Eco Companies SA

Eco, Plastic Free, Zero Waste Companies making a difference in South Africa. Reviews and testimonies.

Beautiful Earth

With all these toxins in our beauty products and the negative effects they have on our bodies and environment. It is advisable to use natural products. A review of a natural beauty products company.

Green Worx Cleaning Solutions

Green Worx Bio Cleaning Solutions. The following post is in collaboration with an eco-friendly company named Green Worx. I received some products for a personal review. Green Worx Bio Cleaning Solutions? Who are they? “Green Worx Cleaning Solutions designs, manufactures and supplies innovative, environmentally responsible, biotechnology cleaning products to households, businesses and industries across Africa. …

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Eco-friendly resources

Eco-friendly organic products, tools and resources. A comprehensive list of eco-friendly resources and companies to get you started and motivated n your eco-friendly journey. Eco-nesting starts with you, one family at a time. Let us walk together in reducing our carbon footprint on the environment by supporting these green companies.   Natural Eco-friendly companies for …

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