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Cultivate that relationship with yourself.


Cultivate that relationship with yourself. The most important relationship you can ever have is a relationship with yourself. I lay in bed at 12 to 1 am and I think. My mind is racing, jumping from topic to topic as I self reflect. I have not done this in a while. Life has been too busy.

I have been too busy being a good mom and a good wife I forgot about being me. Being Natasha. Yes, a mom and wife are part of my description but they are not only who I am.  It is only a part of this gigantic puzzle called Natasha. Nowadays if you ask me who I am. I will simply tell you I am a mom and a wife.

Picture this, a SAHM dedicated to her being a SAHM perfected to excellence.

Her kids are all grown now. Does she continue to be a SAHM? What does she do now? All those years were dedicated to the children and the home. What’s her self worth? Another instance could be you gave yourself and everything to a man in a relationship or marriage.

Your life was perfect. Till he up and leaves you for another, how dare he! or less fortunately he dies. Where does that leave you? Today, my mind ponders on relationships.

relationship with you

My mother is moving overseas. Sister is already living overseas. Father is moving to another town. My brother is moving on his own. I feel like a perfect puzzle piece being broken and strung across the world. Or parts of a body being cut off and joined to another and shipped off.

My family has always been close-knit. But with time differences, no personal interaction, new puzzle pieces, will we stand the test of time? We will video call and keep in communication. But sometimes you just crave for humanly interaction. Where you meet face to face and talk. Memories are made that way.

Why should you cultivate that relationship with yourself?

One thing relationships have taught me is that everything can change with the flip of a coin. Priorities, virtue, time, space and people change. I’m afraid to admit I lost one too many friends because she decided her boyfriend was better than me or because she decided I no longer belonged in her circle, or she could not use me for her own selfishness.

All the times and efforts we spent building and cultivating were useless because she now had a ‘Bae’ and ‘besty’ to fill her most precious time and needs. People change with a flip of the coin. Do not find your self-worth in other people. Cultivate that relationship with yourself.

self worth

You are enough. You and you make the perfect couple. When all else is gone or they are all grown for whatever reason, you have yourself to account to. You were there since your birth, in good health and bad health, good times, average and bad times. There were times when you were lonely and through your mistakes.

You had you and you will still have you till death do part. Cultivate that relationship with yourself. It is the most important relationship. Give yourself a break and enjoy your time.

Cultivate that relationship with yourself.

cultivate that relationship with you 4

Hey, you won’t have it forever. Give parts of you to other people but not your whole self to a point where you don’t recognize who you are. Don’t find value in other people. Cherish and take exceptionally good care of you.

When you do this everything else falls into place. When that one up and leaves you know your value and self-worth. They won’t stop you from flourishing and growing. You are worth more than rubies. Rubies are one of the most fragile yet strong, delicate, rare and most expensive jewels.

Enjoy your relationships and give. But don’t lose yourself. Enjoy the most precious relationship with you and everything to do with you. Make yourself a better person. Cultivate that relationship with yourself. The best and only rewarding thing you can do is take care of you. Taking care of someone else is exhausting and most times go unnoticed and unappreciated.

Celebrate who you are today.

You know who you are and what you have done. How far you have come, the obstacles that you have faced and mountains you failed and climbed, only you know you best. So do you right. Put this to an end now. That person was not with you in your mother’s womb. That person was not with you every single step of your life, especially during your down times.

Put them to an end.

Stop putting your self-worth in someone else’s hands apart from you and your God, no one else deserves it. Yet don’t put your needs above all else that others suffer. Cultivate the relationship with you. Build who you are so you can better build others. That is our purpose in life. Boom, I just hit a light bulb. Your purpose in life is you.

cultivate that relationship
In conclusion, cultivate that relationship with you. A person cultivates a relationship with themselves by cutting people that suck the life out of you from your life and putting your self first. Just as every relationship takes time and patience, do that with yourself.

By grooming, cherishing and loving who you are. Feed yourself, drink plenty of water, cloth yourself, take necessary medication for healing, by practicing self-care you are cultivating yourself. You will know your worth.

When the arrows come and try to destroy your self relationship, they will be your cupid to make to fall more in love with yourself. When this happens your perspective changes. Your world is better, happier, self rewarding and much stronger. Give yourself credit, you stayed even in your darkest hour. That’s what matters the most.

Don’t procrastinate. Start now. By accepting and celebrating your wins and fails. You may begin with this post:  

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4 steps to heal and love yourself again.

