A letter to my unborn child

A letter to my unborn babyA letter to my unborn child. 10 August, 2017. On this day I was 14 weeks and 3 days pregnant. I wrote a love letter to my child. 

A letter to my unborn child

Placed safely in my womb

It amazes me 

How a life is growing inside me

I heard your heart beating

Yes you are real

I can’t see, hold nor kiss you yet

This i can’t wait

As you hide away from the world.

I am blessed and privileged 

That you chose me to be your mother

You are a blessing to me

Even as the maker crafts you

Hand makes you

Inside my womb

I pray that you are safe and secure

With every ligament in place

Every bone and hair in place

May you be a joy 

And love to everyone around

When you are ready to meet us

I pray your smile brightens the room

You will grow up provided for, loved and blessed

A letter to my unborn child.

I love you with all my heart

I will listen to you

Hold you

Spend time with you

Provide for you

And raise you up in Gods love

May our home and my heart be a safe place for you

A comfort: A letter to my unborn child 

May my hands ever be ready to hold, warm and welcome you

May I not judge you 

Even when you make mistakes

May I not force my way on you

And accept you for who you are

May we both grow and learn each other everyday

Us as individuals

May you find confidence in me

As a friend, as a mother and confidant 

No one will come before you

I pray for increase in your life

A life of overflow

 May this life treat you well

And find no reason to run away

BTW if you are a boy or girl

I love you none the less

red heart

I will always be there for you

And baby, your father in Heaven and on earth love you

Signed your mother


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Cheers, happy mothering, MrsChettyLife.

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