25 reasons I love you

25 reasons I love you

I’m turning 25 on the 16th of February and it’s valentines day on the 14th of February. Here is a love letter to my husband. 25 reasons I love you.

1. I love your smile. It’s what drew me to you the first time we met. Smiling stranger!

2. I love your eyes. My husband has deep dark sexy eyes.

3. I love cuddling with you. You are my cuddle bear.

4. I love your fatherly caring heart. You love our children there’s no doubt about it. You are not afraid to show them that you love them.

5. You love me.

6. You are passionate.

7. You are hardworking. When you set your mind on something you do it.

8. You are smart and highly intelligent. You think on your toes and have a high IQ. Our son advanced too. You did mechanical engineering.

9. You are forgiving. You forgive and move forward.

10. You have a soft heart. Sniff, sniff. You care about causes, friends and family. You go out of your way for them.

11. You are unique and special.

12. Your taste in music is similar to mine. You love music like me. Plus you make amazing beats.

13. You are real, honest and straightforward. You say what you feel and you do what you feel. I can’t second guess that you love me because you show me everyday besides saying it.

Actions speak louder than words.

14. You provide for your family. You always make a way to make sure your family is safe, fed and happy.

15. You are multi-talented. You are handy and multi-skilled. You learn by watching and get it done.

16. Your laughter is sweet and contagious.

17. You are not afraid to show emotion.

18. You fight for what is right. Even if it means going against the tide.

19. You put me and your son first.

20. You are an understanding person.

21. Your old-fashioned type of love. It’s steady and solid. Nowadays it’s difficult to find genuine love, I find that in you.

22. You give everyone a fair chance.

23. I feel safe and secure with you.

24. Even through hard times, you find reasons to smile, make jokes and make me feel much better.

25. You are welcoming and friendly. You meet a stranger today and they always walk away laughing. Because you have a good heart.

Most of all, I love you, Lawrence Chetty.

Happy valentines day.

Forever and always.


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