Dear old me,

4 steps to heal and love yourself again. I know you have done, seen, said and been through much. I forgive you for that. As I forgive everyone who done much to me too.

Here I am stepping up, shaking off the dirty laundry and moving forward in wholeness, truth and healing. You will not hold me back any longer. I choose to let go and move on to a better me.

Cheers NEW ME! 4 steps to heal and love yourself again

4 steps to heal and love yourself again

Step 1. Forgive yourself:

We tend to beat ourselves for one wrong thing we may have done in the past. Self-healing starts with forgiving yourself. You feel it may have been your fault. You feel if you had done things differently it would not have resulted that way.

Mistakes may have been made. But you can’t cry over spilt milk. You cannot run away nor rewrite your past. It happened, you failed, it may have changed a lot of things in the present. But the past cannot be changed.

4 steps to heal and love yourself again

Somethings you can make up for and write your future. Others need to be accepted as they are. Burying things have a funny way of resurfacing just when things are going well for you. You might meet ‘Stacey’ who witnessed the whole thing and Stacey has a pot-mouth who spills your beans.

Well, thank you Stacey. One way to move on is to forgive yourself. As simple as that sounds but as hard as it maybe. Forgiveness has a way of softening your heart, bring healing, helps make you whole again paving way for a step forward. Forgive!

“Let go of who you think you are supposed to be and be who you are.”

Brene Brown

Step 2. Go back to the source:

4 steps to heal and love yourself again

We sometimes feel if we change the way we look by cutting our hair or losing weight, we will feel better about ourselves. My house has an ant revolution going on and is infested with ants. We simply kill the little ants we see on the surface when pieces of food drop on the floor, but they just keep coming back.

I spoke to our neighbor and she said go to the source. Your outward look may be painted, but your ants are still killing you on the inside. Kid you not, those pests are very good at hiding. What you need is to go back to the source and heal from the source.

Whatever way that works for you, whether it means finding closure to why s/he left or going to the neighborhood you run away from, going to therapy or doing meditation.

All that matters is that you find your source of ants. It may badly hurt and break you to pieces, those pieces will be mended into something beautiful shattered-pieces/.

“Loving ourselves through the process of owning our story is the bravest thing we will ever do.” Brene Brown

Stop running away. If you need to break down and cry, don’t stop the tears. I watched this movie by Tyler Perry- Temptation: Confessions of a marriage counselor. One summary of this movie can be Melinda is afraid and continuously runs away from her ex.

She confronts him at the end and that’s were her healing began. Forgiveness may also mean forgiving your perpetrator for the sake of your sanity. Forgive but don’t go back. Move forward.

“Accept your past but don’t let it hinder your present and your future.” MrsChettyLife

Step 3. Embrace your scars:

4 steps to heal and love yourself again

It has become common for women to take pictures of their c-sections. I also gave birth through c-section due to a few complications. This is from one who was highly set on giving birth naturally.

The first thing I asked and wondered is that will the scar go away. 10 months later, my scar is healed but still looks the same. I tried applying oils to make it go away, it hasn’t. (My son and I merged well from the operation).

4 steps to heal and love yourself again

Not all scars are visible. Some scars are hidden. They are embedded on the heart. Some people go through long measures to get rid of their scars. Whatever scars you have. However unpleasant way you may have obtained them.

Embrace your scars. I have now embraced my scars and my mom handles. Reminders of you how strong you are having gone through everything and you are still standing.

Your scars are there to help someone about to go through or are going through something similar. Uniqueness comes with your scars, special and different. Different in a good way.

Your scars give you a different outlook to life and you react to things in a special way. Your scars give you insight to avoid similar situations.

“You work so hard to fix yourself, but maybe what you need isn’t another tactic, another book, another five-step plan. Maybe, you don’t need to be fixed. Maybe, what’s really holding you back is the idea that you need to be fixed.”

Vironika Tugaleva  

Step 4. Re-discover and accept yourself:

You are worth more than rubies. Scars and your past don’t define who you have become. Emerged like a butterfly out of its cocoon and transformed into someone new. Get to know this person.

This person is not the same person s/he was three years ago. You have gone through pain, life changes, forgiveness, healing, embracing and rediscovering yourself.

Your experience has redefined how your life should be and what it looks like. Learn the new you. Do things to help you discover YOU.

