A surprise in the womb

A surprise in the womb A surprise in the womb.


One afternoon my hubby called me when I was at work. He asked me when last I had my period. I quickly brushed him aside and said I didn’t know. This was coming from a person who never missed a month.

I always had terrible cramps when it was my time and I was prescribed the pill to ease the pain for about a year. So I figured this was one of the side effects. I did not keep up with taking the pills everyday though.

That afternoon I got off work and decided to go to the doctor because the gas pains where not going away.

When I told her, the first thing she asked me was if I was pregnant, to which I responded I don’t know.

She proceeded to do a urine test. And confirmed I was pregnant. She referred me to the gynaecologist. Walking out I phoned my husband and simply told him without any emotion that I was pregnant.

A surprise in the womb. He didn’t believe me. He says that it was because I was emotionless when I told him.

Friday came and we went to the gynaecologist and he confirmed that I was 12 weeks and a few days pregnant. I was shocked.

I literally went through my first trimester without us knowing that I was Pregnant. We did an ultra sound. We heard his heartbeat and my heart melted. Indeed there was a little baby in my womb.

I never experienced morning sickness. Only had slight mood swings which I associated with the pill.

My gynaecologist pointed out that I had requested a new script for my prevention pills at the beginning of the month. 

I had done 3 home pregnancy tests. Two had shown negative. One had a big line and the tiniest faint line.

I was having random cravings. I craved avocado’s which I hate by the way. My husband had to drive all the way to Fournos Bakery because I really wanted their croissants.

A surprise in the womb. 

We got to Fournos Bakery and they were sold out. Luckily they had two mini ones which I gobbled down in a second. I was experiencing constant gas and slight tummy aches.

As I am petite my tummy did not start to show until the third trimester.  But if I worked around it and wore buggy clothes, it still would not show as much.

Looking back I have realised that the slight line was correct. I expected two big lines clearly showing me which I did not get.

I am absolutely grateful that I never went through the rough first trimester. I don’t drink, nor smoke, nor do any drugs.

We kept up with all the appointments and I continued to eat healthy. I also took those horrible prenatal pills everyday for the rest of my pregnancy.

My husband had kept the pregnancy tests which showed negative but unfortunately the line rubbed off. 

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Cheers, happy mothering, MrsChettyLife.

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