2019 in a wrap

Counting blessings and celebrating wins. 2019 in a wrap. 2019 has been tough. I’ll admit it. It has been stressful and quite difficult. If it’s not some family member being ill, it’s family moving far away or money issues. At the end of the year things picked up and got much better.

There has also been a bad rate of killings in the country by people who are supposed to be protecting you. At this moment I am so glad 2019 is done and dusted. But there were still good moments in it that were worth having. Let’s celebrate 2019s’ wins. 2019 in a wrap.

Momming (2019 in a wrap):

(2019 in a wrap)

I am beginning to fit into my mom pants better. New born stage was hard. I feel toddler stage is good, my son is responsive, he understands a lot of what I say. Even though he throws tantrums. He is beginning to speak and its such a joy listening and learning with him. We are learning to act better when feeling overwhelmed.

We have conversations even though he responds in baby talk. We are bonding better. He feels only mom can help him but is understanding that other people can too. He is a tad bit more independent.

2019 in a warp.

And speaks lots of one word phrases: juice, mama, Daddy, Skylar (his sister) , Kylen (his brother), there, ball, car (and car noises), papa, amu (food), shoes, shower, yay, shakes his head (no), what’s this, whose this, go, eyes, baby, chacha (chaky, breastmilk), no, dada, tata- bye.

He points at body parts. Eyes, nose, teeth, tongue. He sings along educational songs like old Macdonald, one little finger etc.

I learnt to give myself grace and a timeout or rest on my own. I am also learning to not only be just a mama but a wife and a person as well.

My sons milestones:


He said mama for the first time at 15 months. My son called me by my name ‘Tasha’ before then because everyone calls me Tasha. Now he calls me mama only.

My son loves his sister. She comes every two weeks for the weekend and they have such a beautiful time together. We celebrated my son’s first birthday with a smash cake. He has 8 teeth and 4 are coming out.

His hair is now fully curly compared to when he was born with straight hair.

2019 in a wrap.

He now feeds himself even porridge. He couldn’t hold the spoon well for porridge. He throws his diaper in the bin after changing him. He answers when he is called. I love having discussions with my son even though I don’t understand what he says sometimes.

He loves to write, dance and sing. We have transitioned to one nap a day.


 I reached that milestone of blogging every week and 50 blog followers. I grew my followers on Pinterest to just a shy of 1000. Instagram followers has grown to 1300 + with interaction and consistency (posting almost every day).

I figured out my blog brand and reintroduced myself in accordance. I began a Twitter account which I am still trying to figure out.


(2019 in a wrap):

My house is looking much cleaner nowadays. Along with green cleaning. I began a trend on Instagram called Mom Hacks Series. #momhacksseries where I’m sharing my findings and wins on making #momlife easier and cleaning hacks. Getting my mojo back. And continuing DIYing, working on hobbies and able to do things I loved to do pre-pregnancy.

Developing via online classes on Udemy and obtained aromatherapy certification. I attended live first aid classes (thanks to Jeanette) and obtained first aid certification level one. I learnt a lot on baby safety and wrote a conquering post.


(2019 in a wrap):

My increase in followers attracted brands such as Travelstart, KidloLand and Education.com. I also attended a candle making course where I learnt to make scented candles and diffusers. I left my son alone with a nanny for the first time, my nerves! He was fine till he slept and when he woke up, he wanted his mom. Luckily, I was five minutes from home.

econest logo

This year I have been leaning towards Eco living and clean living. This includes reducing and recycling the amount of plastic in the home. Reducing toxins in the home by using essential oils, vinegar, baking soda and other biodegradable ingredients for cleaning. I began my own company for green products for cleaning the home and beauty called Econest.

Essential oils:

I found a great South African based essential oil company called the Soil to buy my oils from. They are organic and their farms are in South Africa. I also found an organic green company to buy green products called faithful to nature.  

We celebrated our first 1st year wedding anniversary with my husband.

I got into the habit of Bullet, Bible and gratitude journaling. Helps to relax and de-stress, blogging, planning and organization.

2019 in a wrap
In conclusion:

2020, I am hopeful for a steady flow of income from both businesses. More blogging and growing, more learning. I am looking forward to implementing green living My lifestyle and encouraging those around me. 2019 taught me to be patient as well as saving during times of plenty.

2019 taught me the importance of family. I learnt to get into my creative side and make good use of it. I developed as a mother, I developed personally and as a wife. How was 2019 for you? I wish you a happy festive season and a productive 2020. That is my 2019 in a wrap.

Cheers MrsChettyLife.

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