyes. The saying goes eyes are the windows to the soul.

Your voice. Your voice is calming and reassuring to your baby. Just the sound of it calms him or her down. S/he can also feel the vibrations of your voice when s/he lays his or her head on your chest.

red heart

Your arms around them. Your baby feels safe and secure when you hold them. When they are afraid of something they want you to hold them. Even when they are unwell. Your arms are their safe spot.

Your heartbeat. Your baby could hear your heartbeating when they were in your womb. This is their world. That’s why soothing apps emphasize on the heartbeat.

Your scent. Your baby knows you by your scent. When a baby is born they can’t really see for the first few weeks. Your scent is their cue and they know you by it.

Your face. Your baby is always finding ways to stare at your face, hold and touch your face. It’s one part of you that they see first and the most. It’s no wonder they stare at you especially when feeding.

You. Your baby loves all of you. You are their first love and their world is centered around you for many years to come. You are their source. They rely on you for everything even when they don’t understand what’s going on, they know you do. They trust you.

Signs your baby loves you

When my baby meets a stranger and this person speaks to him. The first thing my baby does is look up at me for approval. If I am smiling he will smile back at the stranger.

Your baby wants to be held. S/he can be in the middle of playing. And will suddenly come to you. Just to be held then will go back to play. This is a sign your baby loves you.

S/he wants to involve you in everything s/he does. S/he wants to share with you whatever s/he cares about. When my baby likes something, he claps and looks at me so that I can clap too. Your baby also wants to be involved in everthing you do.

Your baby uses you as a shield. When my baby is afraid he holds on tightly and buries his head on my chest or holds onto my leg.

Your baby trusts that you will know what is wrong with them just by crying. My son speaks to me in baby language, he thinks I know what he says. And I sure play the part.

Your baby gets your sense of humor. S/He laughs at your jokes and your silliness.

when someone else carries your baby s/he still looks back at you.

Your baby loves to smile at you. My baby waits for my to give him eye contact then his beautiful dimpled smile emerges.

Your baby looks for you in a crowd. It feels like it’s only you and him or her in a crowd. Your baby only has eyes for you. His or her eyes light up when they see you.

Your baby misses you when you are not around. One night my baby slept before his father came home. The next day my son grabbed onto his dads leg and wouldn’t let go of him. What a sight it was seeing his father drag his leg around because my son was wrapped around his leg.

Your baby cries for you and your attention. My baby gets annoyed if I speak on the phone for too long. Or if I sit and cuddle with my husband. He wants all my attention on him.

Your baby calms down when you hold him or her.

Your baby relies on you for food. My son loves to eat what I eat. We laughed one evening my husband and I were having dinner. My son kept going back and forth eating from my husband’s plate and mine. Even though he had his own plate.

Your baby holds your finger, cuddles with you and blesses you with random hugs.


Do you ever wonder why your son or daughter cries more with you. S/He was fine all day, till mom or dad came home. Your baby is comfortable to express emotion around you because s/he loves you.

Your baby knows your voice. My son said Dada when I was speaking to his father on the phone.

Your baby accepts you as you are. Because you are amazing just the way you are.

Your baby knows your smell. There is this video that goes around of a baby frantically crying. The father puts his mother’s smelly clothes next to the baby and the baby stops crying. It shows your baby knows your smell and loves you for it.

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Guide to Baby led weaning

Baby led weaning means letting your baby feed themselves. Baby led weaning is advised to start after 6 months. Begin with organic pureed foods. Please note that your baby still relies heavily on breastmilk or formula. Start in small bits and see your baby’s reaction to the food. And gradually increase the dosage as your baby grows. Disclaimer: please ask your pediatrician before baby led weaning.

Ways to know baby is ready for weaning.

  1. Baby can sit upright
  2. Baby gets hungrier than usual after milk
  3. Your baby watches you chew as you eat
  4. Baby can hold her/his neck steadily
  5. Baby can move her/his head from side to side
  6. Baby reaches out for your food

What you will need for baby weaning. Baby weaning is a messy job.

  • A feeding table
  • Shallow baby spoons and bowls
  • Bib
  • Masher
  • Newspaper to place under the feeding table
  • A blender if you want to make your own purees
  • Protect yourself from the mess as well
  • Patience

First foods include:

  • Apple
  • Avocado
  • Carrots
  • Papaya
  • Pears
  • Sweet potato
  • Butternut
  • Peas
  • Banana

The following High-Risk Foods should be introduced after 12 months +

  • Nuts
  • Fish
  • Eggs
  • Cow’s milk
  • Gluten
  • Honey
  • Kiwi
  • Berries
  • Citrus foods
Signs of allergic reaction include:
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Asthma
  • Eczema
  • Rashes
  • Swelling of the eyes, lips and face
When you have successfully introduced purees to your baby, you may begin your baby on finger foods.
  • Finger foods
  • Offer well steamed veggies
  • Offer soft fruits
  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Green beans
  • Potato
  • Peaches
  • Plum
  • Tomatoes
  • Spinach
  • Other foods to try
  • Chicken
  • Plain yogurt
  • Baby cereal
  • Pasta
  • Liver
  • Rice
  • Sweetcorn
  • Pancakes

