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A battle to destiny

Battle to destiny A battle to destiny

A battle to destiny: Last night like every other night

I went to bed

Tired and drained out

This morning feels different

I awoke to the birds singing, a battle to destiny.

The sun rising

A gentle breeze of fresh air

The start of a new day

We tend to ignore

All the wonderful small things around us

The meaning of the morning

His mercies are new every morning

Yesterday may have been the worst day of your life

Morning signifies an opportunity

Glory, wonder, peace and joy

Yesterday is gone

Never to return

A fresh start for newness

It’s a chance to laugh

To live

To give

To love again

Making things right

You have a whole platform to try again

It’s all up to you to hold onto

The negativity of yesterday

Or look out with a fresh eye

To today, this morning

Full living, good health, a little food, a lot of work

Basic things to survive. A battle to destiny.

So stretch and smile

Because it’s never too late

For a brand new start.

To become a successful me

A hope for a bright tomorrow

Hope for a bigger today

Cramming and feeding

Reading and researching

Every single day

Forcing myself

Giving myself a high-five

I can do it

Most certainly My dream lies ahead

Within my reach

A vision of destiny

Right now it looks like a fairytale

Yet to come true

I dare myself

I dare to reach that dream

It’s like climbing a mountain


Going around in circles

Each step is closer to my goal

Every loss and gain

Every smile and tear

Till finally I’m there

Shining at the top of the mountain

Nothing will stop me now

I reach my goal. A battle to destiny.

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Cheers, happy mothering, MrsChettyLife.


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