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20 ideas for your next blog post idea that will go viral.

Are you stuck in a rant? Going through writers / bloggers block? Here are some wonderful places to get your next viral blog post ideas. Holiday inspiration: Mother’s Day is coming soon. Write about that. Whatever holidays are near. Google about when the holidays are, print that cheat sheet and stick it up where you …

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Canva tools and features

Canva tools and features Reasons to use Canva for your editing needs. As a blogger, you may have heard or come across Canva. Canva is a great content creation and designing tool that helps you create social media images, documents and paper content. It makes amateur designs look professional. Disclaimer: I am not marketing Canva. …

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Top Blogging Apps

Apps I use for blogging: The following apps help me with my day to day blogging tasks. Most of these apps you may download from your phone store, others you may use online. Apps I use for blog post writing: WordPress Facebook Notes Bloglovin LinkedIn Publishing Word Journal 24×7 Journaly Physical journal Apps for editing …

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WHO AM I? Rebranded

Who am I? Rebranded. MrsChettyLife is (to be) an all resourceful blog especially for the first time mother about surviving motherhood as an EcoMom: Tried and True tips, hacks and tricks from a mother and other moms to make motherhood a notch easier and fun for everyone. I will also write about eco-living, reducing your …

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The ultimate beginners guide to blogging.

The ultimate beginners guide to blogging. This post is all you need to know about blogging. Blogging all starts with a good logo for your website. Your logo should be SMART. Simple: don’t add too many complicated symbols in your logo that will leave your client confused. Memorable: someone should be able to connect you …

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freebies ideas list

Freebies Ideas List

Freebies Ideas List As a blogger, getting your subscriber list is very important. That’s mostly the reason why we blog, to get people to read and subscribe to our blog. There are so many ideas to use as opt ins but only the best will work for you. Plus, whatever works for another might not …

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My Top Fourteen bloggers

My Top Fourteen bloggers: Work At Home Mother, Blogging, Business and Motherhood. These are my top bloggers whom I follow for freebies, motivation and information. Suzi Start a Mom Blog Blogging is a very rewarding and extremely flexible activity. It also has the potential to grow into something amazing. But it can be time-consuming if …

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SEO basics before publishing

SEO basics before publishing. Firstly What is SEO? Some of the tools mentioned are available only to Business plan subscribers, but we’ve also included a few tips for everyone. SEO is the practice of translating content that’s written and formatted for human eyes to something search engines can clearly understand. Doing this helps search engines know …

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Top 11 blogging tips for the new blogger.

Top 11 blogging tips for the new blogger. My Top blogging tips: Heres a small list of essentials for the new blogger. What will you need as a new blog? How do you find your way? 1. Discover your niche. You may have a look at the post link below to figure this out: finding-your-niche …

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Sites for image creation

29 SITES FOR IMAGE CREATION FOR THE SMART BLOGGER. SITES FOR IMAGE CREATION Are you looking for images for your blog? Did you know that there are plenty sites where you can make your own image for your blog and social media? Most of them are free and give free options. You can edit some …

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