In conclusion

  • It’s important to note that when baby weaning:
  • Don’t leave your baby unattended. Keep a watchful eye. Most babies don’t make a chocking sound, so you must watch for chocking signs.
  • Chocking signs include bluish skin color, difficulty breathing, loss of consciousness, inability to cry, weak, ineffective coughing, soft or high-pitched sounds when inhaling. Read:
  • Feed your baby milk before solids.
  • Feed your baby slowly and in bits.
  • Your baby will let you know when she or he is satisfied.
  • Your baby can sit with you at dinner time and have what you are having if it’s healthy and baby appropriate.
  • When baby tries something new, wait at least 3 days for an allergic reaction window.
  • Try again when your baby is older if baby rejects the food.
  • Baby may have a running tummy or constipation when introducing new foods.
  • Keep your baby hydrated to help him / her digest this new food.
  • Don’t forget your camera.
  • Warning, you may get emotional.
  • Aim for fresh foods, low sugar and no salt.
  • Have fun baby led weaning.
  • Mix it up.
  • Speak to your pediatrician if you are uncertain about something.
  • Don’t forget to keep baby feeding equipment clean that includes the feeding chair

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Pursuing your dreams.

Pursuing your dreams.

4 steps to pursuing your dreams.

A guide to pursue your dreams.


This step is of high importance. You must research on your topic area. Research on what resources are available for your dream, expenses associated with your dream and what other people in your niche dream are doing. Look at your funding and how much you have available for your dream. There are lots of places you can research, these are on blogs, vlogs, podcasts, social media groups, google, free resources like Udemy, Teachable and SkillShare to learn about what things you will need to make your dream come true. Use this as an opportunity to learn about your dream, explore options and get ideas about your dream. One never stops learning.

2. Prepare

After have a whole load of information from your researching what do you do next? Begin to prepare for your dream. Write down notes and ideas that strike you. Begin to slowly purchase necessities for your dream. Begin to advertise and expose your dream. This helps you to be more accountable for it. And maybe you might get sponsorship for it. Be careful though to avoid dream killers. Write down your visions and reasons why you started. Begin a gratitude journal. Prepare your mind mentally for your dream.

3. Pursue:

Planning and preparing is very vital, next it is time to hit the road. Begin to pursue your dream, whether this involves writing one small article for your blog every day or beginning to practice taking pictures in different scenes with your camera, do something with this information. Don’t sit on a pot of gold. Write down small successes you face for inspiration on a rainy day. I have always loved nature and I usually notice small things that other people tend to ignore, I capture these beautiful things in my head with no one to share them with. I thought having a camera would be easy and my family gifted me with one. I thought I would simply take a picture amateurly and VIOLA the way I see this beautiful thing will be the way it will look after taking a picture of it. I was wrong. It takes practice to become an expert at your dream.

4. Dwell;

It is very easy to abandon your dream once something goes wrong, unplanned or when life gets busy. I always wanted a camera. I didn’t know how to use it. I didn’t pursue nor dwell in it by learning and practicing how to use it. At this moment I have no idea where that camera is. I gave up on my dream. There is a trail process that grooms you to be able to handle your dream even when difficulties arise. This is when you need to strive and dwell on your dream. It will not be easy, but it will be worth it. When you feel discouraged speak to someone, listen to motivational podcasts, read and get in touch with other people who are pursuing their dreams. Follow blogs and pages on social media were people are pursuing their dreams. You might get a little inspiration from them. Set reminders on your phone to remind you about your dream. Write down a vision board, put it in a place you will visit every day and are most likely to see. No matter what happens and what you do dwell onto your dreams.

In conclusion:

Remember that pursuing your dream takes a while. I am one who believes that things don’t just coincidently happen. I believe everything happens for a reason. And everything is eventually intertwined. My husband gifted me with a camera last Christmas. He thought it would be something I would love. I absolutely love my camera. Because I can use it for my blog pictures, as freebies and begin teaching photography. I have been looking for some way to be of value on my blog and I feel this will be the way aside from giving motherly advice.

My dream signs where loud and clear, firstly I received a camera from my family which I later abandoned. Next my husband gifts me with a camera few years later. Then I sign up at church for creativity groups which involve a camera for websites and social media. I don’t need any more signs. I’m grabbing this bull by its horns and running with it. I must equip myself for the journey ahead. This means I must learn how to use this camera. I have downloaded photography apps, editing software, I have followed blogs, Facebook groups and vlogs and I’m ready to learn. I will share my journey with you. Walk with me on ‘My journey to photography’.

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