Eco-friendly resources

Eco-friendly organic products, tools and resources. A comprehensive list of eco-friendly resources and companies to get you started and motivated n your eco-friendly journey. Eco-nesting starts with you, one family at a time. Let us walk together in reducing our carbon footprint on the … Continue reading

Natural immune support:

Natural immune support: Natural remedies to support and boost your immune system. As a mother, I always want the best natural ingredients for my child. With all sorts of season changes comes allergy and other seasons that weakens our immune system.   It’s good to prepare our bodies to … Continue reading

Essential oil products

Essential oil products: Are you thinking of developing your essential oils hobby into a career? Selling essential oil products is one way. What products can you make from or with essential oils? Clever Business ideas with Essential oils. This post is highly informative and not a sales pitch. So … Continue reading
cleaning hacks

Natural household cleaners

Natural household cleaners: Household cleaning hacks: Unconventional household uses of baking soda, white vinegar, lemon, orange and lemon peels for green cleaning. Lemons have antioxidant properties. Orange peels are anti-inflammatory. Vinegar is antimicrobial. All these ingredients are … Continue reading

Essential oils for babies

Essential oils should be used on babies who are 6 months and older. Although essential oils are beneficial to babies, a little goes a long way. Always dilute with a carrier oil. Educate yourself thoroughly on each use. Essential oils to use on babies: Roman chamomile: insomnia, … Continue reading