An important letter to someone special.

An important letter An important letter to someone special.


Dear Lawrence

I write this letter to you to remind you of my love for you.

In your arms, I am safe and loved

There is no question about it

My heart beats in love with you

You make me smile

You are my sunshine

You support and encourage, uplift, comfort and cheer me

You cheer me on and hold my hand

You build me and give me a nudge when I am unsure of myself

You prepare for our future by setting things in place to build for tomorrow

You co-parent our son

You work hard for our family, this I am proud of

You flood me with your love

Making sure that I know and am certain of your love for me everyday

I am extremely grateful for you

I am grateful for your heart

Your heart that pours out unselfishly, giving, adorably, caring

When you smile my world is a-ok

I love how you are unique

How passionate you are

How certain you are of yourself no matter where we go

How you stand out and shine in a crowded place

How real you are, no matter who you are with you are Lawrence

I love your dimples

Your cute laughter

I love that you think quickly and have solutions when all hope is lost

I love that you never give up

You keep hoping, striving, fighting for what is right and worth it

I love that you are multi talented

I am grateful for your fatherly heart

And that you put your family first

I love that you have set priorities

I am grateful for every minute you set aside for us your family

It’s in the small things that you think I don’t notice
Like how you speak so proudly of me and your son to every person you meet

I love that you are a people person

I love your randomness that makes me burst into laughter

For the flowers and random gifts you love to get me

How you compliment me everyday

You tell me I am beautiful even when I know I don’t look so presentable

How you come home with a beautiful smile and a cheery heart

Cant wait to see me and your son

How you know just what to do when I had a gloomy day to make me feel better

You make sure we do not luck in anything or any way

You fulfill all your husband duties

You have shaken my whole world

Turned it upside down. An important letter.

You have shown me the deepest real love

My heart blooms and blossoms when you near

Love for you takes over my whole being

Most of all I am happy, grateful to be your wife

May God continue to use and bless you

This song sums it up

Liam Payne n Rita Ora “For you”

Been waiting for a lifetime for you

Been breaking for a lifetime for you

Wasn’t looking for love ’til I found you

For love, ’til I found you

I love you

Now and Forever

Your Mrs Chetty. An important letter to someone special.

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Cheers, happy wifeying, MrsChettyLife.


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