Montessori shelves inspiration

Montessori shelves inspiration. How to set up shelves in your Montessori home. The Montessori at Home series continues: We have spoken about The Prepared Adult, The Prepared Environment, How and why we choose Montessori at […]

Prepared Montessori Adult

Prepared Montessori Adult  When it comes to Montessori, I feel the first place to start is with the adult because we can not teach Montessori if we do not fully understand it. we can not […]

Montessori at Home

Is Montessori for you? How I discovered Montessori and why we Montessori and Montessori at Home. I had always been wondering what type of parent I want to be. The more time I spent with […]

Nature Walks

Nature Walks: Can you imagine this scenery, green grass, fresh air, lots of freedom and lots of space. It is a wonderful space to relax and decompress. Nature is a peaceful place with no busy […]

Toddlers dump toys

Toddlers & Dumping: Why do toddlers dump toys? How to stop toddlers from dumping toys?  Dump!! Can you physically hear that sound of the toys being thrown on the floor? Not one or two but […]

Montessori Sandpaper letters DIY

Montessori Sandpaper letters DIYHow to make Montessori Sandpaper letters DIY The most “Montessori” thing you can do for your child is to be a gentle guide: following their interests, supporting their learning, setting appropriate limits, […]