The best Marriage Advice: First year of marriage.

This is my and my husbands’ first year of marriage. We turned a year on the 14th of April. Ending up of #anniversarymonth. I would love to share some advice on things I have learned. It takes effort, love, patience and forgiveness to build a marriage. I am grateful that God kept us through. Long post ahead but worth the read. A marriage is like a farm. It needs constant care. You must water, dig, plant and weed it before[Read more]

Marriage as a body.

marriage as a body

How a marriage works as a body. A marriage is considered as a body of Christ which is the church. Here are scriptures on how a marriage works as a body. 1 Corinth 12: “21 The eye cannot say to the hand, “I don’t need you!” And the head cannot say to the feet, “I don’t need you!” 22 On the contrary, those parts of the body that seem to be weaker are indispensable, 23 and the parts that we[Read more]

25 reasons I love you

25 reasons I love you I’m turning 25 on the 16th of February and it’s valentines day on the 14th of February. Here is a love letter to my husband. 25 reasons I love you. 1. I love your smile. It’s what drew me to you the first time we met. Smiling stranger! 2. I love your eyes. My husband has deep dark sexy eyes. 3. I love cuddling with you. You are my cuddle bear. 4. I love your[Read more]

7 Things I learned from my marriage.

7 Things I learned from my marriage. Communication is key: You are two different people and sometimes things you say or do or react come out in a wrong sense to your partner. If you communicate clearly and help your partner understand your point of view it helps clear out many unnecessary arguments. My husband and I constantly call and text during the day even if it is just to say hi. This helps fuel our passion and love for[Read more]

How I met my husband.

How I met my husband.   I met my husband grocery shopping. This random morning, I woke up with a strong urge to go grocery shopping. This is unusual for me as I stay with my divorced father and we go shopping together. Unfortunately he was working that day and I was home. So I got ready and dressed in these warm grey track pants and a black crop top with black pumps on my feet.  I went to the[Read more]

An important letter to someone special.

An important letter to someone special. Dear Lawrence I write this letter to you to remind you of my love for you. In your arms, I am safe and loved There is no question about it My heart beats in love with you You make me smile You are my sunshine You support and encourage, uplift, comfort and cheer me You cheer me on and hold my hand You build me and give me a nudge when I am unsure[Read more]

Home wreckers

Home wreckers. This one goes out to the home wreckers. Yes, the ladies who feel entitled to another woman’s man. The hip flaunting, smile daunting, hair tossing flirt. High class but not high enough to find your own. Yet alone keep your own. Feel you are better than his own. Like the world should be under your feet. He must be yours no matter the cost. You want to break up a home to make it your house? You even[Read more]