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Lockdown Natural Spa tips

Natural Spa Night at home Lockdown Blues? Our mental health counts and lockdown seems to be playing on our moods, insecurities and emotions. Staying in sitting position is giving added back and neck pains. A spa is the best way to give yourself a boost and a mini break. Improving our moods and emotional well-being. …

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Natural Hair Must-Haves

Top 24 Natural Hair Must Haves. Must Haves to make your life easier on your natural hair journey. Afro comb / pick: Picks add volume to afro hair and afro hair styles.   Rat tail comb: Good for styling and making clean parts in hair for that clean look. Detangling Brush or wide tooth comb …

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DIY Birthday Party

DIY Birthday Party It was my sons second birthday on 2nd May. We did a DIY birthday Party at home. We are under lockdown therefore friends and family could not come. Here is what we did to make his day special. This party as not ecofriendly because we used what we already have. These ideas …

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the refillery

The Refillery

Introducing The Refillery, an eco-friendly grocery store. A chat with Samantha Moleta, the founder of The Refillery. What is The Refillery? “The Refillery’ is an exciting new planet-friendly grocer supplying single-use plastic-free, responsibly sourced, refillable, everyday products for package-less pantries and households. It is a plastic-free, zero waste, weigh and pay retail shop.” What is …

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Zero Waste Lifestyle

Zero Waste Lifestyle. A simple, strategic and complete Beginners Guide to a Zero Waste Lifestyle. “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.” Unknown Why go Zero Waste and what to do about it.Are you considering living a zero waste lifestyle? I have researched a ton and come up with an …

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Happy 2nd Birthday

Happy 2nd birthday Nathaniel. It has been 2 years of growth and development for both of us. We are under quarantine now. Since we are unable to have a birthday with all friends and family for you, they all wrote lovely notes for you. One day when you are big, you will read these notes …

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Bulk Buying for baby

Bulk Buying for baby: What you will need to buy in bulk for baby, saving you time, money and energy. #babyessentials #baby #stockpile #bulkbuying #necessities

Temper tantrum

Temper tantrum: Taming that ANGRY monster; Let’s face it we all at some point in our motherhood lives will or have to deal with a screaming baby. Yep, I’m one of those moms who had to carry my screaming baby out the room, with judge eyes staring at me. These little ones’ can throw a …

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new year preparations

New Year Preparations

New Year Prep (preparations): Part 2. New Year Preparations: It’s almost 2020, I did a post concluding my 2019-in-a-wrap . Now I am onto greater things for the future after our wonderful holidays. Here is a comprehensive list of how we can prepare for the new year. It has been split into 2 parts because …

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