Your past has taught you who your true friends are. You have emerged like a butterfly from its cocoon, solid, different and so beautiful. Be positive and shine. teaching-yourself-positive-affirmations

“The greatest trap in our life is not success, popularity or power, but self-rejection.” Henri Nouwen

In conclusion:

4 steps to love yourself again are forgiveness, going back to the source, embracing your scars and rediscovering yourself. You are still alive. Make every minute count. Fly Little butterfly! This is your time to sparkle. Therefore, A second chance has been given and you are made anew.

You will make it. May your heart be whole again. By the way, one thing you must not do is find your identity in someone else. Don’t give anyone that power. Only you have it in you. Tap into your inner strength and capitalize on it.

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Teaching yourself positive affirmations.

Teaching yourself positive affirmation.

Growing up I had teachers, friends, parents, family praising me whenever I did something right. Sometimes we let it go to our heads and we put our identity in these words. When we grow older there is no one to praise us and we begin to look for ways to please people. This includes joining the wrong clan. Here are ways on teaching yourself positive affirmations.

Believing in yourself is what matters. Pleasing people wears old and people disappoint you, move away, or move forward without you. If you found your identity in them this all falls apart. But you will have yourself to please. I lost my identity after my parents divorced. My identity was in them and I felt lost when they divorced. It took a long time to build and rediscover myself. I am still doing that. But at least I have an idea that identity is in myself and who I am.

Believe in yourself, no one else will if you don’t.

Life will throw all sorts of twists turns at you. If you don’t know who you are you will go with the flow and become someone you are not meant to be. This will throw in bad decisions and meet the wrong people on the way. It will cause a lot of heartache.

If you know who you are, you are less likely to take the wrong turns. We learn something about ourselves every day. Be flexible to rediscover you will learn lots of things about yourself that you didn’t expect. You grow, change and so does who you are. I used to be obsessed with the color pink. If you ask me now not so much. I prefer black and royal blue. Our experiences also change who we are.

They expose our strengths or weaknesses. The birth of my son helped and teaches me things about myself everyday. That I am stronger than I think I am. I also discovered cooking, I am currently running 4 Facebook pages. I built 3 websites. I wrote our portfolio. What will you do about the things you learnt from your experiences?

experience is the best teacher

Work on the workable weaknesses. Build on your strengths. Accept the unworkable weaknesses.

Ways to discover who you are.

  • by trying new things: go bowling, bungee jumping, park run or try knitting.
  • by accepting yourself, both your flaws and strengths.
  • by moving out of your babble and taking the risk. Some risks are worth taking.
  • by using your negative experiences to build other people and yourself.
  • by looking at the positive.
  • start a business.
  • joining support groups.
  • by speaking out
  • by letting go, forgiving and moving on.
  • by avoiding compromising situations
  • by giving
  • by building new memories
  • by seeking help from professionals, medically or physically.
  • by moving out of the place that broke you
  • by cutting ties with the people who broke you
  • not putting unnecessary pressure on your children

Speak positive statements about yourself daily. Believe in yourself.

In conclusion, finding yourself does not mean putting other people below you. Each person is unique and special in their own ways. Teach and practise everyday on self positive affirmations. Dear mom, invest in you to become better in all you do.

Cheers Happy Holidays


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The gift of giving.

The gift of giving.

The true meaning of giving.

The year 2018 has gone by so quickly.

What were your achievements? What did you learn? Has it been quite rough for you?Who did you meet? What adventures did you create? What recipes did you try? Did you receive some new clothes? Did you develop a new hobby?

So much happened for me this year. Beginning with our marital registration, reception ceremony, the birth of our son, Nathaniel, moving in with my husband, starting our own company (that included getting our website up and social media accounts by myself) and becoming a SAHM. I have definitely grown and matured. We also joined a new church.

I began my blog on WordPress: I bought my domain

Then I switched to

My story on why I switched hosts is here: south-african-web-hosting

And continued my blogging journey.

I learnt a little on SEO. I learnt to be strong. I learnt that motherly instinct is real. I learnt to take care of my husband and myself too. I sharpened my cooking skills. I went through the ups and downs of being a SAHM. I’m still learning how to budget. I grew closer to my mother and I understand her better. I also joined and connected with other moms on Facebook groups.

What a year it has been for me. I want to share on the gift of giving today. One thing my husband has taught me is giving. He is a very giving person. Be it in love, gifts, money, water, food etc. He is ever so willing to give. We have gone so many places and where he sees need he gives.

