My Top Fourteen bloggers

My Top Fourteen bloggers:  Work At Home Mother, Blogging, Business and Motherhood. Suzi Start a Mom Blog Blogging is a very rewarding and extremely flexible activity. It also has the potential to grow into something amazing. But it can be time-consuming if you do not have standards and processes.This is where my Industrial Engineering experience plays a vital role…

SEO basics before publishing

SEO basics before publishing. Firstly What is SEO? Some of the tools mentioned are available only to Business plan subscribers, but we’ve also included a few tips for everyone. SEO is the practice of translating content that’s written and formatted for human eyes to something search engines can clearly understand. Doing this helps search engines know…

6 Strategies To Finding Your Niche.

6 Strategies To Finding Your Niche.

6 Strategies To Finding Your Niche. What is a niche? From my understanding and research: A niche is something that you identify yourself with, are good at and passionate about that brings you money and is valuable to other people. It is the main purpose and representation of your blog. What is the Purpose of a…

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