ABC’s of KidloLand app

ABC’s of KidloLand app. ABC’s of KidloLand app contains an A to Z review of what you need to know and can find in the KidloLand app. This post is in conjunction with KidloLand.

KidloLand app has Nursery Rhymes, Learning Songs, activities, educational games, phonics, coloring, songs, music, puzzles, illustrations, skills, worksheets and creativity ideal for ages 1 to 8.

KidloLand Nursery Rhymes

are interactive which means that surprises come alive simply by tapping on screen. KidloLand app won Mom’s Choice Gold Award, Tillywig Brain Child Award amongst other awards.

A is for the ABC’s category, Ages 1 to 8 and Animal Kingdom.

B is for Bedtime, baby songs, Birds and blog (

C is for Colors, Christmas and Chomping Monsters.

D is for Dinos, Downloads and Days of the week.

E is for Early Learning and educational app. ABC’s of KidloLand app.

F is for Flowers, Fruits and Flashcards.

G is grouped by ages.

H is for help (in app help).

I is for Insects.

J is for Jelly Surprise vehicles.

K is for KidloLand app and Kids.

L is for logging in, Life Skills and Languages (The app comes in English, Spanish and Portuguese).

M is for Musical Games, Magic Words, Months of the Year, My Downloads, monthly subscriptions and My First Rhymes.

N is for Nursery Rhymes, no ads and Numbers and Counting.

O is for Occupations and Places, Old Macdonald songs and Offline.

P is for Playlist, Parental Control and Popping Time plus Potty Time in the Life Skills category.

Q is for quality, quality songs and pictures.

R is for responsive app and Row your boat.

S is for Sports, Surprises, Settings, Stories and Shapes.

T is for timed Playlists.

U is for Underwater.

V is for Vehicles, volume control in settings and Vegetables. ABC’s of KidloLand app.

W is for Weather and Seasons and Wheels of the Bus.

W is also for WINNERS:

Congratulations to our 3 lucky winners of the 1 month subscription from KidloLand. Drum roll ?? please: (you will be contacted by a representative from KidloLand) :





X is for Xtra (extra) fun app.

Y is for Yak in the Animal Songs category.

Z is for Zola tries to sleep Bedtime Story.

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In conclusion: ABC’s of KidloLand app, if you need a complete educational program for kids aged 1 to 8, KidloLand app is the app for you. You may download on your Apple or Android device. They are on Instagram and across social media too @kidloland.

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  1. All my daughters are adult now and I’m patiently waiting for them to get engaged, married and then make me a grandma! These educational items for children are great. I shall share your link with my niece who loves this type of thing. Thanks for sharing.

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