He was explaining to me the other day how a lady and her child where trying to buy something to eat. Her baby kept crying for things and she didn’t have the money to get them for him. She was literally counting coins to make enough for some bread. My husband stepped in and bought what the baby wanted plus her dinner.

My husband also loves to buy me random gifts, jewelry, flowers, clothes, when he sees it and he feels it will look good on me he buys it. We went to the mall to get some diapers for my son the other day.

My husband saw this lovely feeding table and put baby in it. The joy on my son’s face was unmistakable. He screamed and smiled and played in it. When we took him out his face fell. My husband ended buying this feeding table for Nathaniel.

We meet strangers asking for help and he always steps in.

There have been many stranded people with flat tires on the road and he stops to give them a toll a help push the car. Of course we are safe and help in safe areas.

It makes me sad that some people use giving as a way to cause harm on you or rob you. Lawrence, my husband has been held at gun point when he was trying to help a seemingly stranded person. We also get rude comments and or swears when we don’t have to give and we meet this beggar in the street.

This tells you that today’s day and age has changed and forgotten the true meaning of giving. Nowadays people feel entitled to receive something that is not their’s. We have people who rob you because they feel what you have worked hard for, is rightfully their own.

Others give because they want you to give them something in return. They see something they want from you, give you something so you can give them that thing.

Once we were walking in town, mom had on a gold chain. A man approached her and told her to sell it to him. Mom said no. This man told her that if she didn’t give it to them, they will take it from her.

He began to signal to his other friends that mom had a chain. We rushed quickly into a shop and hid the chain. We waited for a few minutes. Walked out of the shop in the other direction.

Giving is common this festive season.

Giving does not only and always include a gift. Give to a stranger in need. Help someone out. Give in form of time.

the gift of giving

Spend time with your children. Invite that coworker who has no family to your family dinner. Help out at a shelter. Give love.

Give a listening ear to that mom who is struggling. Call in anonymously for an alcoholic neighbor who constantly hits his wife. Share your small or old clothes, even those that you don’t wear.

Pay for someone’s groceries or parking ticket. Hold the door open for someone in a wheelchair. Giving starts small with your family. Give yourself a break and cut yourself some slack.

Know of someone who is constantly picked on? Give that person a compliment. Pray for someone in need. Laugh with a stranger. Give in your blog post. Share on social media. Volunteer in an old age home. Give a hug to a weeping friend. Give to animals. Donate to a church. Help looking for keys someone lost.

Peter and John had nothing to give but said a prayer of healing to this lame man.

And he was healed. He was walking and leaping and praising God. That was a better gift to give. Give a good rating to that cashier who jumped the queue for you because she saw you struggling with your baby.

Share a complimentary handshake and word of good faith to the manager of that waiter who was patient with you while your toddler screamed. Say thank you to any small gesture.

Giving is an act of sharing whole heartedly without expecting anything back. MrsChettyLife

We have never gone a day hungry. Provision always comes through even at the 11th hour. If you are faithful with something small, more will be given to you.

In conclusion, don’t forget the value in giving. When you give don’t expect anything back. If you give you make room to receive a hundred fold. It’s more blessed to give than to receive.

Happy giving,

Cheers MrsChettyLife

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The end is just the beginning.

The end is just the beginning.

Make use of the pause. The end of the year is here. Drum roll.

Most people and companies had a big to do list at the beginning of the year. By now we have not done half of what was on our list. Where does time fly to. And I’m sure like me we are all panicking to get things done in these last few months. I would like to remind you while you are busy rushing around the importance of the pause.

Your rushing around might hit a pot hole and you will go flying to the other side of the town.

It might have been too busy for you and you still have lots to do. You are tired and can’t wait for the holidays. That fatigue is causing you to be grumpy and your children and spouse are suffering for it.

Even when you are rushing around to buy them gifts and prepare things for that function you thought was far away. Don’t forget to take care of you. Drink water, eat right, rest enough, smile, yell less and look at the good.

Your family still needs you sane now even when you are longing for that vacay. Stressing slows you down.

Take it one thing at a time. Over multi-tasking confuses you. You can’t do much with the things you haven’t done. Do the small tasks. I’d rather have a small win than a heap full of beginnings.

Accept the things you can’t change and be proud of the things you have already done. If you are unhappy about your current situation do something about it. Don’t just sit there and cry. Get up and do something.

