My essential list of baby must haves.

Baby must haves

Newborn must haves for baby.

Above all else, a newborn baby needs patience, constant care, love, milk and a place to lay his or her head. These are the things that worked and I used for my newborn baby. The list can be alternated to fit your needs.

A baby app such as Wonder weeks and joining baby groups is a big help. Also note to get different sized clothes from newborn, 0-3 months and 3-6 months and 6 to 12 months.

Babies grow out of clothes quickly. It’s also ideal to buy diapers in different sizes and wipes in bulk. 

Baby must haves: Bath time


Diaper cream

Bath bath / bucket

100% Cotton buds / rolls

Bath soap / gel

Baby shampoo

Baby oil

Hooded towels

Aqueous cream

Unscented Laundry soap

Unscented fabric conditioner 

Baby sensitive wipes

Feeding time

Bottles (depending on need)

formula (depending on need)

Bottle brush/ Sterilizer (depending on need)


Breast pump (depending on need)


Bodysuits/ baby grows

Zip up Onesies (Rompers)

Baby socks


Swaddles (muslin)

Burp clothes


100% scratch mittens

Sleep time

White noise app


Baby gear


Baby books

Baby rocker

Baby carrier

comfortable Baby bag

Grooming kit

Baby scissors/ nail cutter

Nasal aspirator


Baby blankets



Activity mat


Apart from the general diapers,
wipes, clothes, this is my Top list of
3 to 6 month must haves.

Disclaimer: Each baby is different and has different developmental milestones. If you have concerns contact your doctor. 

Anything teething:

Teething toys, teething powder, teething gel, pacifiers, frozen face cloth specifically for baby. You will learn what your baby likes to use and what works for your baby. My baby uses teething toys, his fingers, my fingers and Ashton and parsons teething powder.


Babies this age might begin teething so the drool is real. I once forgot to carry a bib for baby and he soaked through his shirt from the drool. 

High chair:

As you will be getting closer to introducing your baby to solids. You will need a high chair. So your baby can make a mess in one place. ?

Everything you need for feeding:

Plates, bowls, spoons, sippy cups, staff for cleaning baby’s equipment (that’s totally up to you to decide what you will use).

Baby Meal planner:

A book or planner that has all sorts of recipes or ingredients you can use for introducing your baby to solids.

You can buy baby food or you can make your own baby food for baby with these easy recipes. As you know I am a terrible chef and it’s good to have recipes to guide me.

I found two books in a bargain store:

Annabel Karmel’s Top 100 Meals in Minutes

Annabel Karmel’s New Complete Baby and Toddler Meal Planner.

Cloth nappies and Swaddle Blankets:

Sometimes the bibs are just too small. I wrap these nappies and or swaddle blankets gently around his neck and don’t make a mess. I never knew feeding someone could be so messy.

Noisy toys:

My baby seems to love the crunchy sound of newspaper. Please don’t give your baby a newspaper. There are toys that make that crunchy sound. My son also loves his baby blankie.

Baby touch and feel Books:

Baby begins to explore around him with his fingers. A touch and feel book is the best. Plus my face is also an easy target.

Baby wear:

Babies this age go through a major leap which is about 4 weeks to 6 weeks long. You can check out this app: “Wonder Weeks app” for more. Invest in a good comfortable baby wearing tool. I use one by baby sense. It’s called baby wrap carrier.

Baby Sense wrap

A playmat:

You can buy or make your own DIY playmat to help build your babies muscles for rolling over and then crawling. And to help her/him keep busy for a short while.

Most importantly, Don't forget your camera.

Your little one will be learning lots of new things and will try them without warning. You will thank yourself for recording these memories later. 

Baby Must haves: 9 to 15 months:




Bum cream

I feel these are needed because by now most of the things you had from birth are finishing or small. You will need to Stock up on these.

Your child is more independent now. S/He is a toddler.

You will also need comfy walking shoes.

More older toys (building blocks, books, balls, open and close toys, cars, bath toys)

Teething products:

You will also need owie balms (we use Lavender essential oil). Your child is learning to walk or run and climbing on equipment. S/He will hurt themselves often.

Don’t feel bad, this is part of growth. You will need a balm that will help with scars and owies. You will also need a first aid kit.

Healthy Snacks: your child is growing and eating more. Get fruits and healthy snacks to keep them going.

Anything to help your child to speak. Your babies vocabulary is beginning, encourage your child’s speech.

Talk to them when they speak to you, interpret your day as you go. Encourage them to speak. Play educational videos. Read to them. Sing to them.

Encourage play time or more interaction with other people.

Begin to teach your child ‘no’. At this age my son knows the basic words (dad, go, no, shower, mom, cry, eat, tea, dance, shoes, socks, diaper, sleep).

Essential must haves

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