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Buy in bulk for baby: Stocking for baby: Having a baby is expensive and can be overwhelming. I have added a list of items you can buy in bulk to help ease your anxiety while saving you a few bucks. I found out that the more you buy, the cheaper it is and the longer they last.

buy in bulk

When to buy?

As soon as you find out you are pregnant, begin buying neutral colors and essentials.

Why buy in bulk?

-To reduce and limit the number of trips to the store so that you can concentrate on healing and taking care of baby.

-Baby products finish quickly

-Money Saving

Remember not to go overboard because babies grow out of things quickly. And your baby may not like or be allergic to the product you purchased.

What to buy in bulk?

Different sized diapers: I use Huggies Gold Jumbo pack for my son. They don’t leak through. As well as fit snuggly and comfortable. They don’t make a plastic swishy noise when he walks. Lasting me about two to three months.

Different sized baby clothing.

Wipes: Johnsons and Johnsons has a box of 6 pack wipes.


Baby food and snacks for different ages: He loves Purity. They have Purity Toddlers which he loves as well.  

Laundry detergent

Bum cream: We use Oh Lief and or Simply Bee. I also prefer Bennett’s bum cream.

Bath time essentials: Baby oil, we use Johnsons and Johnsons

Baby lotion: we use Simple Bee baby lotion or aqueous cream.

Shampoo for babies: I use Zero Bar for his hair or Johnsons and Johnsons.

Wash for babies: I use Johnsons and Johnsons or mild Protex.

Buying in bulk and stockpiling for baby: What you will need, Where and When to buy for baby. #bulkbuying #babystock #stockpileforbaby #whatyouneedforbaby #howtobulkbuy

Various sized Socks: I love Woolworths and Pick n Pay clothing. They are made of 100% cotton, soft to touch, stretchy, durable and comfortable.

Feeding equipment- cutlery, (Spoons get lost easily) bottles, small storage tins, bibs

Swaddle blankets:

Woolworths has this large swaddle blankets. My son is almost two and I still use them. I never used them for swaddling though. As a covering for my son, so he doesn’t make a mess of his clothes. I used them to cover him when it’s too hot to cover. They are also good for soaking up spills. Using them as a cover before placing the changing mat, or for times when I forget the changing mat. They are multipurpose cloths for everything.

Different kinds of wraps: Buy different kinds, one each till you find one that is comfortable for you. When I tried them on in the shop, I didn’t have a baby in them. And you will need to walk around with a baby to feel the value of them. I liked the wrap ones because they fit comfortably on both my shoulders, baby feels steady and comfortable. We still baby wear. So, get one that lasts and works for different weights.

Different sized onesies (bodysuits): Onesies are convenient, I prefer ones with a zip. Sleep derived moms struggle with buttons. Lol. I also feel that onesies contain the diaper well. They don’t allow air to pass through the clothing, making baby warm and snug. Sometimes the weather is not too cold but windy, I feel bodysuits are best.  

Baby beddings: they get messed up very easily and will need to be washed. I kept all his beddings and I reuse them. They are handy for my dog 😉.

Teething supplies:

My son began teething as early as 3 months. His back molars are growing, he s almost two and he is teething badly still.

Various sized and purpose baby bags. A big one for travelling. Back packs are comfortable and convenient. As my son is older, less to carry is best, small sling bags work well (because he is heavier, he suns about, so I can easily chase him around). Depending on your occasion. One size fit all never worked for me.

Where to buy in bulk?

I find the Huggies Gold jumbo packs at Game Stores; they are always cheaper there most times. Otherwise, before going to buy diapers, I google to compare prices and search for specials before going to buy. I find good bargains at Game Stores too.

The baby section in most supermarkets stock affordable baby products.




Pep: Cheap but not durable.

Durable clothing shops:


Pick n Pay


Other baby products to buy:

Emergency Kit (first aid kit): https://mrschettylifestyle.co.za/child-safety/

Grooming Kit

Laundry essentials: baby dish, baby bucket, indoor clothes hanger for rainy days and single clothes you washed (save electricity).

For more Baby Essentials, read here: https://mrschettylifestyle.co.za/baby-must-haves/

What to buy for mom?

Pain relievers

Nipple cream, good for when they begin teething and have teeth as well.


Comfy bras and pants (underwear)

Comfortable clothes: I lived in track pants, loose tops (breast feeding tank tops), and socks

Paper plates and cups: to avoid washing dishes.

Trash bags: small ones for throwing away diapers and for keeping messy clothes till you wash them at home. Wrap liquids in bottles in plastics to

avoid spills.

Batteries: Lots of baby and mom equipment are battery operated.

Stain removers: baby food, poop and throw up stain.


Self-care is important as a mom: https://mrschettylifestyle.co.za/self-care-as-a-sahm/

Good to have:

Bottle sterilizers

Stain remover sticks on the go.

Waterproof bags

Tips when going shopping with a baby:

Pack the baby bag the night before.

Eat before you leave the house, feed the baby as well.

Carry enough liquids.

When you go to a new mall, the first thing you should do is look for the baby room and toilets.

Baby wearing is a lifesaver.

Carry essentials in the baby bag. Snacks for you and baby, along with wipes, diapers, bum cream, formula, swaddle blankets, sanitizer, changing mat, spare set of clothes, jacket, your phone etc.

Take advantage of your babies sleep time.

Be prepared for a meltdown.

Dress comfortably and wear comfortable shoes.

Go out only when you feel ready and comfortable. It may be a little overwhelming at first.

Carry extra hands.

Sanitize the trolley before use.

As baby grows older carry snacks.

Keep your outdoors trip brief.

Remember if you don’t feel up for going out, online shopping is the best from trusted online stores.

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Happy mothering,

Cheers MrsChettyLife.

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