Let’s for a moment write down all our achievements this year. Let’s take a breather and write this down. My list is below

  • Went through pregnancy.
  • Had a successful c section delivery.
  • Went through the newborn stage.
  • Opened and closed my blog three times.
  • I am still alive.
  • Pulled off my first house party
  • My baby is alive and healthy.
  • My house is finally getting into order.
  • I’m slowly getting into regime as a SAHM.
  • I left my job to be a SAHM
  • We opened a contracting company with my husband.
  • I manage and opened all social media accounts.
  • I am running 6 Facebook pages, 3 linked in pages, 1 pinterest account and 1 Instagram account.
  • We transitioning Nathaniel to solids successfully.
  • Nathaniel meets a lot of his milestones. We are currently crawling, sitting up and standing assisted at 6 months.

To wrap it up, hit reply and tell me of your achievements. I’m here to remind you that

Every beginning has an end and every end has a beginning.

Happy holidays

Cheers MrsChettyLife

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Light at the end of the tunnel.

Light at the end of the tunnel Light at the end of the tunnel.

I am not your average girl. I am not the girl next door. I am not fly as hell. I am just at the starting point.

I see a whole new future beyond me. I sit and stare, frantically questioning myself. Light at the end of the tunnel. 

Speaks of hope, persistence and strife. 

What am I doing?

Where am I going?


Who am I?

I see so many wonderful things, so many wonderful people. Be it moms or bloggers or whatnot. I find myself comparing. Why aren’t I like that. Why can’t I have a zillion followers and come up with such wonderful awestruck pieces.

What about me? I see them doing things. 

Where did I miss the plot?

Then it hits me. I am unique. It’s with time, effort, days of hard work and sacrifice. Be it sacrificing time or money. Nothing comes easy.

As long as I don’t give up. I’ll keep trying and someday I will get there. And others will look up at me and think the very same thing I’m thinking this minute.

The light is shining through. Even through the darkness, the scary moments. 

Just at the very end of the tunnel.

Don’t give up. Your blessing is here. 

You came this far, you have far to go. When you feel overwhelmed or underwhelmed. 

You are special. Light at the end of the tunnel. 

You are unique, there is no one exactly like you

Keep striving. When you feel like giving up. When your child won’t stop crying. 

This I know you don’t give up easy. Even when you have had sleepless nights. 

You shine your own light. Don’t compare yourself.

Don’t sway. Don’t despair. Don’t be dismayed. Keep striving!!! When they thought you wouldn’t make it. 

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Cheers, happy mothering, MrsChettyLife.

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A reason to live

A reason to live
Life at its’ best

A reason to live

life in its’ simplicity.

A reason to live: I am sitting outside with my son. He is staring at the birds in the trees. I can see the look of pure bliss in his eyes. As he explores the wonderful world and what it has to give. A reason to live. 

A baby opens your eyes to the everyday things we ignore. To him they are amazing. To me its part of life. But that is not what it should be. We should appreciate every gift we have in this life we live.

Imagine a world with no trees and flowers. What a dull world it would be. The birds always have a conversation in their sweet lullaby voices but we hardly notice them.

A reason to live

life in its’ simplicity.

I put it to myself to feed these lovely creatures when I remember to. The only stress birds have is to eat. They are clothed and fed. They fly freely and are happy. Everyday is an adventure for them.

We get so engrossed in whatever we are going through that we forget the bigger picture. The reason to be alive.

The freedom we have. The air we breathe. The food we eat. All these reasons are reasons to be happy to be alive.

At the end of the day we are clothed, happy and well.


It’s a good day today. A good day to smile. A good day to relax and breathe. Just breathe. The sun is shining through the darkest corner.

Where does the innocence go? The longing for life? To explore, learn, grow and observe. Looking forward to the smile on my baby’s face when I look up at him. He waits for my eyes to lock with his so he can smile.

Everyday is worth living and celebrating.

It’s another day to love, smile, relax and live. To understand the simplicity of life. In all its glorious beauty. There is hope for another day.

We take advantage of the things that work and concentrate on the things that don’t. Look at the positive today. Concentrate on these things and they make life easier to live even in the midst of trouble.

We have all we need for this very moment to survive. If you are on the brink of giving up. Know this the birds don’t work but they still somehow survive. You will make it. Relax and the answers will come to you. Keep hoping. Hope will see you through.

Tomorrow will be a better day if you believe it.

There’s a solution to every problem. Someone has gone through this and they too thought they wouldn’t make it.

If not then at least you are here today. So make it count and make it last. Today is your day to make a lasting impression.

