Baby growth spurt

Baby growth spurt

The first time my currently 6 month old baby went through a growth spurt was heartbreaking.

I did not know what it was for one and I had tried everything I could that normally settles him down. On this day nothing worked. I checked his diaper and changed it even though it was not messy. His temperature was fine. Nothing was itchy or holding on to him, no stray hairs either. He refused to eat. I burped him, carried him and rocked him, I patted his back and put him in the bath. We went out for a walk. He would soothe for a few minutes and then he is back to screaming. Fighting sleep with all his might.

That evening it happened again. We sat on the birth ball for a while. He clung to me. The toilets flushing sound helped him a little, so I put on a water soothing app. Needless to say he had a fitful sleep that night. Feeling useless, I broke down and cried.

I posted on my mommy groups on Facebook wondering whats going on. They recommended the Wonder Weeks app. I quickly downloaded the app and soaked all the information. We are currently going through one, but at least I have an idea of what it is.

What is a Growth Spurt? According

to the Wonder Weeks app: It is a

learning phase in a baby, each leap

or change causes a drastic change

in your baby’s mental development

which affects her/his mood, her/his

health, intelligence and sleeping

patterns. Three C’s (Crying,

Clinging and Crankiness).

Even though it’s a good sign and it shows your baby is growing, it does not make it any easier on mother, baby and everyone else involved. Here are some pointers on how to know if your baby is going through a growth spurt.

  1. Your baby is constantly hungry. Baby will feed much more than usual, for me since he is breastfeeding, I was literally sore from his constant sucking.
  2. Your baby’s sleep schedule is interrupted. It varies between him / her sleeping too much for long or having fitful sleep.
  3. Your baby will fuss more than normal: Nothing you do soothes him / her, even your normal go to will not help as much.
  4. Your baby looks bigger than normal. For me it was like his head had grown bigger and he had grown taller overnight.
  5. Your baby has noticeably learnt something new. In this growth spurt my baby is reaching out and holding something without missing it. He could not do this, when he tried to reach out, it took a few tries till he finally held whatever he was reaching for.
  6. Your baby is clingy. S/He cries when you put baby down. And wants to be constantly held.

What to do when baby goes through a growth spurt:

I am no doctor but this is what works for me. Each baby is different. If you have concerns ask your health practitioner.

Patience will see you through. Just hang in there for a little while as this wont last forever. It lasts for a couple of days.

Be there for your baby, that means extra arms for holding him / her a little longer. Giving your baby what s/he needs.

Change of scenery also helps ease those tears. but do not over stimulate your baby.

Baby wearing helps as well. Well at least for my baby. ?

My baby loves music and this distracts him for a while.

Take care of yourself too. Eat healthy. Drink water. Rest when baby rests. If you are breastfeeding, slap on a little Lanolin nipple cream.Well done, you are doing a good job!

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