What will you do to make it count? Is what you are doing now going to make a difference in your tomorrow? Have you shown your loved ones a little more live and care?

Have you done your good deed for the day? If you got nothing to smile about, try this for one important thing. You are still living right now, aren’t you? ☺️ A reason to live. 

Reminds me of this song by Westlife:

If tomorrow never comes
Will she know how much I loved her?
Did I try in every way
To show her every day
That she’s my only one?

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Cheers, happy mothering, MrsChettyLife.

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A battle to destiny

Battle to destiny A battle to destiny

A battle to destiny: Last night like every other night

I went to bed

Tired and drained out

This morning feels different

I awoke to the birds singing, a battle to destiny. 

The sun rising

A gentle breeze of fresh air

The start of a new day

We tend to ignore

All the wonderful small things around us

The meaning of the morning

His mercies are new every morning

Yesterday may have been the worst day of your life

Morning signifies an opportunity

Glory, wonder, peace and joy

Yesterday is gone

Never to return

A fresh start for newness

It’s a chance to laugh

To live

To give

To love again

Making things right

You have a whole platform to try again

It’s all up to you to hold onto

The negativity of yesterday

Or look out with a fresh eye

To today, this morning

Full living, good health, a little food, a lot of work

Basic things to survive. A battle to destiny. 

So stretch and smile

Because it’s never too late

For a brand new start.

To become a successful me

A hope for a bright tomorrow

Hope for a bigger today

Cramming and feeding

Reading and researching

Every single day

Forcing myself

Giving myself a high-five

I can do it

Most certainly My dream lies ahead

Within my reach

A vision of destiny

Right now it looks like a fairytale

Yet to come true

I dare myself

I dare to reach that dream

It’s like climbing a mountain


Going around in circles

Each step is closer to my goal

Every loss and gain

Every smile and tear

Till finally I’m there

Shining at the top of the mountain

Nothing will stop me now

I reach my goal. A battle to destiny. 

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Cheers, happy mothering, MrsChettyLife.

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Shattered Pieces

Shattered Pieces

Shattered pieces: I accidentally broke the full length mirror today. We have had it for about 2 years. You should have seen the mess it made with all the small scattered pieces everywhere. The loud heck of a noise it made as it fell. Luckily my son was safely in bed fast asleep and no one was hurt. Shattered pieces.

My heart fell. I kinda grew attached to this mirror. Earlier during the year when hubby had traveled I wrote a little love letter with lipstick on the mirror for him. He loved the note when he came home. I haven’t rubbed the note since.

This turned out to be one of those ‘AHA’ moments. When life wants to teach you a lesson.

It immediately struck me as I daintily picked each piece up, each piece in its shattered piece looked beautiful.


Why, The shattered piece became its own work of art. And they all looked beautiful. I pulled out my camera and began to take pictures of each little piece. Some where not reusable and some had little splinters in it.

I threw the ones I couldn’t reuse and cleaned up the ones with splinters in. Progress means we leave some things and some people behind. When something shatters changes need to be made.

The noise it made, made me think of how we as humans do so many good things every other day. We feel like these things go unnoticed. But when one sad or bad thing happens it makes a loud bang and lots of people notice. We must still do good things. One day our shattered piece will be the most valuable thing.

Plus we take advantage of the good things we have and only appreciate it’s value when it is gone.

How we easily blame ourselves for one mistake but don’t realise the pot of gold our Shattered pieces have made or exposed.
‘When one door closes we are so busy concentrating on this one closed-door to notice the other open doors thence created.’

pot of gold

Sometimes all we need is a shattered bang in order to get our lives in order.

Appreciate and notice the valuable things in our lives today. Don’t wait till it’s too late. Don’t take advantage of its existence too.

And when that valuable thing is gone. Look at the valuable things it left behind.

What life lessons has the shattered pieces taught you?
How whole are you today because of the small shattered pieces that where glued on to make a master piece. 

A shattered piece is different, handles life differently and celebrates in its uniqueness.

Better yet you can create your own unique value with a mixture of various shattered pieces. Shattered forms are beautiful pieces of art. Unique in their own form.

Don’t overlook the lessons in shattered forms. The wake up call we get. Art lies beneath it all.

Don’t only look at life in the negative form. There is lots of value in everyday life.

When one thing shatters, know this, there’s light at the end of the tunnel!! Be strong, pick every piece up and move forward. Head held high.

Shattered Pieces

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